Highly recommend

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 27, 2017

Our mort broker suggested mortgage ezy for us and being a company we hadn't heard of we were a bit worried but all was good. The major difference was the interest rates are much lower than the banks and the service through the whole process was great. I liked the text message updates it was really handy. I would recommend them

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Avoid like a plague!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2017

My settlement was one month after i signed the contract. To ensure i have no problems on settlement, i engaged two companies to do quotations. Mezy came back with higher interest rates and all fees (penalty, etc) are high so i decided to go with another company without signing with them. To my disbelief, they sent me a quotation for their legal fees when i decided not to go with them!
I'm writing this review so others will not fall into scams by them.

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Mortgage Ezy Official

Hi Bec, We would like to better understand the specifics of your review. This is not a Mortgage Ezy Fee as we do not charge fees. This fee was simply passed on by Mortgage Ezy to you on the cost ... read more »

Perfect home loan

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 19, 2017

Mortgage ezy arranged a home loan that was suited perfectly to us. we were very happy with the way they worked with us to understand our situation. We are very glad our broker recommended them

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 07, 2017

I had a good experience with Mezy. The application was simple and it all happened quicker than I expected. Staff were knowledgable and professional

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Thank you

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 24, 2017

easy application process and helpful staff. We are saving money now on our repayments after refinancing from anz so I would recommend them highly.

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Decent service and rates

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 28, 2017

Quite an easy process, my home loan rate is much lower now after refinancing from my last bank. Decent customer service, I would recommend to all

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Great experience with Mezy

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 22, 2017

My experience with mortgage Ezy has been far above what I have received from others. Super helpful staff and the application process I found quite easy. I like that we were kept up to date with what has happening at each stage. From a couple of other reviews I have read on here ppl haven't had the same experience as me but it is not a trap or scam. I have recommended to friends who are going through the process now and are just as happy as me.

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Verified Purchase

Trap. Beware!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2017

When I signed up with Mezy there home loan rate was lowest. I paid extra $1000 application fee to get this rate. Little did I know it will be increased 25 points 2 months later without any RBA rate rise when nobody else increased rates. There is no public information on how rates were increased in the past. Just feel like trapped now. I will have to reconsider refinancing soon. I feel like they advertise lowest possible rate for some period and having no history publicly available makes it a scam.

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They make it Ezy!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2017

Mortgage Ezy is honestly as it suggests...Ezy! We are really grateful to their team for helping us out. My wife and I had didn't have the best credit rating but they were still able to help us achieve the dream of ownin our own home. We were previously renters so this is our first home loan experience and we will be highly recommending them and hopefully using them in future for an investment property. Thank you kindly Mezy

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Helpful staff

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 14, 2017

Just wanted to share the good experience I had with Mortgage Ezy.. I'm Not usually one to write on review sites but my wife and I are very thankful for how much they helped us get a home loan. We must admit that we had a really tricky situation and they worked with us instead of turning us away. We are very appreciative of everything your staff have done for us,

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Rate increases randomly

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 11, 2017

Less than a year with MEZY with 2 rate decreases from RBA we have seen .14 drop in mortgage and not even 3 months later we are now seeing a .25 increase for no real reason and this new increase now brings them on par rate wise with the larger banks absolutely waste of our time going with them--moving to a different bank as soon as possible due to what consider false advertising.
I don't write many reviews but I just thought this might help potential users from having this happen to them.

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Mortgage Ezy Official

Hi Joe, Thank you for your feedback. As you are probably aware all of the Major Banks and most of the smaller Lenders increased their Home Loan interest rates prior to Christmas, due to the inc... read more »

Hi your statement about about tighter financial lending would make more sense if you were not selling the same loan for .5 percent less. I would have no problem speaking further on the matter but... read more »

Didn't follow through

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 09, 2017

I was told on settlement day that my application had lapsed , now my broker and lawyer can't get any information? Turns out when you do the math the application was valid ... really disappointed and in the dark ...

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Questions & Answers

We recently got an investment loan. The rate has been increased TWICE in the last three months! This is not in line with RBA announcements. Prior to taking this query further we're providing Mortgage Ezy with the right of reply. Has an error been made?

Catherine asked on Apr 18, 2017

Is travel insurance included in the mortgage?

Ham asked on Dec 21, 2016

Answer this

Hi Ham,

To ensure we keep our interest rates low we do not include these add-ons.

Thank you.

Hi what's the advantages & disadvantages going with broker rather than directly dealing with the bank?

Nash asked on Nov 14, 2016