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reviewed on Dec 09, 2010

I drive a Alfa 156, great turn in on cornering, high cornering speeds, stable at high speeds, was able to take hands off steering wheel at ---km/hr (very fast to mention here). Tyre Makes you confident to drive at near limit.

+ In the dry faster then adrennalin re01. but in the wet a little twitchy. On downhill cornering, i never understeered on these tyres, throw the car into a corner and it says is that all you got.

- Oh the wear, only got 17,000kms out of them, rotated them every 5000kms. addrenalins re01 i got 35,000kms

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reviewed on Jun 11, 2009

I have just fitted the PP2's and took the car out on the open road, and the car goes real well with them. Our car is a MY04 Liberty. The steering and stability of the car at high speeds is very good. The tyres seem quiet and the ride feels OK too. I got around 50 thousand Km out of the MXV8's. I hope the PP2's do well too.

+ The price. They were $95 each cheaper than my old tyres which were Michelin MXV8's.

- I don't dislike anything about them yet.

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reviewed on Oct 22, 2007

I thought I would do just fine on the Michelin PP2 since I don't have have quite the money for their top of the range Pilot Sport 2. What a disappointment! My previous Bridgestone GIII was superior to the Michelin PP2 on cornering every time! The NVH level is almost similar. In fact the PP2 tire was prone to potholes and road joints more so than my previous tires. A friend who has the same car mod Read more el as I have changed to Falken 452 recently and we are both impressed. I am gonna change mine soon even though I will have to suffer a heavy loss for trading in my PP2.

+ The name "MICHELIN"

- Does not grip well on dry/wet cornering compared to similar priced Falken 452.

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The new Michelin Pilot Preceda tyres deliver the smoothest, quietest sports performance in all weather conditions. Enjoy exhilarating handling in your every day driving. Larger Michelin Pilot Preceda tyre sizes can also be used for tuned vehicles. For better all round sports performance, choose the new Michelin Pilot Preceda tyres.

  • TST Construction
  • Powerful Cornering
  • FormulaG
  • Silencing Technology
  • Rim Protection