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Customer service and my wool quilt are sensational!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 26, 2016

Prior to ordering I had some questions, Marilyn and her husband (the owners of Aussie Wool Quilts) were very helpful, my wool quilt arrived the following week. I love my new quilt, it's perfection.

Purchased at: Aussie Wool Quilts

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4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2016

We visited Aussie wool Quilts Boort on Saturday 16 April, beautiful place, friendly staff, high quality products.

I purchased two pillows and one quilt. Happy, the only problem is after using pillows, they get thinner and thinner and they are not comfortable anymore.

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Big, soft, squishy cloud!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 12, 2016

I recently purchased a duo quilt after seeking advice from Aussie Wool Quilts. Sleeping under it is like being cuddled by a big, soft, squishy cloud! It is AMAZING.

Well done on a high quality, locally made product.

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This quilt has ruined me for all others.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 04, 2016

Absolutely worth paying a little bit extra (compared with chains store prices) for these quilts. I bought a King 2 and it's keeping me toasty on mild-cold Melbourne Autumn nights, and even when I do overheat a little I don't sweat at all. Nice heavy weight without being too bulky and no chemical smell.

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Incredible product, even better service!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 03, 2016

The quality of these products is truly fantastic, I got mine out for the first time and just admired it. I love that these quilts are hand made and locally sourced, you really can tell the difference. All the other reviews speak for themselves, there’s not much more I can say about the product itself that hasn’t been said, I can however say a lot more about the service I received. If I was rating the customer service I’d give it 6 stars out of 5, Marilyn and her team went above and beyond to get me my quilt. I was hoping to get my quilt as soon as possible and knew living in Sydney it would first go to Melbourne and then to Sydney by post, my parents luckily enough were driving to Sydney from Melbourne a few days after I placed my order. I spoke to Marilyn on the phone and she told me that one of her staff was actually driving to a nearby suburb in the coming days and I could have my parents pick it up from there. She also told me they didn’t have any of my requested quilt in stock but they’d get it made up by the end of the next day ready to be driven to Melbourne. The following day she called me to let me know her colleague wasn’t able to drive to Melbourne anymore but she was going to place it in overnight express for me to make sure it made it in time. Sure enough, it was there the next day. I know I’ve rambled but I honestly cannot praise Marilyn and her team highly enough, if you’re thinking of buying a quilt or any of there products honestly stop looking. You won’t find a higher quality product and you’ll be supporting an incredible business. Thanks so much to the team at Aussie Wool Quilts!!

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Extremely helpful, friendly and responsible customer service! Wonderful quality of product!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2016

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So happy!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 12, 2015

I made the mistake of buying a wool quilt from a major department store in June. It had a heavy chemical and animal smell (despite airing it out for two days as recommended), and was flat and lumpy, so I returned it.

After a bit of googling I found out that many of the wool quilts sold in Australia contained the exact same chemical as the one used in my department store quilt. Surely someone didn't! Then I came across Aussie Wool Quilts Boort. They didn't use this particular chemical, their product seemed to be of a high quality, their revie
ws were exceptionally good and it was Australian made. I was sold.

I had absolutely no idea about which blanket warmth I needed, or the difference between the machine washable and the dry cleanable one, so I called the company and spoke to a woman named Annie. She was amazingly helpful and more than happy to answer all my questions. She recommended a 3-blanket equivalent machine washable quilt and a month in, it's been absolutely perfect!

I've been very impressed with the quality of the quilt. It's soft and fluffy and has absolutely no chemical or animal smell at all! It also only took just over a week to arrive. Amazing service. So happy.

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Amazing quality, great Australian product.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2015

I recently purchased a 4 blanket thickness king size quilt and it is worth every cent. I had a few queries prior to buying which were answered promptly. The website has great pictures and is simple to use. I live on a station in Outback NSW with only one mail service per week and the product arrived in no time. I couldn't believe the outstanding service I received. The quilt is everything as described and more. A high quality product that fills the quilt cover nicely, doesn't ball up and sits well on the bed. It just does not compare to other wool quilts on the market. I highly recommend this company and their products.

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Australian Made

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 12, 2015

Marilyn and Ian made us feel welcome as soon as we arrived including us in a visit with neighbours.
Then Ian gave us a history and showed us the Simply Tomato processing site, a business that has won a lot of Australian awards.
Ian and Marilyn then accompanied us to the show room and explained how all the quilts, woolly warmers and pillows are made, by hand.
The wool was amazing it was so light, resilient and warm. As a new user, I can attest to the quality of the products and wish to complement them both for the time and care they took in demonstrating how good Australian made, and the makers, can be.

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Morphett Vale South Australia 5162

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Great product and great service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 09, 2015

We have just purchased an Aussie wool quilt from Boort (King size - half 2 blanket half 3 blanket). The quilt is wonderful, giving us warm, comfortable sleep. We received great friendly service when we rang for advice and delivery was prompt. This was an excellent buying experience. We will buy from Aussie Wool Quilts again. We recommend them highly........all Australian too!

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The best all natural wool doona!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2015

Fabulous doona from Aussie Wool Quilts in Victoria. Bought washable two - blanket doona - so warm and so crisp and luxurious! Lightweight but warm! I'm getting a summer one-blanket thickness. Got myself a washable pillow - thought I'll give it a try. It is very comfy but doesn't loose it's shape like the down pillow.
Natural wool doesn't overheat so no night sweats... AU own and made, supporting local farmers and what more could you wish for!

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A1 product & top quality

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 10, 2015

Purchased 2 king single woollen doonas last year for a caravan road trip. Loved the doonas so much that following road trip have just purchased 2 king woollen doonas for home. The doonas are, warm, cosy & comfortable on every level. Snuggle factor amazing. Don't waste your time with cheap rubbish in a big corporate store! Aussie Wool Quilts in Boort are a local Victorian family farm business that supply a great product at a very reasonable cost given the exceptional quality of their product. Australian made and owned, supporting local farmers, you can't go wrong. Marilyn & Ian provide great online service and you can even visit their farm to see where the product hails from.
Can't rate the quilts highly enough, we love ours!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, i have to replace my family's very old wool quilts, reluctantly, as they seem to have lost some effectiveness. I live in Brisbane, it is mostly warm and humid but winter nights can get down to 10' and occasionally lower, and we have to add a blanket over the quilt, but autumn & spring min around 12 - 15 , and in summer we fold them away. What do you think would suit us? I like to snuggle up to my chin! What is better..washable or dry clean? Casaberth

Casaberth asked on Apr 21, 2017

Answer this

A 2 blanket quilt will be fine

What quilt is best for freezing cold nights in Tasmania?

julie asked on Jan 29, 2017

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I have the 2 for hubby and 3 for me. We're in Melbourne and sleep with the window open every night. We don't get really really cold I think the coldest night is around 1-2 degrees. I can honestly say I'm toasted with the 3. I am 48 so probably a few hot flushes help...
If you're a really cold person then get the 4 but they are they warmest quilt ever.

I have purchased the 2blanket queen quilt for myself and son
and the 3blanket for my daughter. The 2b are perfect however my daughter tells me that the 3b is super super warm so that sometimes she is too hot. Would guarantee these quilts any day. Would stick with the 2b .

Hi all, I have a wool doona 500 GSM and i wake up with fibres everywhere! Have you experienced this with these?

Winnie asked on Jul 23, 2016

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Hi Winnie, we had the same problem with a Bambi wool doona purchased at Forty winks and brought it back. They said it must be a manufacturing problem. I think it could be a health risk.

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