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Unfortunate outcome.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 10, 2015

Although 4legs is a very good product and we'd fed it to our previous dog (a standard poodle), be very careful when giving it to any breed of dog prone to bolting its food. Our four year old boxer ate her dinner very quickly one night and the next day she required emergency surgery for a twisted bowel. She had not been able to digest her dinner and it had formed a mass in her stomach. Apart from her bowel twisting as she strained to go to the toilet parts of her stomach tore and the pieces of 4legs went everywhere. She developed septicaemia and she died a week later. Perhaps a warning on the packaging would be in order.

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4Legs Official

Dear Jules, we are extremely sorry and saddened to hear about your boxer and your review has lead us to do some extensive research into a twisted bowel and how it can occur. Please see more below ... read more »

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3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 26, 2010

I wouldn't feed this as a meal, maybe mix in with other food. Its easy to store and serve but has a strong smell to it that tends to come out of the rear of my dog.

+ Easy meal for dogs

- gave my dogs the worst gas ever

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I found this convenient and supplied my dogs nutrition needs for our 16 year os red healer cross and a fussy tiny dog.

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Puppy Food - 3 Meats with Rice & Parsley

Hello I have a new puppy she is 10 weeks old. she has only been fed good quality dried kibble but i was interested in your product. Is it ok to still feed the kibble. but 4 leggs for one meal per day, just for variety?

Debra asked on Apr 14, 2017

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Hi Debra, of course you can feed our food however you like! Lots of people mix it with dry food, or alternate between different types of food. Here's our puppy food feeding guide, which might be helpful http://4legs.com.au/product/3-meats-w-rice-parsley/
If you have any further queries, just drop us a line at helpdesk@4legs.com.au
Melissa & the 4Legs Team

Beef, Veggies & Macaroni

I need to know calories per serving for you meals. My dog is diabetic so I have to be precise with his intake. I think this information should be printed on the packaging.

Jip and Chinos mum asked on Feb 05, 2017

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Hi Jip and Chino's mum,
In regards to your question, the metabolisable energy for our Beef, Veggies and Macaroni product is 171k/cal per 100g.
Thanks for your feedback regarding packaging info, we will keep this in mind.
If you have any further questions or require some additional nutritional information, please let me know.
Melissa and the 4Legs Team

How many calories are in your 1.7kg dog rolls per 100g please???

Jeanie asked on Jan 31, 2017

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Hi Jeanie,
Thanks for getting in touch. In regards to your question, the metabolisable energy of our rolls is as follows:
Chicken and Pasta roll - 138kcal/100g
Angus Beef roll - 157kcal/100g
Please let me know if you need any further information.

Melissa and the 4Legs Team

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