Terrible Terrible Terrible

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 23, 2017

The company just only think about the money.
Many fake leads and can't get the money back.
Try to cancel the account for a lot of times and always have to wait for someone authorise to call and noone call.
It's so much headache with the company.
Waiste of time,

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Very Helpful

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 23, 2017

Found this site very helpful. Checked about reviews for other builders and went from there. This saved me the time and hassle of running around. From this site I found builders and renovators that were ethical and in on time. Highly recommmenf hipages for anyone seeking information and business out there in the market place.

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Keep to NSW

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

HiPages should keep out of Victoria, there are no licensed trades apart from Electricians and Plumbers and waterproofer's all these trades will show you a license

all others beware of in Victoria. its too easy to get a ABN number or even use some one elses

Check first from references, most times you can tell a tradesman through his tools, he will have professional tools not the cheap Bunnings tools, most times they will not ask for a deposit until the materials arrive at your door step, then you should pay for them materials,

If your
unsure then ask a carpenter, either a older retired chippy or someone that your relatives know,
In Victoria, you can not trust trades persons unless they are actually in the trade, but then how do you know??
far to many people are not in the trade or have NOT done an apprenticeship. but are working as a tradey in Victoria.

I myself have been in the building trade for over 53 years since 15 when I did my apprenticeship as a carpenter/ joiner, I still employ carpenters, but before they start work with me I ask them to make me a saw horse, you will be surprised how many so called carpenters cannot make one.
I know Victorians are being hard done by as I do fix a lot of work done by amateurs, some times costing clients an extra $15000.00, not good.

But there is nothing i can do about it but try to give you all a warning and get a proper experienced trades person. don't be a cheap charlie and get the right person or suffer embarrassment of a shonky job that you probably deserved to get

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STAY AWAY FROM THiS SiTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

These people DO NOT do background checks on the tradies,they don't check If they have a registered business name or are licenced !! They are only interested to take their commission!!! They sent me a tradie with no particulars at all ,my mum " a pensioner " has been ripped off $ 5630 for a job he wasn't qualified to do plus took the money before he finished and never returned .
Since then mums had to pay more money to redo the work and now we're taking the matter to court !!
I called hi pages to let them know what had happened and all they can say is Sorry ??
Well unfortunately sorry won't reimburse mums money nor the stress we're all going through.

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The things that customers don't know about listing on Hipages

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

While it's free for customers to place an add on Hipages it costs tradies like us between $10.00 to $60.00 to reply to your add. In return we receive your phone number or email so we can contact you to arrange a quote or to complete the work. What annoys me a lot is clients that: can't be contacted despite a number of phone calls and email messages; had a friend/relative complete the work, just thinking about it but were never serious about having the work completed, etc..etc..
I understand that Hipages may offer a refund of the lead fee if
they're advised within 7 days. However it can often take longer than 7 days to get hold of a client and determine the situation. What I'd like to happen is that (when listing their job) a client is informed how much each tradie will be paying Hipages to receive the clients contact details and most importantly that this payment will be made in exchange for opportunity to provide the client with a quote.

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Quick, easy and reliable!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

Being English on holiday we really appreciated getting reliable tradesmen recommended to us, and would be happy to advise others to use this service.

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Quick, transparent, organized...

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

Quick, transparent, organized... I needed a removalist and here I found everything I needed. Great price comparison, transparent services and a great way to choose the right service for me.
Thank you!

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Hi pages is a money grabbing enterprise

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 20, 2017

I am a gardener and received a cold call from Hi pages to try them out for a 21 day free trial. At the end of the trial I had wasted hours chasing leads that didn't go anywhere, the app was faulty and the service was terrible. Hi pages does not actual fact checking on their tradies. All they did to register myself as one of their tradies was confirm my ABN and mobile number. When I told them I didn't want to continue after the free trial because I saw no value in their ridiculous subscription fee the sales guy got aggressive and told me I was a n idiot for not taking advantage of their generous deal!
If you are a well-respected service provider, stay away from them, you'll waste your time paying for leads, just to give a quote on a job that has already been undercut by some amateur hack! If you are a customer looking for a decent tradie, I can assure you there are no checks and balances carried out by hi pages to ensure you're getting someone that is licensed, insured or even qualified!

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So efficient!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2017

It makes obtaining quotes very quick and easy. They come to you rather than you chasing them down. Fantastic idea and seems to make both tradies and customers happy,

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Excellent idea.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2017

I think it is a wonderful way of getting quotes on all jobs big and small and takes so little time. Much better than the Yellow Pages. All the hard work is done for you.

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Great Service - Always Nails what you are Looking for

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 18, 2017

I'm a property investor who lives outside of Canberra and have investment properties in Canberra - always use the services to search for tradies for repairs and maintenance and always pleasantly surprised with the level and quality of tradies to complete the jobs required at a reasonable price but with exceptional client service - highly recommend.

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Question: Can Hipages review their lead refund policy to be more helpful to busy tradies ? I'm OK with the lead price charged to tradies, however what annoys me a lot is clients that: can't be contacted despite a number of phone calls and email messages; had a friend/relative complete the work, just thinking about it but were never serious about having the work completed, etc.... I understand that Hipages may offer a refund of the lead fee if you advise them within 7 days. However it can often take longer than the 7 day limit to get hold of a client and determine the situation. But what I'd like even more is that (when listing their job) a client is informed that tradies will be paying to get their contact details and most importantly the opportunity to provide them with a quote. Apart from the above question and feedback I am a happy Hipages business with lots of wonderful client reviews.

Heather and Bill asked on Mar 06, 2017

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Don't bother with them and go elsewhere if you need to advertise. We are 4 months into a nightmare with trades we contracted who sent unlicensed employees to trash our property. Hi pages is for cowboys and I wouldn't trust them at all, nor would I trust any trade that advertises there. They advertised the license holder as a bathroom renovator when it was a plumbers license so our independent license checks didn't show any issues. We've learnt the hard way but also discovered through this process that the trade was having their leads stolen by other should. Stay the hell away from hi pages unless you're keen to throw money away.

As a Tradie, I am sick and tired of going to fix up peoples f***up with employing unlicensed or unqualified trades.
if your in NSW then they have licenses, if they don't show it then forget them.
in Victoria, wow what can I say, its like a lucky dip and hope like hell you get the right person as there is no way to find out unless they were recommended from someone that's already used them, always check where that person has worked before,
bait them on what they did at the last job and where it was then call them.
but believe me. in Victoria in the last 3 months I have gone and torn down then fixed up 3 jobs that were done through these people.
the new clients hear from word of mouth about my work so try me out, but never trusting me, I feel so ashamed about and uncomfortable in fixing others work,
but get references on your tradies work. find out how good there workmanship is and if they are punctual.

For Mary and Jeff L a question... I'm assuming there was a BSA or HIA contract in place, so what happened with the Home Owners Warranty insurance ?

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How do I do a review on your site of the builder you gave to me?

Scott asked on Feb 25, 2017

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You can't as we have just discovered through one of the most expensive lessons of my life. Hi pages is for shonks and they don't permit real reviews. They falsely have a 5 star recommendations system that only places a 5 star automated recommendation from happy clients whilst external reviews that they claim to check themselves appear with independent wording. I asked how that could even be possible considering we knew our trade was overseas and therefore not able to undertake the work as suggested by the phoney recommendations. Hip ages then claimed that the license holder was having their leads stolen by relatives. WTAF was my only reasonable response as that doesn't doesn't make any sense that they would leave phoney recommendations up for other trades under a trade who had destroyed our entire home.

So no they wouldn't let me leave an honest review. Go elsewhere.

Hi Scott,

It all depends on whether your review is favourable or not....if you want to leave a good review, they will put it on the tradies page. If you want to leave an honest, negative review, they don't put it anywhere public. Remember they are NOT a review site....unless its positive reviews! They are a bunch of crooks who can't/won't do anything to help the ripped off customer who has had shonky work carried out by a cowboy. The blame is put back onto the customer, saying it is up to them to check licences etc...yet their selling point to customers is that all tradies are verified and licenced...go figure!

Why doesnt hipages stand behind their claim that all tradies listed are checked and verified as well as they have a team who checks license and abn verifications? Their TOS states "We do not examine, determine or warrant the certification and/or licensing, competence, solvency or information of any professional or facility listed in our directories" they use this excuse when a job goes south even though a representative even says "We actually have a dedicated team that checks if licenses that were submitted are accurate". Got stung by a dodgy tradie and even though i cant get in contact with him, hipages are not only letting him ckntinue advertsing and listing great reviews, but are also giving me the runaround. Where do people stand legaly with this farce of a site?

Sliverin asked on Feb 17, 2017

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Keep pushing them to act for you. I can't recommend hi pages at all after our experience but they permitted advertising that was well outside the license scope and we have been so burnt by a hi pages shonk it's not even funny. I have left honest but negative reviews, commented on their Facebook page and basically pestered them to act to remove the ad. They'll do what they can to keep their income so apparently they pushed our contractor to do the right thing but at the end of the day we can't force dishonest people to be decent and do the right thing. I'm sorry you too have had issues with hi pages but keep making noise and go via DFT or NCAT and share your experience online so that when others do their checks hopefully fewer people will get burnt.

i aggree there not checking all people because they cannot anyone can get a licence now do a course then they say there licenced qualified second time me now got problems with telecommunications in my roof hope no fire i think take them to vcat and try get my money 2 days nightmare today also vcat looking good have to get a electrician to check it soon as i can afford it bloody hell spent $1600 on rubbish im worried as was smoking yesterday wrong cable was on,if my home burns down i go burn thers down hehe sorry hipages last time i be using your sight i look other tradies now on,had a plumber was tops but then this will destroy a lot of good tradies out there trying to make money as many us having bad experiences hope u all go well

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