Green Engineering Pty Ltd (based in QLD) is not related to the business Green Engineering Solar Corp (based in VIC).

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Extremely happy with the service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

I would like to thank you the whole team of Green Engineering Pty Ltd. for providing an excellent customer service. Through out the whole service everything was transparent and we didn't experience any surprises.
The whole staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Now waiting on my first bill to see the magic.

All the best

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this is a perfect company to install solar system

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2016

Green engineering is one of the good company for solar system..i got 5 kw system installed on 2015 and system works very well....customer service is very good...i paid a big electricity before i had solar ..since i hve got solar it saves me a lott of money on my electricity bills..thank you green engineering for looking after us....

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2016

System is working good and very good customer service. And everything was on time and the excellent services. Nice product.

April 5th 2017 Update: Excellent service

Well this is one of genuine company and there product is very good quality wise
So far one n half year
Happy customer

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Awful after sale service from QLD Green Engineering Solar Corp

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 20, 2015

My solar system has been installed in late 2011. In less than 4 years the invertor stop working without any reason. According to the contract, the inverter has 5 years manufacturer warranty. So I lodged the warranty claim on their website, wait for 1 week, nothing happened, no call back. So I called their QLD office to raise this issue, I was told that SOMEONE will contact me on that day, and surely I got no call back! And after 2 weeks, finally someone said he's an electritian from Green Engeering called back, and told me that the replacement for my invertor is ready to be put back, so I told him please come and fix this ASAP. And guess what, it's been more than 3 weeks since this call, and I still live with an faulty invertor!

So I called the office today to complain again and the lovely lady on the phone help me to leave an urgent message in their system. So I got a call back (FINALLY) from the customer team, and to my surprise, this customer survice lady told me nothing useful but nonsense:
First, she clamed that an email regarding my warranty claim had been sent to me, which I had check my email inbox (including junk mail) top to bottom and found it's non-exist! Why bother to tell me a lie...
Second, she told me Green Engineering had lodged an warranty claim to the manufacturer but they simply could not get hold of the status of my claim! There are a lot of other customers like me are still waiting...
Third, when I ask could she chase this up for me as it's been a month now and guess what, she told me I am not the only customer that has the same experience and what I need to do is keep WAITING! And she can't just work on my case only! How rude is this!

Seriously, maybe I just got luck, but this is the first time I had such a bad customer service experience. If you are in QLD and thinking a solar system, consider what kind of customer service will come with it. It's as simple as you get what you paid for.

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Beware of Green Engineering NSW - No responsibility taken

1 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 11, 2015

We have had 2 faulty inverters in a year and then found out our systems was mismatched with not a big enough inverter (needed 5kw not 4kw for 20 panels). They tried to blame us that they supplied what we asked for. IT WAS WHAT THE SALESPERSON RECOMMENDED! To add insult to injury they just don't return your phone calls or answer emails. We have had to put in the hands of Fair Trading NSW. Finally they are being forced to pay us attention. We are getting a 5kw inverter (or so they promised we will believe it when we see it installed). We have had to pay postage ($100) and they had not once accepted responsibility or said sorry for the inconvenience. They say its 'goodwill' that are fixing the problem ha! They have tried to silence us by saying they are not the same company but strangely when they wanted money from us to post out another inverter we were directed to their website to make the payment. This is still in the hands of Fair Trading and we may be finally getting somewhere. But its been a horrid experience and fingers crossed the new inverter is not as shoddy as the last. Bottom line, once they have your money, you are no-one.

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Green Engineering Official

Hi Duffy, I think I have been in contact with your self regarding this case and we worked out that you are not a Green Engineering Vic Pty Ltd client. The QLD Green Engineering which are a total s... read more »

I think you could see in our revirw title that I say green engineering nsw. Your logo is exactly the same.

Green Engineering Official

Yes I do see that, we did have a lengthy conversation over the phone and came to the realization that we are still in fact to separate companies, hence this website removing your comments and movin... read more »

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Burnett Heads

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Screws through ceiling and panels unsafely installed

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2015

2013 Panels installed. In process of installing panels 46 screws were put through the ceiling. Panels were unsecured at the ends causing them to flap. Contacted Green Engineering numerous times by phone said they would send someone out but this never eventuated. Panels were to be paid off through a finance company. On hearing of our problem the finance company contacted Green Engineering still no response. Finance company considered contract in dispute and issued a statement stating zero dollars owed until damage repaired and new contract signe d. Mid 2014 still not fixed but sent a gyprock plasterer and painter to give a quote for repairs.

July 2014 received a call demanding payment then suggested we fix the problem and they would consider reducing the cost of the panels. End of 2014 another phone call wanting their money. Told them I have already taken steps to correct the problem having a new ceiling installed inside the house for $3500 and still had to do the carport and redo the panels as they are unsafe. Total cost of repairs required is over the amount Green Engineering believes is owed to them. They have now taken us to court to get the money. Customer service is appalling and they use bullying tactics when they know you won't back down. NEVER EVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU LIVE IN REGIONAL QUEENSLAND...

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Green Engineering Official

Dear Judith, Green Engineering VIC, Pty, Ltd, are often confused for the separate company that operates in QLD (Green Engineering) Though we may be the company that holds your contract as we at tim... read more »

It is very strange that you say you are not affiliated with the Queensland company Green Engineering Pty. Ltd. You have the same Green Engineering logo as is shown on the top left of your reply. Th... read more »

Reseach on line has found that Green Engineering VIC PTY LTD and Green Engineering Pty.Ltd do have different ABN numbers. Once again,the company I am reviewing is Green Engineering Pty Ltd. This c... read more »

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