Verified Purchase Model: 16ft

Kids love it! (So do the adults!)

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 10, 2017

We ordered the hot pink 16ft trampoline for our girls birthday and she absolutely loves it! And it's big enough for the whole family to use at the same time. Ordering was easy online, it was despatched the next day and we received it the next working day. Fantastic quality. Highly recommend Beeeze Spring Trampolines!

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Model: 16ft


5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2017

Top quality 16ft ultimate trampoline. Delivered in 2 days after purchasing online. Our 14 year old son loves this trampoline. Plenty of bounce for a 16ft model. Easy to assemble- my husband & son and myself did it together but you could do a lot of it on your own. This model was nearly twice as much as our previous 16ft but the better quality & 5 year warranty is worth the money. Great investment!

Purchased at: Breeze Trampolines

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Model: 8ft

Great trampoline!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 13, 2017

I did a lot of research on trampolines especially as we have a small garden but I wanted an 8ft that was able to withstand a heavier weight so my husband or I or both could enjoy jumping with my son.
It was delivered very quickly and really easy to put up. My husband did most on his own with me assisting.
Also as it is mostly black in colour it blends into the garden rather than being glaringly obvious.

We can't get my son off it he loves his trampoline!

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Model: 14ft

Brilliant customer service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2017

We ordered a replacement mat for our 14ft trampoline. The delivery time said between 3-5 working days. We were very impressed with less than 48hrs from the order time to delivery. The mat was exactly what we ordered. Brilliant customer service and now we have 2 very excited kids again. Thank you.

Purchased at: Breeze Trampolines

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Model: 14ft


5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2017

I assembled the whole thing myself quite easily, quite impressed with quality. Delivery was quick.
I'll be chaining this one to the ground so it doesn't trip across the neighbourhood in the next storm (like our last one did)! Our 3 year old spends ages on it every day... much better than screen time!

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Verified Purchase Model: 10ft

Worth every cent!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 02, 2017

We purchased this trampoline for my 2 year old daughter's birthday and could not be happier. It arrived to us in 3 days and was so easy to put together - it took my husband only 2 hours and no swearing or frustration involved!! It's such a beautiful trampoline and of such high quality.
My daughter just loves it and the only problem we have now is getting her off it. Happy baby, very happy parents! Thank you so much!

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Model: 10ft

Good Quality

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2017

Our trampoline was delivered to SA in 2 days which was fantastic as we had it for the weekend. I was able to assemble it myself with the help of Master 6 and Miss 4, except for the net, but luckily Daddy came home in time to help with that part. The instructions could have been a bit clearer. It wasn't obvious from the photocopied instructions which way the holes had to face when slotting the frame together, but it wasn't hard to take it apart and start over. I really like the shoe caddy. Every kid that has a bounce knows where their shoes are afterwards. Genius.

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Model: 14ft

Bouncing away

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2017

The postage was really quick. My boys reckon it's springy. But was disappointed that they never sent even one spare spring or bolt. Also we never got any rope to tie the net to the mat. Lets hope this one lasts longer than our Vuly one.

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Model: 10ft

My three high energy boys love it!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 21, 2017

10ft trampoline ordered and arrived very quickly and relatively straight forward for my husband to set up. My three young boys love it! Plenty of jumping space, secure and easy access zipper door. Did not want to spend thousands on a spring free but needed something safe, very pleased. Burns off energy am and pm, beats television! Great product, service and delivery, so far so good!

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Verified Purchase Model: 12ft

Fast delivery and quality product!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2017

My boys have been saving up and when they hit their target they couldn't wait to order a tramp! They didn't have to wait long as we ordered it Sunday night and it was delivered Tuesday morning. It was a breeze to put up and mr 10 and mr 13 nearly did it all themselves! Now I just have to deal with the sore muscles from too much bouncing!! Thanks J

Purchased at: Online Furniture Shop

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Model: 12ft

Super bouncy fun

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 02, 2017

Our family decided on a 12ft Ultimate Breeze Trampoline after looking and comparing a few different models online. Delivered quickly, we really like the look of this model and our two sons have enjoyed bouncing away since Christmas day. You can tell the quality of this trampoline is better than cheaper brands on the market. We also liked how replacement parts are readily available. We had to throw our last trampoline away because we couldn't find a replacement mat anywhere!

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Model: 12ft

Pretty disappointed

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 31, 2017

The net is slightly baggy. Doesn't look like the photo on the website. Our 19 month old daughter fell straight through the net and broke clip underneath with no resistance. So unless you are planning to be on the trampoline with your small child at all times I wouldn't go this trampoline. When I called up the company they said I needed to be on with her at all times to avoid this happening.

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Breeze Trampolines Official

Hi Nicole, thanks for your feedback on our 12ft standard trampoline. The nets need to have some play in them or they would rip easily. We suggested you stay on the trampoline with your child beca... read more »

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Hi , we are very excited to be getting our new trampoline hopefully to arrive this week Do you have a service where you will come and set it up for us please ? Thanks

Kell shepherd asked on May 20, 2017

Answer this

Hi Kell, In Brisbane you can try Can Do Assembly - 1300 022 636 or any local handyman should be able to put it up for you.


Buying new pads and mat every year could be expensive and time consuming. How much do these items cost for a 10 ft ultimate?

Kim asked on Apr 25, 2017

Answer this

Hi Kim, the pads and mats for the 10ft Ultimate are $90 each.


Hi, i was wondering if the 12 foot spring ULTIMATE trampoline has adjustable legs because our garden is slightly sloped?

Jumping Bean asked on Mar 29, 2017

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Hi JB,

No our trampolines do not feature adjustable legs. The trampoline does need to be set up on level ground. If it's an option, you may need to dig a trench for the higher legs to sit in to make the ground level. If it's not level too much strain will be placed on the leg/legs sitting lower.

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