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2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

Representatives don't listen, give wrong information, contraindicate each other... Go on where it simply need to be say: yes, no... wasting time or 3hrs over the time on the phone sorting out paperwork that meant to be done by Lombard on the first point of phonecall...
Product good-systems on HR levels poor.

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So easy, so useful and practical. Great idea!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 22, 2017

Such a great idea to enable people to pay off holidays! Many people find it difficult to save for holidays. Being able to have 12 months to pay off the fair is brilliant. Lombard should promote this idea more!

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Interest Free the perfect way to buy those things that you don't have instant cash for.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2017

I first used Lombard Finance credit to pay for a long awaited holiday. I had been trying to save for one but something always came up first. I then discovered Lombard interest free....I booked and payed for my holiday using the interest free option well in advance and had payed most of my holiday off before I left, with only a small amount left owing on my return. Just like saving really....only the other way around. I got to go on holiday when I chose and not when I had saved enough to go. Car service due....Concert tickets go on sale before y ou have the cash.....Again I have used Lombard interest free. It is so easy to budget for and such a convenience. I have always found the customer service from the staff at Lombard's to be pleasant and helpful. The Interest Free option from Lombard Finance makes life a whole lot easier...... if you have the capacity to make that monthly payment and can pay your purchase off within the interest free period, why wait!

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fast process,good customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 18, 2017

process was easy and customer service is great and very helpful.Application very easy and quick outcome for the process. EASY TO ACTIVATE YOUR CARD.

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First time user of Lombard Finance

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2017

I was surprised of the ease of processing my application and activating my card. Very happy with the way i was talked to and my experience so far.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2017

I was very impressed with how easy to apply and surprise! I did on my phone myself in the store, took maybe 10 minutes only.

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Charged me $99 annual fee with 8 days left on my contract

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2017

When i signed up the contract, it was the 9th of the month and the 1st repayment was on the 17th and the loan was across 2 years.

When i made the final payment On the 17th of $123, the automatic deduction also deducted $99 annual fee.

On closing the loan account and i asked for refund of the fee or a portion of the $99 calculated pro-rata, they refused and kept on harping about the contract and how I am liable. It is unfair and unreasonable charge.

I would have hoped that someone would have explained the fee when i was signing up. There are far better loan people out there.

I feel duped!

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Great Product, great service1

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2017

I have had only positive experiences with this product and its services. would recommend this to anyone, and I already have.

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12month interest free

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2017

This is my second 12month interest free loan - paid off within the 12 months, only had to contact Lombard for the payout figures. Really easy to apply, easy to pay, via BPay. Would recommend this service.

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Easy and convenient

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2017

We attended a travel expo and found a holiday we wanted. The only catch was the required payment time frame was not suitable. The travel agent introduced us to a Lombard representative who was so helpful and informative . The interest free product suited us as our investment monies would be released before the expiration of interest free time. After completing an application the confirmation was quick and easy. This has introduced us into an easy way of booking a holiday and "Lay Buy" the holiday. What a great idea, easy, convenient and no interest to pay. We have found a new way to holiday with easy payments.

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This has made getting big items a breeze

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2017

The process was so easy. The representative I had spoke to was professional ,helpful and happy.thanks for making my application easy to understand . Pleasure to do business with. A big thumbs up from me.

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Discrimation against Carers

1 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 09, 2017

Dont even bother applying for interest free travel finances with Lombard if you receive any sort of government benefits including Carers and Aged Pension. As a full time carer I was hoping Flightcentre suggestion of Lombard as a better option than accessing my term deposit on maturity. This way I would get best travel deal. I got declined and when I enquired, they confirmed because I was a Full Time Carer.

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Questions & Answers

if my father applies for the card would anyone else be able to travel using the card without the primary owner?

tina asked on Mar 15, 2017

Is there a penalty for paying of the Lomard Interest free loan early ?

Bruce Angus asked on Mar 19, 2016

Answer this

I have taken a loan out myself. I can now pay it off in full if I wish to. I don't believe there is an early payout penalty because nothing is mentioned in the contract. But I would suggest that you ask them for an itemised account of any balance they give you. If not, and you are not happy, go to the Ombudsman and keep writing about it in forums like this one. I made double the payments required from the time I started the loan and this month, due to the due-date being on a Sunday, I didn't get the payment in on time. LOMBARD are now going to charge me a penalty. I've lodged this with the Ombudsman. Will keep you folks informed.
Meanwhile spread the word of any morally wrong practices. We can take them down if we persist.

Hi Bruce,

There is no penalty to pay out your Lombard Interest Free early - I just had a look at their website. You can also make early repayments with out penalty. As long as you make the minimum monthly repayment each month by the Due Date you will not be charged anything else. Just remember to pay it all by the end of the promo term and you will pay no interest. The same with any of the Interest Free card programs. They look to have a couple of different cards - the 180 Card looks to be the best with 6 Months Interest Free on Visa purchases. Looks good.

In relation to Don's response he clearly says he did not pay it back before the due date. The ombudsman will laugh at him. Like any company you borrow from you have to make the min repayment by the due date. It doesn't matter if you have paid more over time - the contractual amount each month is due. And if it is a Sunday then pay by Friday. He chose not to - now he is bad mouthing a company. Someone else is to blame other than him. Not sure how he thinks it is "morally wrong practices" - I bet he wouldn't let his employer pay him late because they didn't manage their expenses well.

Hope this helps.

If I need a personal loan for about 3000, what would the interest be? What would the repayments be? I currently have an interest free card type loan. What would the interest be and repayments be if I used the card for this amount? Thank you!

Victoria c asked on Jan 10, 2016

Answer this

Hi Victoria. I would say look at your statement. If it is a Lombard Card their website says the back end rate of the card is about 22.99%. So if you use it to get cash out you will be charged this. It is different to a Personal Loan and not suggested you borrow money this way. It also depends on what card you have - their 180 Card I saw gives 6 Months Interest Free on Visa Purchases over $250 - check it out - it may help you that way. But if you are looking for a personal loan go to a bank. If you want to buy goods on Interest Free - use your card and shop that way. Just pay it back before the promotion ends. Just depends on what you want it for. Just an FYI from someone who worked at a GE Branch - they cant give you exact repayment amounts on card products - they are a revolving line of credit - not a fixed rate personal loan. Usually the min repayment is 3% of the balance each month. Personal Loans can be fixed at a price, term and repayment - very different products.