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Best pram!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 21, 2017

I've been using this pram for 8 months and can not fault it! I was a keen runner before baby came and this pram has helped me get back to running. The pram itself is easy to put up and down, easy to manevour, wheels are easy to pump up and storage is more than enough. I had to contact customer support with a few questions and each time someone replied within the hour. Highly recommend for both everyday and the extreme runner.

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We love this pram1

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

We absolutely love this pram or jogger. We don't really run, but we like the large seats and the larger wheels. We live in the inner city, so some of the footpaths are rough. We spent hours looking at this stroller, but the staff at Banana Baby was really helpful in showing us all the features and accessories that went with this stroller. It's also easy to fold and kind of small when folder, even compared to other stroller and prams.

Purchased at: Banana Baby

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I finally found the right pram!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2017

In 19 months Iv owned 4 prams.
Iv now had my 2016 indie for 8 months and I'm still so happy with every aspect!
It is so smooth and light to push. Can very easily push and steer with one hand!

Off the foot path and through the parks is a breeze. The 3 wheel suspension makes it the smoothest ride in the market!

The fold is excellently simple and very compact!
It also makes it very easy on your back and is a pretty light pram when you lift it in and out of the car.

I love the finishes on this pram it is so well build and every th
ing feels high quality!
The only thing I would suggest is to change the material used to adjust the seat recline to a seatbelt type material as it would make it smoother to adjust. : )

I love the accessories, I have the parent pack and I plan to get a skate board for when #2 arrives!
I'm so looking forward to using the travel system and having the seat set up as a bassinet... what an awsome feature!!!!

Overall I'm so happy with this pram and don't plan on changing it ❤️

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So easy to use on any terrain

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 06, 2017

we have been using the Bumbleride Indie in navy for 3 months. it still looks brand new and we use it off road a lot. We also have the bassinet and car capsul attachments and have had no problem attaching them to the pram at all. The pram handles so well and is so easy to steer, I would highly reccomend it for anyone looking for a smooth ride for their baby on rough terrain.

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Practicality in a pram!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 03, 2017

We have been using the Bumbleride Indie for just over 9 months. It is such a practical and easy to use pram. It is strong but light weight and can go anywhere... we've taken our son out for walks in the snow, the bush and everywhere in between. I love being able to steer with one hand and maneuver the pram without any fuss. Even after a c-section I could easily fold the pram and put it in the car. I highly recommend the Bumbleride Indie to anyone searching for a pram that gives you the freedom to get out and about knowing your child is comfortable and correctly supported.

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Perfect all rounder!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 19, 2016

So much research went into my pram hunt. I wanted running capabilities, while still being small enough for my everyday errands. I found that since I am on the shorter side at 5'4 a lot of other running prams were just too big, how ever with the adjustable handle on the Indie my 6'2 partner still strolls comfortably. The all terrain opportunities came as a very welcomed bonus. The suspension on this thing is amazing and combined with the air tyres, its ready to handle anything! Those dodgy sidewalks are nothing! The Indie maneuvers like no other but gives the option of locking the front wheel for jogging with a hassle free flick of a switch. How the thing unfolds makes it fun, it just about pops open with the flick of the wrist but folds down just as easy, and is definitely on the lighter side compared to many others. Also STORAGE!! Their colour selections are impressive and the sun viser is unreal! Especially in the harsh Aussie sun. I'll ramble on to anyone willing to listen about my pram. I LOVE IT, couldn't be happier. Big fat 10/10!

Purchased at: Bubs Baby Shops

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Perfect everyday pram and jogger

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2016

I purchased this pram for my 12 mth old daughter after going through a few different prams. This one is near perfect. I've been using it for 6 mths now as my everyday pram, my walking pram and jogging pram. Love love love it! The canopy provides amazing coverage even when jogging early morning or late evening. The basket is a great size and really accessible. It's super comfortable with the flat recline and adjustable footrest so my daughter sleeps beautifully in it. Lightweight and a dream to push and runs almost as well as the BOB but has all the added luxuries you want in an everyday stroller and isn't enormous. Love!!!

The only improvements I'd like to see are a taller seat back (my tall 18 mth old only has an inch spare, I'm in the market for a twin and want to buy the indie twin but am unsure there'll be enough room for her under the canopy at 2-3 years), more venting on the canopy, a longer bassinet hood and a reversible seat (dreaming I know!)

In all - highly recommend this pram if you like to walk/ jog/ have an active lifestyle. I did a tonne of research and this was the best out there. Hasn't disappointed.

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Love this pram, especially for all terrain

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 10, 2016

This pram initially caught my eye as it was new to Australia and was really eye catching in the Aqua colour. I needed a pram that'd do me well off road and there were a few similar prams in the store but the sales staff recommended this one and I'm so glad. It's so light and easy to push and really does do well over all terrain - plenty of grass tracks and bumpy dirt roads where we are. The basket is a good size, the canopy is excellent for sun coverage and air flow, and the suspension and air tyres are great. It's easy to fold up and the wheel s come off easily if need to fit it in a tight space.

I also bought the carrycot which we used loads, both in the pram and for out and about. I like that it just clips on and off, sitting on top of the seat. It's great that the seat can be used for a newborn too and the sides fold up making it nice and cosy.

The only downside to this pram is that the seat recline mechanism isn't the easiest to use, but you just get used to how to use it.

Overall I'm so happy with this pram and am now considering the Indie Twin.

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Best out there

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 07, 2016

Easy to move, absolutely no issues with stearing.
Foot brake is so easyto use, without looking.
Build quality is exceptional. Have not seen a stroller, twice the price, perform as good, or get as favourable reviews from any parent i've met to date.
Still behaves like new after twenty months

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Best Pram

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 04, 2016

Honestly this is the best pram. So easy to steer and super light. Love love love. I just can't fault it and im so glad i purchased one. I also bought the maxi cosi adaptor and maxi cosi car seat makes.moving the capsule from the car to the pram a breeze.

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The only pram you'll ever need

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 21, 2016

The bumbleride indie is easy to use, robust, light weight, trendy and good value for money. I often take it on gravel roads and go jogging and it is a comfortable ride for my baby. It is also extremely easy to fold down and put in my car and the nappy bag area is large.

With this being such an amazing pram I'm surprised that there aren't many stockists in Melbourne. The only place I could find it was Twinkle Tots in Northcote.

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Reliable and easy to use

4 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2016

We have been using this pram for about 9 months and so far are very happy with it. It looks good, it is light but seems sturdy enough to use on fairly rough tracks, it's very easy to steer. Folding is pretty easy although we have the 2015 model which has some manual locking latches, I think the 2016 model would be better which apparently has automatic lock (and better suspension).
The range of the adjustable incline is good. You can also fold up the bottom to make a kind of bassinet shape but our baby's legs were too long for this pretty quic
kly. I do think he is going to be too long for the pram well before the weight limit but I don't know how this compares to other prams.
The space between the seat and the basket would be better to be a bit higher, to make it easier to get things in and out. Also needs an extra zip on the canopy so that you can keep it attached at both ends and stil unzip a little section to be able to reach in (I did this by buying an extra zipper that can be attached anywhere in the zip - not bumbleride brand).
I haven't used any other prams but this one seems pretty good to us.

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Questions & Answers

Does this pram come with a 3 year warranty if you live in Australia?

Lily96 asked on Jul 21, 2016

Answer this

If purchased in Australia yes mine came with a 3 year warranty.. Bumbleride has just updated and now have new model Indie as well as a new run pram "Speed'' which look amazing and have some even better features. You can see them on the website I love the new extended hood, Better recline, Gear assist fold, , Suspension on all wheels. Extra pockets on both basket and back of pram. This looks amazing I would love to update.

Can you turn the seat around for parent facing option?

Kelly asked on Jun 12, 2016

Answer this

You can't turn turn the seat around, but if you purchase the bassinet, it faces the parent. (Although the child is laying down.) Or you can purchase fittings to allow for a capsule to attached.

We ended up removing the bassinet around 8 weeks; our son enjoyed being forward facing and looking around more than laying down. The standard seat reclines almost flat, and allows for infants to fit (albeit forward facing) with no extra equipment (e.g. capsule).

Hi Kelly, The seat faces outwards which I find best when the babies start to look around. My 8 months old is very happy in this direction. From Newborn I purchased the bassinet which faces the parent. I loved this! Bumbleride also had the option of attaching a Maxi Cosi capsule I had no use for this but great if you like capsules.

We are thinking about buying this pram for our bubba on the way. Other options have the reversible seat so your baby is facing you. It looks like Bumbleride Indie in stroller mode doesn't have this. Anyone have any thoughts on if this should be a deal breaker? Also the reclining function doesn't seem as good as other prams, however all else looks to be great. We are active beachy people so love the reviews from peeps who take their Bumbleride everywhere.

Leber asked on Feb 05, 2016

Answer this

Hi there, we go surfing while the other takes our baby girl in the Bumbleride often - it's great on dirt beach tracks (like the ones on the surf coast around Bells Beach etc). You can buy the bassinet separately if you really want your newborn facing you but I never bothered and personally think it is good for them to be able to see out and see the world and what's going on (as they get older and can see) - and not just look at my mug all day! You can still see them through the mesh peep hole. As your baby gets older you can increase the incline so they can see more. I also think the fact she's always gone front facing has contributed to her still being so happy in it now (at 13mo). Hope this helps :)

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Price (RRP) $759.95
Age 0+months
Product Weight 9.9kg
Folded Height 29cm
Folded Width 48cm
Folded Length 81cm
Weight Capacity 24.9kg