Hi Eida,
From my experience with Kitchen Connection, they cannot do anything like this. The kitchens are flat-packed and therefore cannot be customised. We had an issue with an incorrect measurement of a vertical spice drawer - it was attempted to be fixed by Kitchen Connection, they even tried to fit some of their other flat-pack kitchen sections into the space (one idea was a wine holder). The result was a terrible mess, months of discussions and stress dealing with Kitchen Connection and eventually we engaged someone else to resolve the issue.
If you do not have a kitchen that is of certain dimensions or have an issue like needing a space to be bigger etc, do not use Kitchen Connection.
Also, in relation to Kitchen Connection we found the customer service to be non-existent after payment (and you have to pay before they deliver the flat-packs), the product itself is also of a poor quality - we keep a screwdriver in our kitchen to fix handles and our bin drawer doesn't close.
I would highly recommend using another company for your issue.
Kind regards, Cassie