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Unprofessional and Uncaring

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 15, 2017

It is bad enough when the agent's response for making a mess of our bookings is that she has 16 years of experience (though I believe she had 1 year, 16 times) but when the GM adds to the miserable performance by making false promises then you know you shouldn't be using them to book your cruise.

The company did everything wrong. Booked and confirmed first class flights then changed their mind, after we had paid to tell us they were booking business or premium economy. Failed to book non-smoking rooms. Failed to book the hotels in the right
area. Made a mess of our cruise cabin booking. Failed to live up to a promise of finding some way to compensate us for their miserable performance.

If you want to book a cruise I suggest you find some other company to do the bookings, Clean Cruising just don't live up to their promises. Worse. When you write to tell them of your disappointment you get a series of reguegated excuses.

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Feeling Ripped Off

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 26, 2017

Don't deal with Clean Cruising! Recently I was hospitalised and was unable to go on our hugely anticipated Alaska cruise. Sadly, we had to cancel airfares and cruise. Clean Cruising informed us we would lose nearly $3000 of our cruise payment of $7220. What we didn't know was that Clean Cruising ripped off a slice for themselves of nearly $700. Money for nothing in their pocket! I also needed a letter to give travel insurance as proof of payment and Clean Cruising initially told us we would have to pay $100 for the letter of proof. After I remo nstrated with them, they rang days later and agreed to send it for free. Big of them!! How dare they rip us off when I was extremely ill and had to cancel our trip. Where is their compassion? Will never deal with Clean Cruising again. On a better note after weeks of trying, our travel insurance came through. **Best idea is to deal direct with airlines and cruise lines not travel agencies. So beware- deal direct!

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Perfect holiday

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2017

We have booked 3 cruises and are currently booking number 4, on each occasion the consultants have been extremely helpful. Cabins and food were excellent. We also received the $50 gift vouchers which we have had no trouble using. Thanks Clean Cruising for making our booking easy.

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Terms and Conditions.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 01, 2017

I booked a cruise from Hawaii to Sydney, last year to celebrate our 50th Wedding anniversary. ..
However I had to cancel, ,because my wife became very ill, I gave the travel Agent plenty of time
For the cancellation. .but later found out that I'd lose $200 Of the $1000 Deposited. .because I
Failed to read the full Terms and conditions. So please read the full term and conditions before
Parting with your Money.

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adelaide sth.aust

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only way to go

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 05, 2016

i have been with cleancruising for a couple of times now and we could not fault there service at all.expectations were as i wanted.rooms inside were clean serviced ok and if we had a problem like toilet got bloked it was serviced with in 1 hour cant beat that..dining food good would have been nice if there was more variety and table service could not be better .the ship had a coughing problem and people were sick no fault of sun princess it came from an outsider that didnt care at all about other passengers.overall great service and good trip thank you cleancruising

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Can't fault thus far

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 04, 2016

Hi have been dealing with clean Cruising to book our cruise for November- staff have been polite, generous with their time and have gone out of their way to help. I found my cruise at a cheaper rate and Clean Cruising have met that and gone one better. I have been handling our booking for three cabins, and have been impressed with their customer service.

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I would certainly recommend Clean Cruising to friends, colleagues and family.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2016

We were very satisfied with the service Clean Cruising provided. I must thank you for the lovely gift we received from you on board ship - such a nice surprise! I will certainly recommend your services to friends, colleagues and family.

The cruise was absolutely fabulous! We thoroughly enjoyed the variety of on-board activities, the excursions, the cruise staff, the other passengers as well as the food and entertainment. What more could you want?

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Worst experience ever with a travel agency, avoid like the plague

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2015

I booked a cruise with Clean Cruising, the consultant was lovely and seemed very knowledgeable. After making the booking she assured me that I would receive an email, which I did, but there were errors on the booking. I called back but received an automated message saying they would not reopen until morning. Called back the next day, spoke with a receptionist who assured me that someone would call ASAP. I waited 3 hours, no call. Called back and was told that they were understaffed and they had no consultants available. At this stage I had my s on in law call as he too wished to book on the same cruise. He spoke to the same receptionist, left his number. Within 15 minutes a consultant called him?!? He handed me the phone, I queried why they were able to call him but not me (someone who already booked). They went on with the same excuse of being understaffed, but this just doesn't make sense.
I wrote a complaint on their Facebook wall, I received a response that someone would call me ASAP to discuss. I received a call the following morning from a new consultant. She was abrupt and mentioned my 'complaining' (not complaint) on the Facebook wall (which by this stage had been deleted). She said they (clean cruising) were happy to refund my deposit. I told her no, I just wanted it fixed plus have our other family members book.
A few weeks later the cruise line released a sale, I emailed my consultant/agent to ask if we could get the benefits of the new sale. She emailed back saying no, the cruise line would not allow it. As a new cruiser, I could not understand the reasoning behind this - we were many months out from sailing. I asked around and other people who had booked with Clean Cruising had no issues cancelling and rebooking.
I emailed the consultant back and enquirered once again. I received back another no along with a copy/paste terms. I wished to ask about cancelling and rebooking, so I called to speak directly with the agent. I was told she was on another call. I asked for a call back. Two days later, no call. I call again, once again told sorry, she is on another call. No call back by the end of the next day.
On the fifth day I called again - gave the same story, on a call. Told the receptionist (who was lovely) that if I did not receive a call back I would have no choice but to call Consumer Affairs. She asked for me to explain the situation, she agreed that it was not professional and assured me that she would have a manager call me ASAP, she said they were 'all in a meeting' and were unable to come to the phone. I waited for a call, none came.
The next day I received an email from a manager at Clean Cruising who accused me of abusing the receptionist?! This never occurred in any way, shape or form, at the time I had four other people in my home listening to the call. She stated in the email that I should send the email to the cruise line as proof of release, as they no longer wished to handle my booking. The cruise line assured me that this is not how it's done and were shocked. The 'Manager' ended their email with - 'we look forward to NOT dealing with you in the future'. Extremely unprofessional company, rude consultants, extremely rude and childish 'managers'. I have since rebooked with a different agency. After I had booked, a sale started - my new agent cancelled and rebooked with NO ISSUE!!

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Honest & informative service, just like their website!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 16, 2013

In our sixty's now and we've travelled quite a bit and not prepared to stop in a hurry so had plenty of dealing with travel companies and agents over the years - some much worse than others as I've read about here.

A few years ago after being burnt for a considerable amount - my own fault for believing I wwas getting the best/lowest priced deal out there by you know who - my neighbours told me about the cruise agency Clean Cruising who they highly recommended as being 100% fair dinkum from the start with no hidden charges etc.. and they wer
e career people who all knew what they were talking about.

Our first cruise was done on the Orion, then Azamara Quest & Journey as well as Paul Gauguin in Tahiti as we like the smaller cruise ships. On EACH trip we met others who had booked through them and ALL spoke in the highest terms about the advice they were given, and prices well below those for other passengers.

I don't know how they do it because they don't advertise "best prices" but was told they have certain deals that the cruiselines ask them to move from time to time. I forgot to mention, their "Newletter" often shows ones that they can't show publicly on their webpages too. Often the fares are around half price (Orion) or with free airfares (Paul Gauguin) and we are always planning ahead now with them

Regardless they keep their promises and all documentation for our upcoming river cruise has just arrived in their company's leather travel wallet, a gift multi power adapter for our phones etc plus some $50 cruise gift cards. Pretty amazing since neither my wife nor I have ever visited their office or met our consultant Martine, all arangements have been done via the internet at their amazing website.

By the way, our kids watch our cruise progress at their website they show the ship's oosition and camera view so sometimes in port we arrange to give them a wave from the front of the ship.

+ Their prices are very good from the start and they know what they are talking about - very dependable & professional approcah

- They don't show the airfares that go with the cruises. You have to ask them but that's ok as they are always very good anyway, just inconvenient.

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