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1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 07, 2016

Did a best-price google search for a guitar that I am interested in.
Audiobuy came up with a really good price. Thought, what the heck, at this price I'll take the risk and buy from an unknown online seller (and then there still is buyer protection with PayPal...).
Ordered, created account, paid, received confirmation email and PayPal invoice, money was transferred (transaction status was "completed" in PayPal.
Prices on website are in AUD (order total 442), but PayPal payment was in USD and turned out to be more in AUD than advertised and i
nvoiced (AUD 456), but it was still a very good price for the guitar, so I did not really care.
Nothing further happened, after a couple of days, I sent an email, asking for an update regarding order status – was ignored.
Today when checking into my PayPal account, I realized the money had been refunded.
No communication, explanation, apologies whatsoever.
Some more research revealed: US based, grey importer with a virtual office somewhere in Sydney. No staff in Australia. Fellow musicians beware: With this seller, one cannot really be sure which advertised prices are for real and which might be "pricing mistakes". If it is the latter, you might not only not get your order, but also lose money in the process.

UPDATE 7/9/16: Refund was sent in USD which caused me conversion losses of AUD 24 which Audiobuy refuse to refund. I can only urge caution regarding this seller.
UPDATE 8/9/16: Contacted seller yesterday, allegedly it was a "pricing mistake" that prompted him to cancel and refund. Refuses to refund to full AUD amount. NSW OFT and ACCC complaints lodged.

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