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Miele W2515

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Release date: May 2005

  • 5.5 kg capacity
  • Large porthole door, oblique fascia
  • Unique Miele HoneycombCare drum system
  • Direct enamel casing
  • Designed and made by Miele
  • PC Update facility, child resistant
  • Push button controls
  • Delay start and running time indicator
  • Programme sequence indicator lights
  • Cottons with temperatures up to 95 deg.
  • Minimum iron, Delicates
  • RapidWash for programmes up to 40 deg.
  • Automatic, Handwashable woollens, Silks, Separate rinse, Starch, Quick wash
  • Soak, Pre wash, Water plus, Intensive
  • Buzzer at programme end
  • 400/600/900/1,200/1,400 rpm spin speeds
  • Gentle run up to spin, imbalance check
  • ‘Rinse hold’ and ‘Without final spin’ options
  • Automatic load adjustment with fuzzy logic for water, electricity and time savings
  • Excess detergent indicator
  • WaterControl System with check water inlet and drain indicator, ‘Programme lock’ indicator
  • H 850 mm x W 595 mm x D 580 mm
  • Net weight 93 kg

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This product has been discontinued by Miele.

18 reviews from our users

Update on Miele


- Excellent

posted this on Dec 12, 2012

After 7 1/2 years it decided to play up. As it wasn't convenient to wait around for a miele tech to come out I decided to have a look. Instructions seem to be pretty consistant as they are all fairly similar in their construction. Found a problem with a worn out brush in the motor which took 5 minutes to replace. Couldn't believe it was so easy. $50 and a few hours. And now I have a pretty good idea of any other future issues if they arise.

Old Review:
We bought the Miele 6 years ago when...
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Purchased at: David Jones

+ Logically constructed so it was easy to repair. Steel balast instead of concrete.

- Should get more than 7-8 years from a brush??

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Miele Official

Hi Stu17,
Given your heavy use of the machine it would not be uncommon for you to replace the br... Read more
Miele posted on 17-Dec-2012 report this comment

A great machine - you get what you pay for.


- Excellent

posted this on Oct 04, 2012

Oh so quiet, performing flawlessly for 5 years since our LG wobbled it's way back to Harvey Norman, who were great and let us trade up paying the difference even tho we had the LG 18 months. It spins super fast and the clothes come out very dry. Woolen setting works perfectly. Takes a big load and hasn't missed a beat. Lots of settings and overall very happy.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

+ Quiet and reliable.

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My Miele nightmare


- OK

posted this on Mar 23, 2012

I have had this machine for 5 years now and bought it brand new. Up until a year ago it worked like a dream, but now it randomly stops during a cycle without showing a fault. After stopping and beeping at me whilst the water drains out, it will not work for days before suddenly running through a full cycle as though there is nothing wrong - very frustrating!! We've checked everything and the Technician can find no problem. Seems to be very temperamental. Out of warranty, of course.

Purchased at: Harvey Norman

+ Love everything about it, when it works

- Miele are no help. No one can find what the fault is.

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re. mele washing machine. I would suggest looking for a sticking carbon brush in the main drive ... Read more
littlephil posted on 30-May-2012 report this comment

Love it!


- Excellent

posted this on Oct 02, 2011

My husband had a Hoover top loader and although I hated it, I never bothered to change for years as it worked okay. Then we got this 2nd hand Miele and during the first wash after we had it, my husband kept checking if it was working because it was so quiet. Our Hoover made so much noise, walked while it's working and scraped our wall in the process, and didn't clean clothes as well as should. Miele is really quiet, just a bit of noise during spin cycle, and it's so sturdy it still stands whe... Read more

+ clothes come out clean. doesn't ruin the fabric. the buzzer to alert me when finishes (cuz it's so quiet I sometimes forget). timer - love the timer.

- bit pricey.

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Really Disappointed feel ripped off


- OK

posted this on Apr 16, 2011

We bought our machine four years ago. We are anal about looking after our possessions so the machine is like brand new. There is only myself and my husband so the usage of the machine is low. It broke down over a month ago. It has just been fixed and cost $1200 to fix. The meile repairer would not say it was caused by a power serge so we could not claim it on our fusion insurance. Miele said they would help but nothing has happened yet. While the machine was out of action I used a 21 year old... Read more

+ washed clothes well, good when it does work

- bad warranty service, had to wait over a month for the repair, cost half the price of a new machine for one part

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I have been having on going issues with my Miele same model W2515 for the last 5 years. I h... Read more
Oliveireland posted on 15-Nov-2011 report this comment
We have no response from Meile at all I have called and lodged my complaint three times and they ... Read more
t.l.page posted on 18-Nov-2011 report this comment



- Bad

posted this on Mar 27, 2010

Meile washing machine products are excellent providing they don’t break down. We bought a Meile front endloader model W2515. Our broke down after 3 years. Contacted the approved Meile repairer on 24/2/2010 it is now 27/03/2010 and still the repairs have not been done. Meile Australia are not very professional as they do not offer any postive assistance and have still not supplied the parts for this machine to be repaired. We have to do all the chasing up. Not only that, it will cost about hal... Read more

+ Plenty of functions. Ease of use.

- If it breaks down repairs are lengthy and parts very expensive

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