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Alright customer service and attitude but terrible/mediocre workmanship and careless

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 20, 2017

Recently had a windscreen replaced with Novus. Gentleman arrived very cheerfully and was a nice bloke. However, the job was clumsy, scratching our car doors, the hood and the top of the car. Anyway, same bloke had to come by a second time to replace the windscreen again because he had covered up our VIN number (some car models have visible VIN numbers on the bottom right hand corner of the windscreen), so he had to replace it again and more scratches ensued. Sure he was nice about it, but I thought there was a degree of carelessness involved. W hy? Because he ended up breaking our side mirror adjuster on the panel of the driver's side. Didn't notice until I drove the car after the wait period for the sealant to dry. Called Novus up again to have someone come over and 'fix' it. Two days later comes a very nice guy that pops open the door panel to pop the controller back up through the hole. However, he left and the controller fell in again. Must have been because there is no plug or anything to secure it. So after 3 visits over 2 weeks, I have scratches and a broken controller. Would I recommend Novus? Maybe if you have a lemon that couldn't possibly get worse, but if you have a decent car or don't want any scratches, probably not then.

All in all, I'd rather pay more just so I can have better craftsmanship. Better care would be nicer too, I would pay for that. Not happy at all.

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Novus (Canberra)... came quickly to assist, but made a small windscreen chip into a 10cm long crack.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2016

Novus in Canberra was recommended to me to fix my tiny stone chip I had. Rang them (actually it's a one-person operation in Canberra). He was able to attend the next day and arrived on time. However, after the job I realised he had made the tiny chip into a 10cm long fine crack, but had filled it with the resin. He said that crack happens on European windscreens! I ended up having to replace the screen. I've emailed him and Novus headquarters but no response (after 2 months).

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Brilliant service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2016

Travelling in north of WA recently. Our 4wd got a cracked windscreen, smallish but had to be replaced. We were in Port Hedland for a few days and it would take a while to get a windscreen in. We were able to arrange that NOVUS in Broome would do the repair, getting the windscreen in while we completed our travels. When we arrived on the date agreed, the guys took our vehicle straight in to the workshop while we had lunch. They even saved our Park pass from the old windscreen and put it on the new windscreen. All done in a very short time with no fuss or inconvenience to us. Great job guys.

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