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Wollongong, NSW

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Platinum Date Purchased: Mar 2016

Got sucked in by another Korean manufacturer

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2017

These cars are cheap because they are crap, Don't be fooled by the 7 year warranty. There are so many cheeky little catches in that contract. You will rue the day you signed. I have read many other reviews on this site. I assume that the ones praising Kia are employees or they really have no motoring experience whatsoever.
Poor handling. When you hit a bump you will actually bump across the road. Brakes are downright dangerous & not covered by warranty. The list goes on. You will see (literally) heaps of these cars in wrecking yards in the next few years.

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Platinum Date Purchased: Sep 2016

ACC is not available

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 13, 2017

Why the KIA Sportage does not have the life saving ACC feature is an utter mystery to me.
But what is worse, is that a KIA dealership manager told me that the Sportage I was sitting in, inside his showroom, next to his desk, had Adaptive Cruise Control. I asked him specifically if the Sportage did have ACC.
He said it did. He was lying.
In fact, KIA Australia emailed me and were quite complexed about this.
They informed me that ACC was not in any Sportage and was not even an option.
They advertise the KIA being parked wi
th Park Assist, so I reckon most people might simply assume it would also have ACC.
But it only has Cruise Control with speed limiter.
Any one who has ever driven both ACC or CC would never opt for the old style CC.
I found CC bloody dangerous. Sometimes my 2013 Hyundai i30 it would surge from 100 up to 110 after cresting a hill.
The i30 was my first ever car with cruise control.
After some near misses of rear ending mishaps it's one of the the reasons I started searching for a new vehicle and upping the size from a hatchback to a SUV with a safer type of cruise control.
After 6 months of diligent research I ended up buying the already fully specced up Skoda Octavia Scout 4x4 Crossover Premium.
The only extras I opted for were the Towing Pack and Extra Privacy Windows.
It was delivered in only 2 weeks and cost all up with on roads at $49,000.
It comes with everything as standard. Including 9 airbags.
All the more well known similar sized SUV's or Crossovers have to be heavily price optioned up to be as equipped as the Skoda Scout Premium. All have a few things missing in their safety or convenience features such as the Sportage's lack of ACC.
Simply Clever,.The Scout feels as though it takes me for a drive every time I get in it.

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Carnes hill

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Generation: SL (2011-2014) Badge: Platinum Date Purchased: Mar 2016

delar blacktown

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 01, 2017

Iam very disappointed, upset and so annoyed with Kia dealers in Blacktown specially the manager they have played, laired and cheated on us on top of the above they have bad customer service. they have all the idiot attitude to deal with us. i have purchesed sportage 2017 but they have gave us a contract with vehcile 2016 and the dealer main thing was not talking to us properly til we pay $3000 so they can deal with us. So now we are waiting on the court date as they wouldn't like to deal with our solicitor even.

Purchased at: Kia Dealers

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Sydney, Australia

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: SLi Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Beautiful car to drive - cannot fault it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2017

Brilliant car to drive. We test-drove 4 SUVs and found the Kia to be the quietest, smoothest and most comfortable drive. The car is responsive and handles well. The leather interior is nice and adds that extra layer of 'quality'. In city driving, the car averages ~10.8 litres which is less than our previous impreza. The 7 years unlimited km warranty is also a huge bonus which only adds to resell. Another thing to factor in is that in contrast to the CX-5 for example, the Kia comes with a full-size spare tyre/rim!

I could not fault the car even if I tried.

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Glenroy Vic

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Si Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Everything I wanted it to be. Great car.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 20, 2017

After 25 years of driving Japanese cars, I took a leap of faith and bought my first SUV, a Kia Sportage.
I was worried about the build quality, but after one drive I was convinced this car was streets ahead of anything on the market.
Now that I've owned it for 10 months, I am convinced it was the best decision I made to buy it. The Auto transmission is a dream, especially compared to those CVT's that are around at the moment.
The car is well built, quality interior and it drives better than my bosses BMW X5!

Plenty of room for all and a
solid feel in the way it drives and handles. Best of all, 7 years of unlimited warranty. When our Corolla moves on, we'll be straight back to the Kia dealer for our second Sportage.

Dislikes: There is no CD player, and the touch screen on the entertainment system is totally useless and frustrating. You have to keep stabbing at the screen to get it to react.
*If you want more power, go to the diesel engine because the 2 litre petrol is adequate for everyday driving but would not cut it with heavier loads or any sort of towing.

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: SLi Date Purchased: Jan 2013

Best SUV ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 31, 2017

This the best SUV my wife has owned yet . Great to driver ,easy to drive powerful to go the long haul can not fault in anyway after 3 yrs . Lazy mans car with 6 speed auto box and 2ltr diesel turbo go like a rocket. The all wheel drive is great in the soft or wet stuff

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North Sydney, NSW

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Verified Purchase Generation: QL (2015-2017) Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Best value luxury SUV with 7yr warranty, European class without the high price

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 29, 2017

Styling like the Germans, but at a fraction of the cost. Has all "options" as standard, unlike the competition. Love the self parking, reversing camera and wireless phone charging. Android Auto and iOS CarPlay are both supported as well as USB charging ports front and back. I can play music off my phone or USB, with control via the 7" central LCD.

Ultra bright Bi-Xenon head lights and LED rear & driving/fog lights. Diesel economy provides up to 800km per tank and 400Nm torque means effortless pulling. I found the auto very smooth, having dri
ven now 3,000km from new.

Inside the electrically adjustable seats are leather covered and have heating and forced ventilation - most welcome in Sydney's hot and humid climate, or going to the Snowy's ski-ing. Rear seats have individually rake adjustable backrests and plenty of leg room (I am over 6' and even with the front seat set for me, I can easily fit in the back too). LED interior lighting is plentiful and comes on automatically when switching off the engine or opening the doors. The roof is made of carbon fibre and has a huge opening sun roof as standard. In fact everything is "standard" on the GT-Line. The only extra that I specified was a tow bar to carry my bicycles.

Lockable, on-demand AWD provides grip in slippery condition, but this is not an off-roader, rather a "soft roader". Automatic Hill-hold is a welcome option, even in city driving when stopping at lights on an incline.

Instrumentation is clear and a digital speedo option can help keeping one's license.

The car drives sure footedly absorbing road irregularities, while still maintaining its composer and driver involvement. Having 7 years warranty provides confidence that the makers are behind their products.

My only gripe: The cruise control is not the "adaptive" kind.

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Si Date Purchased: Mar 2017

it was great, but no car is perfect

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 28, 2017

This car was a rental, it had 29,000kms... I was so happy when i saw this car driving to me for collection as i always wanted to test drive it. Coming from a BMW series 1, I was instantly liking the standard features.

BUT remember, no car is perfect and sometimes you do get a lemon from all the oranges. 2nd week in and a few gremlins popped up.

Every time you turn the car on you have to "agree" to access the infotainment.... WHY???? i got so sick it
The aircond is flaky, all settings max cold but was blowing outside air it eventually wen
t cold. So now doing this on a couple of days. Also i hate it when you change to max it looses your settings and go to default (blows to face, this also happens to golf VW) why have this feature?????
other issue is the transmission. drive mode is normal accelerating and then suddenly free revs to readline. Feels like it missed a gear happened twice already. These things will hopefully be fixed under warranty.

All the other reviews of this car is correct and i actually still love it, but probably get the GT/platinum for the 4x4 and turbo.

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: SLi Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Love this car!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

This car meets and exceeds all my needs.
Great extras like phone connectivity, android auto, auto headlights.
Very quiet, smooth running and good on petrol.
The seats are very comfortable which is great for my long work drives. The back seats have different reclining positions for comfort.
Boot has heaps of space and good sized window which is perfect for my dog.
Heaps of different charging stations in the front and for passengers.
Very happy with my new car.

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Si Premium Date Purchased: May 2015

Great Family Car

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Platinum Date Purchased: Apr 2016

Best car I have owned

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 21, 2017

I have owned a Sportage GT Line Platinum turbo diesel for 12 months and over 20,000km. The car has been absolutely faultless. It is economical - 6.2l per 100km on long highway trips, and sub 8l in stop start traffic on the kids school run.
The wife didn't want a Sorrento/Pajero as they were too big for our small garage - we've found the Sportage to be spacious without being enormous.
The car isn't a race car, it isn't a sports sedan. But for a family vehicle, its comfortable, relaxing, safe and has enough toys (sunroof, moonroof, multip
le USB, wireless charging etc) to keep me entertained. The parking sensors, lane change sensors, reverse camera, forward collision avoidance systems are all excellent additions to the car. Note I have never used the auto parking - I am afraid of scratching a wheel on a gutter!
Build quality has been fantastic - I have noticed a single occasional tiny rattle in the sunroof on rough roads, but thats it. The NVH is very good except for the most coarse road surfaces, and scuttle shake is non existant.
After owning Australian build cars for the last 15 years, I now realise what I was missing out on. My Kia ownership experience has been 10 out of 10.

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Generation: QL (2015-2017) Badge: Si Premium Date Purchased: Jun 2015

I love my Kia

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 18, 2017

I love my 2016 Kia Sportage . It's a great car to drive , handles really well around corners , no noise at all , smooth .
I really like the reverse camera , the display when reversing is in the rear vision mirror , so when reversing its easy to see what behind you , it also beeps if something is behind the vehicle which makes it really easy to stop.
Hubby is 6'4 so the legroom was something we looked at , no issue in the Kia at all , plenty of room in the back for the 2 kids and heaps of boot room , backseats even fold down to get large items in there .
Dashboard display is good as well , well lit and all buttons easy to use .
On petrol it does use a bit that's the only downer on the car , but the rest of the car makes up for that.

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QL (2015-Present)

I just bought Kia Sportage build DEC 2016 so basically 2017 model I would like to know if this car has timing belt or timing chain?

alexa asked on May 20, 2017

SL (2011-2014)

I bought a Kia SLi Sportage Diesel in 2012. I have done over 230,000 kms so far (about 50k p/y), lots of highway kms and no real issues with the car. Changed front and rear brakes and rotors and then last week a new battery and nothing else. I keep the servicing up, not now using dealer service though. Does anyone know how long will a diesel engine go or particularly the Kia/Hyundai 2.0L Diesel engine?

dukeman100 asked on May 10, 2017

Answer this

Provided you keep up with services and change the fuel filters as required you should get another 150 to 200 thousand without any problems.

Wow you got 230k on it now and still going .

QL (2015-Present)

Have 6 month old Kia Sportage QL diesel. Drives well but evert now and then at around 80kmph it starts to miss and loose power. Dealer had for a week and didn't fault so they found no issue. Bur it still faults at random at 80 kmph. Any idea what it might be.

Steffi asked on Feb 20, 2017

Answer this

Sorry, no. My car is only 2 months old and has done so far only 1800 km. Just hope I do not get the same issue.
Be careful where you buy your diesel, as you should youse a service station that has a high turnover. This so that no diesel is sold that has been standing in the service stations tank for a while. Because modern common rail diesel car are highly sensitive to the smallest dirt particles in the diesel.

the only thing I can suggest is google problems with your model , you can google your specific problem or just general problems with your year and model , you might be surprised what you come up with , another thing you can do is ring Kia head office and ask to speak to a tech man , explain that your dealer can't locate your could be very dangerous problem. Hope this helps a bit regards Rob.

Give it a good hard run, one hour plus over 80 kph. If you only do short distances and drive at low speed your particle filter may be blocking. These cars need to for 45 minutes minimum at over 80kph to burn the deposits in the filter. Hope this helps.

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