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Verified Purchase Office Location: NSW, Sydney

Bait and switch

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2017

Provided a quote for removal of 1 bedroom plus study and did a very high level inventory including packing after I clearly indicated everything I wanted moved. Inventory was not detailed. Week before move, they denied move quote included packing service despite clear wording, reissued contract removing this term and the price went up. Day of move claimed furniture not in inventory, and the price went up when I couldn't argue.

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Verified Purchase Office Location: QLD, Gold Coast

Owner of company himself accused me of lying about incorrect invoice/quote!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2017

I recently called [name removed] (Owner of Allied Pickfords) to let him know that my relocation had been mishandled. He accused me of lying before listening to my feedback or viewing the written evidence that I have. When the managing head of a company treats customers with this little respect (regardless of whether they are at fault, or not), it is clear that this is not a company that should be trusted with your move.

[name removed] (Relocation Consultant) visited my home in Sep/16 to perform a volume assessment and concluded that I would
require 6m3. His competitive bid wins him the job in a competition against 2 other companies who also provide quotes for 6m3. He was able to beat/match these quotes because I was asked to forward these competing quotes to him (ie: WRITTEN PROOF). In Jan/17 (a week before uplift) I discover on the invoice that the quote given is only sufficient to relocate 3.5m3. I contact [name removed] (Customer Care Manager) for clarification regarding this error. I am informed that no record of the 6m3 is in existence. I cancel the appointment with the company and decide to inform management of this error, and explain why, as a customer, I have withdrawn my business.

Please note: From the moment I first call AP's general hotline to the termination of the call, I am polite, friendly and calm. I state clearly that I am not looking to argue or blame, but simply wish to let a suitable person know that I felt my move had been mismanaged, in hopes that other customers would not be similarly let down. In the course of my call being forwarded to different people (mostly without warning), I speak to the aforementioned [name removed] (who denies that he assessed my belongings for 6m3) and [name removed]. Both of them are hostile in manner. My call is forwarded to the manager/owner, [name removed], who accuses me of lying about the mistake. I explain that I have written proof, and am calling as a courtesy as I had thought that as manager he would like to understand what had happened. He proceeds to be aggressive and unopen to listening. I hang up.

For an alternative removalist company, I recommend Sante Fe Wridgeways. They were able to help me out of this pickle with very short notice during the busiest moving period of the year. They are more competitively priced than AP. They are - above all - respectful to customers.

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Verified Purchase Office Location: NSW, Sydney

Avoid them at all costs

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 09, 2017

I moved from my 4 bedroom house to another house in Sydney.
I had an absolutely shocking experience with the Sydney branch and would never recommend this company to anyone not even to my enemy. During quotation I have been assured that I am dealing with a professional company employing only skilled removalists unlike other companies employing backpackers.
They managed to break my coffee table in halves, crack my valuable glass cabinet and lose screws for bed and table.
The worst experience was that they refused to bring my kitchen fridge 800
x720x1700mm to the kitchen on the second floor.
There was plenty of space on the staircase if they lifted the fridge above rails. I ended up with my large fridge sitting empty on the ground floor while my small fridge in the kitchen is overfilled with food.
They suggested with laugh to hire a crane to do the job.
At the end they filled the damage report. I called the company seven times including the quotation sales person and manager. On each occasion they told me that they know nothing about the damage.
They basically have gone silent and hoping that I'll eventually give up.

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Verified Purchase

Absolutely awesome service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 09, 2016

While our move was only over a short distance (we were moving from one part of the suburb of Grey Lynn in Auckland, NZ, to another) we had a lot of stuff to move (with a family with 4 kids, you can imagine how much!).

Our experience of Allied Pickfords was absolutely brilliant. Over all three days, Nelly managed our move, athough there were different staff involved over the course of the 3 days. The first day involved packing all our items, and what so impressed us was that they sent a specialist packing team, including their top packer of
specialist items (Nolo, I think his name was), who had been with the company for nearly 30 years (remarkable in itself). Needless to say, our gear was impeccably packed and secured. On the second day, Nelly had two new staff (Rhys and one other) who managed the remainder of the packing and the loading into the truck. On the third day (the truck was kept overnight, as we weren't able to move into our new house until then), Nelly and Rhys (who has been with us on the 2nd day) unpacked all our gear into the new house.

At all times, the crew(s) were absolutely fantastic - Nelly managed the move impeccably over the three days. Rhys was brilliant. I can safely say that this was the best money we have ever spent. I would recommend Allied Pickfords to anyone who has to move and wants everything managed efficiently, safely, and professionally. I cannot stress enough how much we were impressed by the impeccable standards demonstrated, at all times, by all the Allied Pickfords staff we dealt with.

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Verified Purchase Office Location: WA, Perth

Shocking unprofessionalism

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 24, 2016

My daughter works for a company that has to relocate its employees and they use Allied Pickfords. When she told me this I thought that was a good enough recommendation. What a disappointment and what damage to my goods.
We were relocating a whole house from Perth to the Gold Coast. On the day of the quotation and during the removal I sought repeated assurances that my prized piano would be safely delivered. I was repeatedly told there would be no problems. What lies! Not only was my piano badly damaged but pictures frames were smashed, beds
ide light were broken, book cases were damaged and things like a mattress topper were missing. To add insult to injury they told me I had to pay an extra $2000 to get my goods released, citing some clause about insurance. When I told them I had already paid the insurance which was nearly $3000 they told me I had to pay another $1000 odd to get my goods released from the depot. When I drew their attention to the original proposal and quote and asked them to point out where this extra insurance was entered they told me they were sorry but they had mistakenly omitted it. I was held at ransom for this extra payment. In other words, if you don't pay we can't release your goods.
I would not recommend these people to anyone. Their professionalism and competence is not what you would equate with a supposedly international company. Speaking to other people I would strongly recommend a smaller company and not an American based one like Allied Pickfords. A very depressing experience for me.

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Allied Pickfords Official

Hi Ken, sorry to hear about your experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you please provide further information via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - read more »

Verified Purchase Office Location: WA, Perth

Not happy with communication

3 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2016

Delivery staff were very organised and friendly.
However let down by office staff communication. After 9 phone calls including a call to central management, I had my boxes collected 1 month after delivery.

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Verified Purchase Office Location: WA, Bunbury

The Bunbury Team Delivers Again

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2016

We moved from a small 3 bedroom home to a much larger 4 bedroom home. The move was approximately 260 kilometres. Our move commenced on time, however we had some issues with securing a property at the other end and Allied Pickfords were very understanding and assisted us without creating stress or discomfort

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Verified Purchase Office Location: SA, Adelaide

great service from the office to the removalists and beyond

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2016

I originally used Allied Pickfords to move my belongings (30 boxes) from the UK to Australia, so even though my latest move was big (SA to Qld-3 bedroom house)..its not the biggest or furthest. Everyone was so helpful in starting and finishing our move on time. The 2 men who picked up our belongings from our house were so helpful and cheerful. This helped us relax and feel confident that everything would be ok. :)

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Verified Purchase Office Location: WA, Perth

Professional and easy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2016

Allied Pickfords packed and stored our belongings for over 2 years whilst we lived overseas. The packing and unpacking team were professional and were very careful moving our items. We did notice that a couple of items did get damaged during the move, however Allied Pickfords insurance company was very easy to deal with and all items were covered for either replacement value or repair. I would advise you to read the fine print details for electrical insurance as although I had no issues with my electrical items I did notice that my insurance policy for electrical degredation was not as comprehensive/inclusive as mechanical damage.

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Verified Purchase Office Location: NSW, Sydney

Don't even deserve a rating. Scammers!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 22, 2016

We used Allied Pickfords to move our whole house of things from Darwin to Sydney recently.
We have used them before, as I travel interstate a lot and relocate at least once a year for work.
This time, they have put 2 MASSIVE gouges across the front of my 9 month old stainless steel fridge.
We paid the $300 insurance, so it was all covered by that.
We have now got a letter back from their insurance with their "offer" of $478 MINUS the $100 premium we have to pay. So we're basically paying $400 to get $378 back...
So basically, what I'm left with is a fridge with 2 massive gouges across it, and nothing else.
As I said, I relocate very regularly for work, and WILL NEVER USE ALLIED PICKFORDS AGAIN.
Anyone that I know that relocates, which is ALOT of people, I will tell to take their business elsewhere. Somewhere you are treated a lot better... Which won't be hard!
Please pass this on to everyone you know, and don't get rorted like I just did.

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Allied Pickfords Official

Hello JeffSarah, We are sorry to hear about your recent experience. Can you please please provide your details via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - read more »

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Verified Purchase Office Location: QLD, Brisbane

Disappointed in what is supposedly a top tier removalist

2 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 13, 2016

We chose a fixed price move with Allied to move the contents of our 2 bedroom unit a few suburbs across town. We were happy to pay for a premium service for the peace of mind that we would be looked after. The quoting process was good however we were contacted 2 days prior to the move and told they had to change the start time from 7am to 1pm which would have caused significant disruption to our plans. We pushed back and were able to keep to the original time.

Move day:
The team turned up on time and were very fast loading and unloading.
However it turned out that this was at the expense of taking due care. The fridge door had 7 or 8 dents and many other pieces of furniture had small marks. Insurance is an option of course however unless several items were significantly damaged the high additional cost would not be worth it.
We identified the fridge damage to the very amiable leading hand who had a form especially for this purpose and he duly recorded it. We also communicated this to the estimator afterwards and followed up some time later. It was all to no avail and we ended up just buying a new fridge.

Comparing our experience with others who used "second tier" removalists and the price they paid it appears we paid a significant premium for a significantly worse service.

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Allied Pickfords Official

Hello Winno, We are sorry to hear about your negative experience with Allied Pickfords. Can you please provide your details via email to our National Service Delivery Manager - james.dickson@alli... read more »

Hi AP. I'm not posting this to try and get a resolution for us - that opportunity has passed. It's to provide information for others and to encourage you to review your processes for dealing with i... read more »

Verified Purchase Office Location: QLD, Emerald

Professional and flexible Service

4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 01, 2016

A major move, with many pre-packed boxes. They were able to be flexible on the uplift and the drop off, due to my personal time constraints

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Allied Pickfords Official

Hello David, thank you for your feedback, good to hear that the large move was a success. Best of luck to you and the family in your new home.

Allied Pickfords

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Hi, my boxes have been shipped from the UK and I was told they would arrive on 23/9. I have been trying to get hold of someone to find out where my boxes are as I haven't heard anything! I have called about 6 times and no one answers and no calls me back. My reference number is AP1132867. Please get back to me asap!

Ashleigh Gleeson asked on Oct 10, 2016

Answer this

Hello Ashleigh, I understand one of our staff members has made contact regrading the above. If you have any other queries please message us.
Allied Pickfords.

I'm in this exact same situation! I chose door-to-door shipment from London to Sydney, it's been a month since the estimated delivery and I'm getting really frustrated!

We will appreciate it we can get a response from a senior operations manager at Allied Pickfords. Our furniture was delivered on 23 June 2016, in Murrumbateman NSW from Perth, WA. One item is a 380 kg Table saw which could not be downloaded due to weight and not the right equipment has gone missing. After many phone calls we were advised by the ACT branch manager that the Saw has been misplaced and now in Darwin. We were advised yesterday (18 July) that the Table saw is expected by train in Sydney on Thurs 21 Jul. We are utterly disappointed that Allied Pickfords does not take this matter seriously. We expected that all steps necessary be taken to fix their mistake, and consider all options for instance: trucked directly or flown directly . It appears that the slowest method was chosen to get it back to Murrumbateman. Can we please get a set delivery date?

Susanna asked on Jul 19, 2016

Answer this

Hello Susanna, can you provide your contact details via private message so I can follow up on this matter.
Regards, Allied Pickfords

Allied Pickfords, Please give a number or email that I can respond to, if I reply here it will be public. There is suppose to be a review resolution button but cannot find it on my screen.

Please email our National Service Delivery Manager - with your details and so we can follow through on your comments.

Thanks Allied Pickfords

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Do you move a car from Sydney to Toowoomba?

Sharon asked on Mar 16, 2016

Answer this

Hello Sharon, thank you for the question. If your are moving your household contents with Allied Pickfords we can also coordinate the move of your vehicle. However if you only require to move your vehicle your best to contact one of our preferred suppliers CEVA on 13 2277.
Regards Allied Pickfords.

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