Model: 315ltr Tank Date Purchased: Nov 2014

A couple of issues but good service from Apricus in the end

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 24, 2017

Have had two warranty issues in two years- both have been resolved well. First was when system was new- ptr valve (pressure relief valve) on the tank constantly dripping. This was resolved (replaced) very quickly by Apricus. Second was 2 years down the track when I noticed a marked drop off in temps especially in summer. I have been a little disappointed that a 40 tube 315L system didn't perform a little better but mine is set at a 45 degree angle so better suited to winter conditions (although there is less insolation in winter in Melbourne an yway- damn those grey days). Turns out the heat pipes were failing (these are the copper tubes inside the evacuated tubes that heat the manifold). Apricus quickly sorted the warranty although their dept is a little confused as although they no longer sell a 40 tube version, they were convinced that they were going to send 44 new heat pipes. Thought that they would just replace the entire tube but instead had to pull out and replace 40 heat pipes on the roof hence labour costs were high. To Apricus' credit they helped out here, though. System is now running a lot better (almost hotter than summer even though it is now Autumn).

So to sum up- even though I have heard some bad things about Apricus customer support been very happy so far. As another user mentioned though- hope these heat pipes won't be an ongoing issue as although the warranty is 10 or 15 years this does not cover the high labour costs to replace them down the track. If system is not performing it seems that this and checking the connection to sensors on manifold would be first places to check. Vacuum in tubes can also go.

One area that could be more consistent is installation. I asked the installer what the tape that was attaching the insulation on the pipes outside on the roof was and he said it was a 'uv' rated duct tape. I'm sorry but I don't see this sticky tape still being there in 15 years, let alone another 5.

A good system but unfortunately payback is probably longer than the life of the system (with stainless tank) as the utilities have always got you with connection charges rather than what you actually use. Being with gas booster- summer is great use no gas but this is charged at offpeak anyway. Winter, less solar- onpeak gas prices. I guess electric boosting is a little different though.

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Model: 315ltr Tank Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Very Happy, has performed flawlessly.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2017

I have 44 Apricus Tubes connected to a 315 litre tank and have found the system to perform very well over the summer. Sunny days see the tank full of 75 degree water, which is tempered to 50 degrees at the outlet. The quantity of water we use now with a young family necessitated a larger hot water system and the Apricus system has provided this and much lower energy bills to boot.
Apricus Customer service has been exemplary, with a tube broken on delivery quickly replaced without any hassle.
Overall, can highly recommend this product and company based on my experiences.

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Model: 250ltr Tank Date Purchased: May 2011

Trouble getting service initially - but eventually it was good news

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2017

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Model: 250ltr Tank Date Purchased: Apr 2017

Apricus helped while I was overseas

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2017

I was overseas and my solar panel glass tubes were broken. I called Apricus' hotline and the operator put me onto their director straight away. He then connected me to their contract plumber within a few hours and the tubes were replaced straight away, with the roof tidied up as well. All done while I was overseas.

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Verified Purchase Model: 250ltr Tank Date Purchased: Jun 2016

Not suitable for 1 or 2 occupt household

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 27, 2017

I have to admit that I can not complain about the hot water that is be generated from my Apricus 30 Manifold Hot Water System, majority of the time water is TOO hot. But I will go on record to say that this type Apricus Hot Water System is not energy saving or efficient.

Because I am a household with 1 occupant, I lose appropriately 12litres of water a week through the release valve pipe through constant dripping. I have passed on this concern on to the installer and after he changed the release value 3-4 weeks after installation, I was told
to take more showers each day, he says it is because I am not using enough of hot water daily.

The installer has not been helpful in solving this problem or taking my concerns seriously and I would not recommend his company or him to anyone. I have given up on reporting this problem to the Installer and he has not come back to me since our last communication back in July 2016.

We are all trying to economise, save money and save energy resources, this system is not doing this. It has the thumbs down from me, I would not recommend this system to anyone.

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Apricus Solar Hot Water System Official

Hi, if you would like to chat about your system performance, please give us a call on 1300 277 428. We would be happy to listen to your concerns and discuss possible solutions.

Model: 250ltr Tank Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Extremely disappointed and no customer service

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 25, 2017

Bought a new townhouse with Apricus solar water heating and am finding it extremely disappointing. We don't have a lot of hot water coming through in the kitchen - I fill up a bucket of cold water before any hot water appears. We now have three leaks in the pipes outside where the tank is which has damped the brick wall. I called Apricus on the 1300 number to log in an urgent call - am still waiting for a response. This 1300 number is only answered Monday to Friday - there is no other emergency number to call. I have to wait until Monday to see if I have a response and in the meantime water is still leaking down the brick wall. I would not recommend this solar water heating system to anyone.

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Apricus Solar Hot Water System Official

Hi, we're sorry to hear you're having issues with your Apricus system. Please call us on 1300 277 428 and we'll sort this out today for you.

Model: 400ltr Tank Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Extreme disappointment

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

Just built a new house and was recommended to go with this system buy the plumber at the time (also the apricot rep in the area I later found out). Since instal the system has always had to use electric boost even after full day of sun.

I have had a different plumber come in and assess the instal and he made some changes however the system still failed to heat water anywhere near as expected.

I have a solar inverter app that provides me with minute by minute energy use and collection through my solar panels so I can see precisely when the
apricus boost kicks in and for how long as well as all other household power usage. My 400L system sucks 6 to 12 kilowatts of power per day even when sunny.

There are only 3 people in the house and we wash all clothes with cold water and the electric boost is set at the end of the day.

I have contacted Apricus 3 times over the past 8 months and have no call back or help with the matter.

The system cost me $5900 plus instal so needless to say I am furious that I have no customer service and high running costs.

I would highly recommend to avoid purchasing this system for the reasons I have mentioned. I am now looking at what further advise I can get to replace the system and report the matter to fair trading.

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Apricus Solar Hot Water System Official

Hi, I'm sorry that you are experiencing difficulty with your system. We'd like to help, so if you give us a call at 1300277428 or send an email through to we will be able to look into your case today.

Model: 315ltr Tank Date Purchased: Jun 2013

Great customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 03, 2017

After 4 years owning this have had great hot water, only use the booster for probably 3 months of the year the rest have free heating. Owner great to deal with if any issues arise, very helpful. Would recommend this system to anyone looking to cut down on their power costs especially if you live in Queensland.

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Model: 315ltr Tank Date Purchased: Oct 2014

Vacuum Tube Failure

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 19, 2017

We have just had our tubes replaced as they were not functioning efficiently, I noticed some of the removed tubes had scale on them similar to annealed copper before quenching. As an engineer this tell me these were not transferring heat, the unit was only installed in late 2014 so I would expect much longer life from these. What is the anticipated lifespan and how long is the warranty for the new tubes?
I contacted Apricus just prior to Christmas and received a very positive and prompt response from Johann, the tubes arrived early new year a
nd were installed mid-January. Very happy with the service but concerned on the early failure some of the tubes which meant we had to depend on the electric booster to maintain temperature even on days of 25c. Since the tubes were replaced the system is functioning very efficiently, would like to receive a reply to my question on the anticipated longevity of the tubes>
Regards Ray George

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Apricus Solar Hot Water System Official

Hi Ray. I think you are referring to the copper heat pipes that are located inside the glass evacuated tubes. Both the heat pipes and evacuated tubes have a life expectancy of over 15 years, and li... read more »

Thankyou for your reply so from this response I am assuming the new tubes will be under warranty for another 1o years. From an engineering perspective are you able to confirm my assumption that the... read more »

Apricus Solar Hot Water System Official

Yes the replacement heat pipes will carry the full 10 year warranty. It is normal for the heat pipes to become a black colour due to reaction with oxygen in the air that forms a thin oxidative lay... read more »

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Model: 315ltr Tank Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Brilliant Product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 07, 2017

Over the past 10 years, I have had the pleasure of dealing with Apricus Solar Hot Water: first as a manager of retirement villages, and in more recent times, with the installation of an Apricus Solar Hot Water system in my home.
At all times, I have experienced nothing but the utmost professionalism both in the sales and the installation process.
As a Manager of a number of retirement villages, Apricus installed nearly 400 systems on four sites in Qld. The installation went without any major issues, and has proven to be a most reliable and ec
onomical solution for the seniors who live in the villages, who have over the past 8 years enjoyed significant savings in their electricity accounts due to the extreme efficiencies of the Apricus system. From a sales perspective, it has been a real bonus to be able to advise prospective residents that they will have their hot water produced by the sun!
The installations have been reliable and any warranties have been handled without any fuss or bother, without exception.
When my previous solar hot water system failed, Apricus provided a cost effective and efficient system within days of the order being made. The installation was completed using an Apricus recommended plumber, who married the new system to the old pipework in an extremely professional way. I am delighted with its performance and have piece of mind not only with the 10 year warranty on the Apricus system, but also a similar guarantee with the installation.
I have no hesitation in recommending the Apricus Solar How Water system to anyone interested in wanting a highly efficient, cost affordable alternative to many other systems on the market today.

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Model: 315ltr Tank Date Purchased: Mar 2009

Don't believe the system is working properly. Energy being used to boost is equivalent to the power

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 15, 2017

System requires 11 kilowatt of power per day to maintain hot water. It would appear not much heating is being provided by the panel . Tubes appear to have lost their shine. Don't believe we're getting any return on investment. If were not on off peak the cost to heat would be prohibitive

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Model: 250ltr Tank Date Purchased: Apr 2013

Lack of support, unsure if it's even working

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2017

Since installing in 2013 I have no idea if my Series 2000 is working or not. The installer just installed the Apricus and that's it. I called the installer for support but he refused to help because he was owed money by the Apricus support representative here in Hobart. I paid several thousand dollars for something that can't tell me if I've even had a single cent returned on this investment. My heating/hot water bill is $400 quarter.

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Apricus Solar Hot Water System Official

Steve its Chris here the MD of Apricus. I have a rep in Hobart on Monday will email you my details so we can set up a site visit and explore the issue.

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315ltr Tank

We have just had our tubes replaced as they were not functioning efficiently, I noticed some of the removed tubes had scale on them similar to annealed copper before quenching. As an engineer this tell me these were not transferring heat, the unit was only installed in late 2014 so I would expect much longer life from these. What is the anticipated lifespan and how long is the warranty for the new tubes? Regards Ray George

RPG asked on Feb 14, 2017

Answer this

Had exactly the same issue as yourself. Found that just after 2 years the system was running at least 10C cooler on average than it had been at the start. I actually had my controller installed inside the house so I picked this up quite quickly. I assume many people wouldn't even know this as they do not think about it. Anyway, the system was topping at at around 65C in the middle of summer which is pretty poor as I have a 40 tube 315L system. Apricus eventually admitted that there had been some bad heat pipes from that vintage (2014) although I have read of issues with others from 2012 perhaps. Anyway, getting to the point- when the heat pipes were replaced I noticed exactly the same black scale that you did. Some pipes were still completely shiny as if new and others with peeling black scale. Plumber said black corrosion was normal but I found it interesting with the complete contrast. Apricus eventually helped out with the warranty (appreciated) and system is now running 60C in middle of Autumn which is much better. As you mentioned- I'm hoping this is just a bad batch rather than an ongoing issue as labour for removing and replacing 40 heat pipes was around $400 which I would not want to cover myself. I just assumed that they would replace the entire tube which would be a lot easier- but more expensive in parts for them.

I contacted Apricus following the replacement of my tubes and they indicated that the new tubes would still be covered by the 10 year warranty. I have to say they were very responsive in supplying the tubes and labour given it was over the Christmas period.

315ltr Tank

My 30 tube 315litre ss system has started a high pitched resonating noise when the water is turned on lately. I live in Northern NSW so rarely have to use the electric element but this noise is annoying any thoughts?

Alan asked on Dec 09, 2016

Answer this

Is the noise coming from the HWS or the water pipes?

I believe it is coming from the piping

Hi Alan,
Can you please call me about your system on 02 8789 6000.

250ltr Tank

Hi, I have had my Hills system for about 8 years and have been fully satisfied, but lately the |Collector sensor alarm| has lit up, followed by the internal relay clicking on off on off etc.many time, starting and starting the pump again and again. I that a new one or do you know what does it. it stops for hours but will recour, but only during day Thank you for your advice, if possible

finnagain asked on Nov 16, 2016

Answer this

Is your controller located in direct sunshine Our Solarstat one did this until i shifted it to a more shaded position on the wall Had no more problems since

No, tried that too, I bought a new controller for 330 dollars, but that one only lasted a month before the relay started "hacking"

I had 8 years of perfect service from it but now it is a bottomless pit for wasting money and no comeback

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