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1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2013

+ At the beginning he seemed very helpful

- A waste of our time, too sensitive and easily offended when making perfectly normal comparisons.

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We are very sorry you had a bad experience but, since you have left no name here, we don't know who to make contact with directly. Our broker's manner has clearly offended you and for that we since... read more »

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Hi Marc its Shamsher singh . I m reading really good reviews abt ur work and helping people to get the best mortgage. Plz can u help me as I m new to buy house and I have 5% savings as I m trying to do more . Me and my wife both working . Ur guidance required. Thanks

Shamsher asked on Dec 11, 2016

Hi Mark you seem to have a lot of good reviews. Would you be able to help me in buying my first home. I am self employed so on my tax return shows low income $40000 would you be able to add depreciation and expenses as income? I am living in Brisbane and it's very hard to find a reliable broker. Would be looking to buy a house around between $300000 and $340000. Cheers Anthony

Anthony asked on Dec 09, 2016

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your enquiry! I have responded to the email that you sent to me. Cheers! Marc

Hi I am looking to buy in Melbourne and we ave our house in Ballarat for sale which could sell anytime soon. We looking to put 60% deposit all up when sold but we already have cash for a 10% deposit for a house valued around 700K to put in now. I am looking at finance for the loan with a 60% deposit and the rest financed. Can you help me Marc? Tim

timmysone asked on Nov 03, 2016

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your enquiry! Could you please email me so we can connect?

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