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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jun 2017

Highly recommended!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 29, 2017

Obviously being first home builders we were skeptical of quality, value for money and workmanship of the big builders but price is a major factor with smaller builders and the like.

Initially we were attracted to Homebuyers Centre for the value for money. Things you pay extra for with other companies are included with Homebuyers and this meant we could afford to upgrade other things. It soon became aparent that the quality and professionalism thru the process is what sets Homebuyers apart.

Just make sure before signing off plans that al
l things are in correct spots on your plans with regards to scale as you can't change after a certain point and be aware that things like carpet colours on larger scales look different but other than that what you see in display homes is the quality you will get and if you are happy with that you will be a happy homebuyer.

Thanks to Mel, Anna, Selen and our supervisor Adam who have made the whole process easier. Selen is so great answering all our questions (even the really obvious ones) and it felt Adam treated our home build like he would his own keeping my partner updated, answering questions and offering to help with questions even after sign off.
As a side note do your research prior and workout what you want and the process will be even smoother.

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: May 2017

Promise ever kept in Time Frame and Quality.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 19, 2017

Thank you home buyers centre for keeping the promise regarding Time Frame and Quality of the Products. Although we had a couple of issues regarding the working of locks and heater ducks, everything was fixed quickly. We had great customer service and an excellent Supervisor who helped us throughout the journey of House Construction. We just are loving staying in the house.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Thank you for taking the time to review Homebuyers Centre, Lakshmi Jayakumar. We love hearing that our customers are enjoying their new home - that is fantastic! We really appreciate your kind word... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Dec 2015

Great company love the house

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2017

Thanks homebuyers our family love the house, your staff were friendly and helpful. Our first year inspection went well and almost everything was fixed quickly.
Six months after the inspection and our driveway has not been fixed. We have sent numerous emails and phone calls but we are still waiting.
We would like this problem resolved hopefully this review will help, would be happy to write another review to say it was fixed when the job is completed.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Thanks so much for your review, Carol! We're thrilled to read that you love your new home.We'll send you a private message to confirm your job number and follow up any outstanding items as soon as ... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Oct 2014

Easy and hassle free

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2017

Daunting buying a first home back then, Paul in sales was excellent to deal with, above and beyond answering all my calls and answering all my questions any day any time, pre start was much the same with Stacey, all very organised and prompt with everything.

The build time was good, supervisor Matt was reassuring that the faults I pointed out on the inspection would be fixed before hand over, that wasn't the case. The plaster work was horrendous popped nails all through the roof, plaster cracked in most corners substantially more than the
average house movement crack. Boral's tough guy manager came out and come up with any excuse he could to defend the dodgey workmanship. Besides that the rest of the build was great! Homebuyers did the 12 month inspection and rectified most of my ceiling complaints, but a call to Paul got everything fixed in the end as the warranty team stopped responding, obviously grew tired of me complaining of unsatisfactory plaster work through the entire house.

Over all the build was good (besides plaster) and hassle free, hence why I'm about to start my 2nd build with them. Having the builder, finance and conveyancing all under one roof is great.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Thanks for your review Shane! We really appreciate you taking the time to leave this detailed feedback, and your comments around plaster. It's great to hear that the rest of your build with Homebuy... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Perfect first home

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 06, 2017

Homebuyers Centre made the journey from start to finish easy. This was the second time building but this time for our first home. If we compare the process and dealing with different teams and individuals; the team at Homebuyers centre made it a breeze.

At each stage of the build and even through the early days of even going through our plans and important documents, every one we dealt with helped us to make the journey seamless and stress free.

When building commenced, I love the receiving progress updates of what has been completed that week and what would be scheduled for the following.

There's was heaps of support before, during and after construction was completed.

Would recommend to family and friends.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

CONGRATULATIONS on your first home, @S.Tolentino! Thank you for choosing Homebuyers Centre for such a big purchase. It's fantastic to hear that your experience was stress free and there was support... read more »

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: May 2016

First time, last time

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2017

I moved in to the house last year. I did not write the review straight away at that time because I was not sure if I was a 100% happy with the house. I would have rated 5 stars for the homebuyers center because I was so excited that I finally moved in the house. But after all, I would rate 4 out of 5 stars. The whole experience was ok. After a year of living in the new house, I often think that I should have done it differently. I guess it is the same for many first home buyers. I wished I had more support with making choices from the beginning . The quality of the house is average, for sure it is not perfect, but not too much trouble either. After moving in, home assist service is good, Dee is fantastic, but there is no after hour or weekend service. Overall, I don't know if I could recommend Homebuyers Centre. It is not a particular service for first home buyers. I guess it depends on your personal preference and your research outcome.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi @C Lu, thank you for your detailed and honest review of your experience building with Homebuyers Centre. It's great to hear that you enjoyed working with the team, including Dee - that means so ... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Jun 2015

Homebuyers Experience

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 04, 2017

Unfortunately when my keys were handed over my home was not complete, fortunately for me Dee was brilliant helping me contact suppliers and organising trades to get things to standard in my home! She has been great with follow ups, very quick to respond. Dee along with James, Have been great to deal with in regards to 12 month check ups and warranties.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Jodie, thanks so much for taking the time to review our service - it's great to hear that Dee was able to assist with final items after you picked up your keys. We hope you enjoy many more year... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Mar 2017

Happy first time home owners

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 15, 2017

Our site supervisor Peter jones was great as was Craig constant updates. Answered all questions promptly.
The only let down was the paint work being very thin and paint peeling from garage walls. This has been attended to.
Besides the paint and some plaster work everything else has been good.
Would recommend better painters as current ones are not very good.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Congratulations on buying your first property, Moggie! It's fantastic to read that Craig and Peter were in constant contact with you as the build progressed - we'll certainly pass this onto the tea... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Feb 2017

Great throughout the build, but not as great following completion and handover..

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 15, 2017

Although there were a few hiccups and issues throughout the build, homebuyers were always great at responding and fixing the problem, however once handover was completed I feel they got lazy in terms of fixing issues. We had one particular trade come in for the rangehood who did a terrible job (can see burn marks from the angle grinder the whole way around) and even though we were told it would be replaced, we still haven't heard back weeks on. Other than this, homebuyers have been pleasant and did a great job. Our site supervisor was also amazing, so quick to answer questions and always happy to help, explain or get something fixed!!

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Malorie, we thank you for your honest feedback and taking the time to review Homebuyers Centre. It's good to hear that you enjoyed the construction experience - we'll send you a private message ... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Feb 2017

New Home - Value for Money!!!!!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 06, 2017

We chose a simple design with a few upgrades and are happy with the final product. The staff at HBC throughout the project was great. They are helpful and courteous.

A BIG thank you to Gene Bourne, Anna Boyd, Casey Ward and Mark Natoli for assisting us throughout the project. All of them kept us informed of the respective phase and was very prompt addressing any concerns we had right throughout. Also helped us overcome any obstacle we had along the way.

However it is very unfortunate to have our garage door collapse in the first week of o
ccupancy and the turn-around time was disappointing considering the nature of the issue. Time will further confirm the quality of the house and fittings, which we expect to be in accordance with what HBC stands for and their promise. Further, I hope the after sale service will be as good as the pre-sale and the caliber of staff will be consistent at HBC.

Despite that one issue so far, we are very happy with choosing HomeBuyer Centre for our first home.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Thank you so much for your review, @Shon D! It's so great to hear that you enjoyed your experience with our team, particularly during sales, pre-start and the build. We appreciate all of your feedb... read more »

Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Feb 2017

Complete build process...

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2017

From finance to handover, Homebuyer Centre Victoria provided a complete process. I found the builder courteous and responsive to any questions that I had asked . Any necessary fixes were done promptly . I used a building inspector for peace of mind which picked up any issues that required prompt action, I found them to be very Thorough to which the builder actioned in a timely matter. If I had any questions the responses were returned promptly . Even though I was under pressure the customer service by the builder was paramount . The only inst ant I was annoyed about the response the answer that was given to me in relation to one particular item that wasn't completed and thus was verbally advised it was completed however the building inspector picked up on it and I was annoyed at that . However this was rectified prior to handover.
Overall the start to end process was complete and I recommend them to others who wish to have an easy process in building their home.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Thank you so much for your 4-star review, @wolfed! It's great to hear that all of your questions were answered before handover and that you were pleased with the level of customer service. We hope ... read more »

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Verified Purchase Construction End Date: Aug 2016

Happy owners but worth a read

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 16, 2017

To whom it may concern,
I would like to give you a bit of a run down on our experience building with your company, Boutique Homes in 2016.
Firstly we had the pleasure of dealing with Joel, a lovely salesman we met at your Doreen display home. Joel was so helpful with our new home choice and accommodating where he could be.
A pleasure to deal with and very quick to answer all our questions. Even when there was some confusion at the start, Joel sorted it out the best he could. Very personal and very helpful.
The selection staff were very fri
endly and Anna helped us with our selections, the rigidness of the selections I found to be inconvenient, selecting from only 4 I think colour boards and the design of the house, although there were a few options to change things, simply moving a non structural nib wall 100mm to accommodate a fridge couldn't be done.
We were then introduced to the first of our supervisors, by email, Nathan, our stage 1 site manager. Nathan called me to introduce himself and give me a time frame of when the excavation was to be done and the slab to be poured. I was happy that he said we would meet up and inspect the formwork and mesh BEFORE the slab was poured, unfortunately it was not to be. I went to the site to have a look one night after work and it was already poured!
Our next supervisor was Jared, another supervisor I never got to meet over the whole build!
In fact he was very hard to get to meet up with. From the start of the process with Joel, I made it known of my building experience and the fact that I had a friend with a massive issue with slab heave, I was assured that all processes to avoid this would be adhered to.
Unfortunately I lost count how many emails I sent regarding temporary down pipes not being connected. It would seem that every week the same emails had to be sent. I sent photos and recorded all issues so as to prove this also. This was a constant issue for me, and a simple issue for the site supervisor to rectify if he was ever on site.
On one occasion, a Wednesday, I wanted a power point moved to another wall, a simple thing considering the pre wire wasn't done. A simple call to Jared before the wiring went in and all should be good I thought, but as always I couldn't get in contact with Jared and had to email the office with the request. By the time we went through the process it was the following Monday and the wiring was already done and my request was denied. And of course I got the standard answer "Now that you are in construction we don’t allow any changes or alterations."
The progress claims were all good and fair bar two, which we received on the SAME day, the Lockup and the Fix Complete claims. A real hit to the pocket when you aren't budgeting for them to come together, but the real issue was with the "fix" claim, we noticed some of the items weren't completed to the contract, namely the built in shelves , bath and basins installed as per schedule 3-method 2 of the contract.
When we enquired why we received the progress claim for the fix out and these items weren't done the answer we got was "The items mentioned regarding the Fixing stage claim are actually installed in the completion stage of all builds. The stage descriptions in the contract can unfortunately be a bit ambiguous." Not so ambiguous when we wanted a power point moved!
So we get to the end of the build and I still haven't met Jarod! but I hear he's going on holidays again so I will have a new supervisor for the handover. A very helpful bloke by the name of Josh.
We did a inspection, the first one with our supervisor during the whole build and I must say I busted the poor buggers hump so bad!
But he took it all in his stride and even when we pointed out the wrong floor had been laid he sorted it out within days and in the end all was good.
All in all we are very happy with the build, I think communication could be a lot better, I think the weekly updates from the office were a little too automatically generated and could use more of a personal touch and the supervisors should involve the clients on a more regular basis.

Would we build with Boutique again or even recommend them, the answer is Yes.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Dazza, thank you for taking the time to leave this review. It's great to hear that you would build with us again and recommend us to friends - that is great! Regarding your feedback on communica... read more »

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What is the financial plan with 3000$ deposit?

Sim asked on Jun 24, 2017

How much deposit I need for first home Byers?

Dana asked on Jun 04, 2017

Answer this

Hi Dana, your deposit will depend on your situation - but for first homebuyers we do have the First Home Owners Grant available to help.
Speak with one of our New Homes Consultants on 131 751 for help on purchasing your first property. - Homebuyers Centre Team

Hi can someone give me an estimate on how much the willow 25 is to build.

Tiff L asked on May 24, 2017

Answer this

Hey Tiff,
My boyfriend and I are building the Willow 25. It is $207,000 base price. That doesn't include any upgrades/site works/landscaping :)

Thanks for replying Jess, did you get any upgrades?

we were quoted about $255k with site cost, developer requirement and upgrades like high ceiling, LEDs, stone benchtop, driveways, evap cooling etc.

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