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Fantastic Builders! So helpful!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 11, 2012

My partner and I are both only young. (21 & 23). We looked into a few options regarding owning our own property. We had been renting for approximately 12 months and decided it was a waste of our time and money. What's the point in paying someone elses mortgage when we can pay our own!?

As we were first timers when it came to building, we went in blind. Of course family and friends offered up their advice and thoughts but we still weren't prepared for what we were getting ourselves into!

We were referred through to Homebuyers Centre by fri
ends who were building with them and couldn't speak more highly of them. We researched the floorplans and types of houses Homebuyers offered and then made an enquiry once we had decided what was best for us.

From here on in we have been incredibly looked after from our initial sales consultant who continually touches base with us for updates and to see how we are going personally. The finance team were also exceptional and offered never-ending amounts of advice relating to both the housing loan and personal loans.

Construction commenced in May after our land settled at the end of April. We are now a few days out of November and will be moving in 4-5 weeks. The whole way through the construction process we have been updated on the progress via weekly emails and Phone calls from office liasions and the site manager himself.

Everyone has been amazing and have assisted us in everything we have needed and Offered great advice when requested. Each department has gone above and beyond to make this the easiest process for us and as least stressful as possible. We have always been contacted and able to contact staff through the day and even out of hours on weekends!

This Is more than we can say for family building with both metricon and Henley who started before us and are no where near completion and won't be until mid next year! They are also not contacted and provided with progress updates by thier builder and have run in to numerous issues due to this.

We highly recommend Homebuyers Homes, especially for first home buyers! You won't find better staff anywhere.

+ Reliable, Great customer service, On schedule, Friendly staff,

- Display home locations - we are in the south east of Melbourne and displays are in the north west

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Stress free building

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 21, 2012

My partner and I recently built in Victoria.

As first homebuyers, we were really cautious and nervous about building, but the low deposit needed really helped us make the descision to go ahead. Now that we are in our brand new home, I am really pleased we did it.

There were a couple of minor delays along the way (most weather related), but the team at Homebuyers Centre were hard to fault.

We were sure to read the fine print and kept every scrap of paper that was handed to us for reference.

+ One-stop shop. No running around, no dealing with tradepeople. One contact. Frequent updates.

- Sometimes we needed to push for details, it's like they forget that you are not experts; they do this day in, day out... we don't!

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Very Happy First home owners

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 24, 2012

My husband and I had no idea where to start on gettnig into owning our first home with little savings when we saw the TV ads for Homebuyers Centre in VIC. After talking about it we decided that we should look into further and so our journey with homebuyers centre begun. We first met with a Sales consultant whom from day 1 was such a fantastic help. Not only was he down to earth and friendly but he was honest. He gave us advice on the best ways to get value for money with designs and gave us different prices for different ideas we had and gave u s all the information and told us to take it all home and think about it.

We thought about it for a few days and spoke about and worked out budgets and what we could afford. It was from here the ball got rolling. He was fantastic. He always returned our calls, returned emails and was honest with us. A triat I tressure most in people.

There were a few delays with former staff in finance with returning calls and emails but because he was so great we were able to phone / email him anytime and he'd walk us through everything.

From the first appt to Settlement was pretty quick we had a 4 week wait with no real movement after finance was approved to settlement (title) of land. All up this first stage took 3 months to go through which included picking of interior / exterior features and signing all contracts.

The next stage did get frustrating with Christmas around the corner and no movement for 6 months. We had some issues between Homebuyers and our Estate where our land was not compacted enough to build on with an ordinary slab and required further stablity. Whilst all these details were being sorted out between Builder and Estate we waited paitently. Though frustrating [name removed] was always at hand to notify on the developement of it, and where we stood. Once sorted the house went up at top speed.

Our slab was poured and within days the frame up. It only took 3 weeks to be able to see the brick work completed and things taking shape.

During construction phase we dealt with [name removed] at Homebuyers and [name removed] as our site manager. They were both fantastic. Always nice, and a pleasure to deal with. updated weekly we also went and viewed the house with every new stage and major step. It was great to see the house take shape along the way and be able to take photos to be able to look back on.

In total our house took from slab to keys approx 16 weeks.

Since moving in a few weeks ago we have had minor issues which have been identified within a few days and fixed by Homebuyers straight away. No major issues have been made obvious to us and we are so happy to be in our new home.

Thank you so much Homebuyers/Boutique homes and special thanks to the team. Uou guys made it so much easier and a pleasure to go through.

Will def use Boutique if we build again!

+ Majority of Staff always got back to us within an expected time frame, honest staff, a pleasure to deal with, they helped us and talked to us like humans, they didnt expect us to understand everything.

- Delays on land issues which could have been picked up earlier by engineers, Travelling to the city to start with was hard since we are 40+ Km's from CBD.

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Homebuyers Flute purchase

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 29, 2013

Last year I signed up to purchase a Homebuyers Flute , one of eight on the site. This was instantly attractive to me for it's turn key convienance, once complete it is ready to move into, and at a affoedable price.

I found the expeirence from sales to commencing on site well organised , very informative and professional.

My meeting with the pre start consultant was made easy with her reconmendations on colours, and once we starting building the client liason has been and is very professional, informative and a pleasure to deal with.

I look forward to the completion of my home.

+ Affordable, Quality

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi GMann45, Thank you for your review. We're so pleased to hear that you enjoyed your experience with us. We always put our customers first - every step of the way. We hope you enjoy your... read more »

Fantastic experience!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 06, 2013

My partner and I decided to build with Homebuyers after the estate we bought our land from recommended them. Our first meeting with a homebuyers representative went extremely well. Being first home buyers we had lots of questions to be answered. Once we decided to go ahead we had constant support from the staff at Homebuyers. The pre start consultation was great with lots of options and lots of support. Once construction started we could not have been happier. Our site manager was such a pleasure to deal with, he kept us in the loop every week with where the build was at. He was happy to meet and discuss anything at any point and happy any questions we had. Our build was completed within 3 months and we could not have been happier with the finished product. Our new home presentation was great and hand over was an absolute breeze. I could not speak more highly about our experience and would most certainly recommend Homebuyers.

+ Communication, fantastic site manager, finished product!

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Emma_jayne,

It is great to hear that you enjoyed working with our team. We aim to provide excellent customer service the whole way through.

We hope you enjoy your new home for many years to come.

The team at Homebuyers Centre.

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Amazing from start to finish

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 03, 2013

+ Transperancy, honesty and integrity

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Mi Mauzy 86,

Thank you for your review.

We are really pleased to hear how happy you are with the whole building experience.

Enjoy your new home!

The Homebuyers Centre team.

Dream come true

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 04, 2013

It has always been a dream to have my own home. I was lucky enough to have this dream become a reality with the help of the Homebuyers team. Right from the beginning they have been there and was very helpful throughout the process. They were encouraging and supportive which made the decision making so easy.

They are reliable and was able to answer every question I had. Their response time was impeccable and provided a lot of options/scenarios in response to my concerns.

Now during the colour selections I felt that the liaison office
r was not friendly. I felt a bit rushed and there was always a delay on her response with my queries.

Finally when it reached the building stage I was extremely pleased with Wayne my building Manager and Christina my Client Liaison Officer. They were so helpful and would always explain the stages and processes cleary. Wayne was a pleasure to deal with, he was so friendly and accommodating. It didn't matter if my concerns are minor but he paid full attention and ensured it was rectified immediately.

Even after I have moved in when I had minor issues, they responded very quickly and had sent the appropriate people to rectify the issues.

I am very pleased with work that has been done at my house. The quality and attention they have put in building my home definitley shows on the end result.

+ Reliable and helpful

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Jaimee, Thank you for your review. We are glad you enjoyed building with us. Thanks for your feedback about the colour selection process. This helps us to improve our processes. We hop... read more »


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If u are considering building with home buyers please read first!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 05, 2013

I am VERY suprised to come on here and see ANY good reviews about this company...just thought I would share my story with everyone... We signed up to building with them nearly 2 years ago because we were over renting at the start they were great and so helpful with the plans after that...they didn't start building for 6 months after ..we were told we would be in before the house even started!!!! Terrible communication we always had to chase them and ask what was happening! Oh and I feel so bad that we refered a few of our friends at the start.. if u refer friends for each ones that build u get a thousand $$$ gift card which we still haven't seen!! Then the manager gave a daywe would move in so we gave a month notice to move out of our rental..the week before we asked the builder manager how it was going and he then said no sorry u won't be in..so had to put all of our furniture in a container and move back to family's house and live out of boxes and were told should only be a week it has nearly been a month and the house is finished but aren't able to move in because there is no one to open the doors for the bank to inspect because the manager is on leave while his wife has a baby!! Surely there is someone else from the company that can open the door!!! I can not believe all this for a 20 square home in Craigieburn!! Oh and i forgot to mention they even layed the wrong floorboards!!!And there are scuff marks on the walls from other tradies!! maybe we will be lucky to be in by this Christmas!!!

+ They were only good when we signed up

- See above!!!!

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Excellent Experience

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 17, 2013

+ Efficient, reliable, Great Customer interaction, Positive experience.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi jono_h,

Great to hear about your building journey. We always strive to provide the best customer service throughout the process.

Enjoy your new home.

The Homebuyers Centre team.

A Place we call home

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2013

+ Wide range of option on finance solution, pre start selection, progress updates and people we talked with.

- Since it was less than a year house, still some minor repairs are needed as part of homebuyers contract.

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Allure 25,

We're glad to hear that you enjoyed your building journey and dealing with our team.

We hope you enjoy making memories in your new home. Please stay in touch.

The team at Homebuyers Centre


5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 18, 2013

I work in real estate and I am well aware of most of the builders and how some customers are poorly treated and the sometimes disappointing finished products. I just wanted to say this is not the case with Home Buyers Centre / Boutique Homes!
When I signed up with Sam Larkins ; a sales consultant at Craigieburn Home Buyers Centre Display, I was very happy with his professionalism and knowledge in the business. The whole process has been great! I get weekly updated from Christina the customer service rep and I have also met the site manager who
is doing a fantastic job overseeing so many trades on such a large project and should be recognised!!!
I had Darren Love the building inspector do an inspection on my home today (he has quite the reputation and is very good at his job as you may be aware of) but he could not see anything majorly wrong and there was defiantly nothing structural, just a few minor cosmetic issues which boutique homes were fully supportive of fixing.
I would be more than happy to recommend Home Buyer Centre / Boutique homes to my family, friends or anyone who I come across with at work who buys land off me.

+ Quality of finished product

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Homebuyers Centre Victoria Official

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for posting your review, we really appreciate the feedback and are delighted that you’re enjoying your building journey with us.

The Homebuyers Centre team.

Great to deal with

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 05, 2013

We recently placed a deposit for to build a new home on our recently acquired land. We looked at quite a few different houses and had many questions. Homebuyers Centre were very helpful and answered all of our questions. We had a lot of requests and changes and always got back positive responses promptly. We found the overall experience very helpful and informative.

+ Affordable, fixed costs, helpful

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What is the financial plan with 3000$ deposit?

Sim asked on Jun 24, 2017

How much deposit I need for first home Byers?

Dana asked on Jun 04, 2017

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Hi Dana, your deposit will depend on your situation - but for first homebuyers we do have the First Home Owners Grant available to help.
Speak with one of our New Homes Consultants on 131 751 for help on purchasing your first property. - Homebuyers Centre Team

Hi can someone give me an estimate on how much the willow 25 is to build.

Tiff L asked on May 24, 2017

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Hey Tiff,
My boyfriend and I are building the Willow 25. It is $207,000 base price. That doesn't include any upgrades/site works/landscaping :)

Thanks for replying Jess, did you get any upgrades?

we were quoted about $255k with site cost, developer requirement and upgrades like high ceiling, LEDs, stone benchtop, driveways, evap cooling etc.

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