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Date Purchased: Feb 2015

Love the stand mixer; hate the processor

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 13, 2016

This is the worst food processor I've ever owned. It will obliterate part of what you're trying to chop, but leave the rest in big chunks. Fine if you want purée but rubbish for everything else. Total waste of money. Don't buy one; I'll buy Mouli or Magimix when I can afford to replace it.

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KitchenAid Official

Hi TXH, We're very sorry that you've had trouble with your food processor. This sounds very unusual. Our Customer Service Team may be able to assist with the issues you are experiencing. They are a... read more »

Date Purchased: Apr 2016

feel like chucking it in the bin problems with bowl & lid and buttons ???

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2016

I to love kitchen aid, love my kitchen aid mixer so l thought l would buy a matching processor after my old breville processor died, sorry to say l it doesnt work always unlocking it and re locking it to try and get it to work and trying several times pressing the buttons to make it work, hate hate it feel like throwing it in the bin, not as good as my breville was !!!!!!

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KitchenAid Official

Hi Karen, We're very sorry to hear you are not happy with your food processor. This sounds unusual so it is best to contact our customer service team so they can assist. You can contact them on 18... read more »

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Problem with the bowl & lid. Poor service

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 06, 2016

There seems to be an issue with the locking mechanism between the lid and the bowl. KitchenAid were great in promising a replacement lid & bowl but it's been a month & a half and I have just been told it will take them a minimum of 5 more weeks! Communication from KitchenAid has been terrible and they only give you an update if you chase them. Very disappointed.

Also apparently, we shouldn't be keeping the lid & bowl locked in all the time! This wasn't specified in the manual at all!!

Purchased at: David Jones

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Just chucked it in the bin, nuff said

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 31, 2015

I Love Kitchen Aid, I love my stand mixer and blender, hate, hate, hate this food processor, caused me no end of grief. You have to put it together one way only or it wont work, you have to push the handle one way or it wont work, the blade slips out during processing, it doesn't chop very well, its a pile of $600 rubbish. I had a lot of satisfaction opening my bin and pouring it and all of its very expensive accessories in the bin. My blood pressure went down immediately. Now to buy a simple one, just like my old Breville Kitchen Wizz, which lasted 14 years and worked every time...

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Not been my best processor

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 27, 2015

I first bought the first one in around Feb last year within two weeks had an issue with it. Contacted Kitchenaid head office (Peter McInnes) and I could not fault their service. Received the new one and within months same issue. Once again contacted Peter McInnes and once again impeccable service. So impressed with their service. This week had the same issue with the latest one I received 1/7/14 and have contacted them again and waiting on a response from them. They were hit by the storm in Sydney last week so I don't mind waiting. I have the K itchenaid stand mixer which is my favourite kitchen appliance, love it! love it! love it! Unfortunately not a fan of the processor due to my experience with it ... definitely not Kitchenaid. It has a very light base which means depending on what you are using it for it moves all over the place. If you are using it for munching up biscuits or making a cheesecake, grating vegies etc, it is the ideal machine but if you are using it for anything that needs a little bit of grunt it doesn't cut the mustard, pardon the pun. I love cooking and use my appliance very often so I really need a reliable machine that can take a bit of heavy work. I was chopping liquorice allsorts in it but it can't handle it and the blade stuck on the spindle. We got the blade off but the spindle is burred. Not game to use it.

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Price (RRP) $499
Capacity 3L
Height 430mm
Power 300W
Width 300mm
Depth 276mm