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Outstanding Service!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2017

We have just started our exciting journey with Better Built Homes.
This is our 1st time building and even though we have been very nervous making decisions and colour choices the Better Built team have kept us at ease throughout the process so far.
We have had no hidden charges which is such a relief and were so happy with all the inclusions that other builders don't have that we were comparing to make our decision with who to bulid with.
Mel and Lesley have kept us informed and given us such great advice and genuinely do care on what the end result will be with our forever home!
Looking forward to start the build and see all our choices come to life!!

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Better Built Homes Official

Hi Jenny,
Thank you so much for your amazing feedback. We're thrilled that you are enjoying your journey so far and, like you, we can't wait to make your dream home a reality.
-The best is yet to come!

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: May 2016

Best Builder

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 15, 2017

When we decided to build a new home we heard all the usual nightmare horror stories, but we were determined to build a home that was exactly what we wanted and so our search for a builder started. A friend mentioned Better Built Homes and it didn’t take us long to feel comfortable and confident with our decision.

The team at Better Built Homes was so helpful, nothing was ever too hard and no question ever too silly. We thoroughly enjoyed our building experience, from the initial meetings to our colour consultation with Mel and site visits wi
th Michael the wonderful team took all the stress out of the building process.

We have lived in our new home for over a year and we are still so happy with it, I wouldn’t change any of it and I think that is because we took the time to research and find a building company with an exceptional reputation. We are so proud of our home and the quality of Better Built Homes’ work.

We recently had a visit from a gentleman who has a long history in the building industry but had never walked into our home before, his comment was the catalyst for writing this review, “I have walked through plenty of new homes in my lifetime and the quality of this home is outstanding”.

Thank you Better Built Homes!

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Better Built Homes Official

Hi Maree, thank you so much for your kind words. We are so proud of our work and we love hearing that families like yours appreciate it too.

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Sep 2016

I love my house !!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2017

A big thanks to Better Built and the whole team -especially Mel.
When my husband and I decided to build our new home, we wanted to work with a company that was up front with us. We’ve heard so many horror stories from friends and family about hidden extras and prices that constantly change but we’ve had so many friends and family tell us about Better Built Homes and we saw so many great reviews that even after seeing other builders, we decided to get a tender from them and see how they compared.
Not only had my brother already had a great exp
erience but from the outset, they were upfront about the costs associated with our block, and their standard inclusions list is so much better than what we had seen elsewhere and they were upfront with us about expenses that other builders hadn’t mentioned so we knew we could trust them and we weren’t disappointed.
The process of building a home isn’t quick but the team at Better Built always kept us informed, and nothing we asked seemed too hard. Our colour consultant made great suggestions about the interior and our construction supervisor was very knowledgeable and really put our minds at ease throughout the whole thing.
The design really works well, my kitchen is awesome (I’ve never had so much storage!). I love my home, thanks again Betterbuilt homes and your amazing team!

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Better Built Homes Official

Sarah, thank you so much for your amazing feedback. We are so grateful that you trusted us -yet again- to build a better home for you and your family. We love what we do and we're thrilled that you do too!

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Nov 2017

Very Impressive Team!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 08, 2017

We are in the middle of building a home with better built homes. From the beginning till now, we have experienced excellent service. The sales manager worked hard with us to change their house for our needs. We found him very knowledgeable and excellent in describing plans.

Every other company sales person looked at us like we have done something really bad because of the 2 meter fall of the land. Better built's sales manager is the only person who reassured us that we can do this project in a reasonable way and within our budget.

They w
ere always ahead with the paper works. By the time we got the land, they were all ready to move ahead with the next step. Every single person we met in the office were excellent. Customer care and communication were always great.

We are at the brick laying stage with the house now. Looks like it will finish before the contract date. The site supervisor always gives us a call before they start each stage and explains to us what's happening. We think we are so lucky to have them as a builder. We will write more as our home progresses. Keep up the good work better built team!

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Better Built Homes Official

Hi Joy, On behalf of the whole team, thanks so much for your feedback -we take such pride in our work and are delighted that you are enjoying your home build. We look forward to hearing from you as... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jul 2017

Couldn't find a better builder!!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 24, 2017

We are currently building our first home with better built and perfection in everything is what we have experienced so far. Better built homes has an excellent team that makes the process of building a new home very pleasant. I am at present in the third phase of the project and so far we have no issues at all. We will write more about the builder as our home progresses.

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Better Built Homes Official

Thanks Anilesh. We are happy you are having a positive experience.
Regards, Better Built Homes.

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Nov 2015

So nice we used them twice!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

We have built with Better Built Homes twice now..
Being a carpenter, my husband knows good building work when he sees it and we were so impressed with the quality and workmanship of Better Built Homes that we came back a second time.
As a company they are great to deal with because they go out of their way to help out and both of our experiences have been amazing. -Because the team is smaller you get really personal service and we've got a great personal relationship with everyone we've worked with.
Also, they are flexible with their designs (we also have a granny flat) and their inclusions lists are fantastic -especially compared to other builders so we have never had to go over our budget to get the things we wanted.
5 stars guys!

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Better Built Homes Official

Thanks so much guys -we just love building homes with you!!

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Sep 2015

Quality finished product

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2017

Ask anyone who has gone through the building process, no one is going to have a perfect experience, and you are deluding yourself if you think that can happen because you are building a house - that's no small project!

What's important is what the finished product is and how challenges are managed along the way.

I can honestly say the finished product of Better Built is quality; we have a quality home that looks better than the usual project built homes.

We had a few challenges along the way but overall the Better Built Team worked hard to work alongside us to find a solution that worked for us and were always open to meeting up and discuss any concerns.

Their homes really are "Better Built"!

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Better Built Homes Official

Thanks Savannah. It was a pleasure to have you as our client and we are happy you are enjoying your Better Built Home.

Glenmore Park, NSW

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2017

A very Pleasant and Professional experience!! Loved it !!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 01, 2017

We don't have enough words to describe the Better Built Homes customer service, their relationship with the customer and the list goes on.

Their Sales Manager was most impressive spending two months with us to finalise the changes we wanted to the design we were looking for. He kept doing his job without pushing us to leave a deposit.

His customer service is remarkable as well as his dedication to his work and his overall knowledge of the home building industry is second to none.

We were always looking for an open plan kitchen, spaciou
s living areas, a home theatre and a balcony to the front because our land has a mountain view.

The Sales Manager worked hard on getting the design right and finally came up with the right plan within our budget.

This was the first home we have built and we had had a lot of problems with other builders who treated us like just another number. We couldn't trust them and they always had a lot of costs to be advised.

So we were very concerned about finding a builder we could trust, who would answer our phone calls, reply to our emails and give us the correct advice when we needed it.

Luckily we found Better Built Homes on line and the reviews they were getting inspired us to give them a ring. They gave us outstanding personal service and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to build a quality home at the right price.

The cut and fill has been done on our land and we are expecting our slab to laid over the next week, weather permitting.

We will give a further update when we are about halfway through.

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Better Built Homes Official

Thanks Jai. We are really excited to watch the progress of your home.

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2015

We made the right decision.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2017

When we decided to build our new home in Sydney's West we already knew that BetterBuilt Homes would be our builder.
We had heard a lot about BetterBuilt Homes through friends and family who had built with the company and they came highly recommended.
We were looking for a builder who had great designs and was easy to work with and they were great value for money which is important. We also wanted a builder who specialised in building new homes in the western suburbs.
Better Built Homes met all our criteria and could not have been more helpfu
l. Everyone we dealt with explained everything in detail and explained the various stages of construction to us so that we knew what was happening.
We love the designer kitchen of our two storey, four bedroom home. In particular we are really pleased with the Caesarstone bench and the extra cabinetry we arranged to be built-in.
As a result we have a beautiful, sleek and functional kitchen with loads of storage space. We love having people over and always get great reviews about our kitchen and it is perfect for family meals and entertaining.
We were very happy with the BetterBuilt workmanship and the quality inclusions. I would certainly recommend the company to any family planning to build a new home and I would give them five out of five overall. It was a great experience and we love our home.

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Better Built Homes Official

Thank you for your kind review Zarah. It was a pleasure building your family home for you.


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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jul 2015

Very professional

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 18, 2017

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Better Built Homes Official

Its great to hear about your positive experience, thank you for your kind review.

Verified Purchase

our dream family home no one could build better

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 24, 2016

From start to finish we sat alongside the two directors, nothing could go wrong. They stopped to listen and changed and included what was needed.
Our home was designed as per our requirements and handed over well before time.
The Better Built team were always available when needed. Response time was excellent.
We would recommend Better Built to all first time builders.

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Better Built Homes Official

Thanks Jack for your kind review, it was our pleasure to build your beautiful home :)

Verified Purchase

Our Perfect Home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2016

Thank you to the Better Built Team from the start to finish of our home. The team helped us with the right decisions because of their knowledge of what is required. The packages were like no others and we choose the top on the line package as it had everything and more in what we wanted. The team were great and open to changes that we wanted even after construction had started. I would highly recommend them and would use them again when building another home.

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Better Built Homes Official

Thanks Sav & Amber, it was a great experience for us too! Happy to hear you love your new home :)

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Hi there. I have a 540 square meters registered block of land in The Gables Box Hill. Land width is 18 meters and depth is 30 meters. Do you have any double story home design which can be built on this block of land according to The Gables home building guidelines. I want to build a 5 bed room home with 3 bathrooms. Can you please forward me the information on my email address [email removed] Regards Shahbaz Saleemi

Shahbaz asked on May 21, 2017

Answer this

Thank you for you're question we would love to talk to you about what options are available.
Please contact our Consultant Neel on 0420 363 152 or email Neel

Please advise % break down for Progress Payment Schedule, I have a building wanting 50% up to Frame,when my understanding it should only be 35% ? Is this a front heavy contract and how do we negotiate to get it correct as the banks wont approve the building ?????

shan mcnamara asked on May 19, 2017

Answer this

Its 15% at slab , 15% frame, 15% brick, 15% roof, 15% internal lining, lock up 15%, practical completion 10% on the final figure of the project. You will be required to pay for initial tender, $3000.00 for contract and $7000.00 for plan drafting. This will be taken off the at the final figure which comes in the 10% completion.

Thank you

Hi Shan, thank you for your question and thank you Anilesh for answering.
Our building contracts progress claim schedule are as Anilesh described however other builders have different progress claim schedules.
We would love the opportunity to talk to you about building with Better Built Homes. If this is something you are interested in please contact our Consultant Neel on 1300 100 922 and press option 1 or email Neel

Hi, was trying to get a pricing for the Tiffany Rose 32 but neither Neel nor the online enquiry got back to me. Can you PM me with the price as well as for your better inclusions?

whiskeylima asked on May 11, 2017

Answer this

I'm sorry you are having trouble contacting us, I would be happy to ask Neel to contact you. Please provide me with your email address and phone number and I will ask him to contact you today.
Alternatively, please call 1300 100 922 and press option 1 or email

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