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Insurance claim made

Great value, however not great on claims!

2 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 17, 2016

The policy was great value and easy to set up, hence why I selected it. However i missed a transit flight due to being unwell in the bathrooms, and while trying to organise a contingency flight I was left on hold for over an hour, at which point I had to hang up and take care of the issue alone otherwise miss the replacement flight. It did make a stressful situation, being a female traveling on her own in the Middle East. I followed the situation up twice via email to see whether I was eligible for a reimbursement, but no response was ever received!

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Online Travel Insurance Official

Hi Rosanna, thanks for the review - sorry to hear about this situation. Can you please email me your full name and policy number to and I'll look into this. Cheers, Anthony.

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Insurance claim made

Not great

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 26, 2016

I Made a claim by phone, was told a claim form being emailed in five minutes, 8 hours later still nothing, not looking good. First promise failed, doesn't bode well.

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Online Travel Insurance Official

Hi Jason - can you please email me your full name and policy number to and I'll look into this. Regards, Anthony

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Hi My mum is on warfarin - has been for over 10 years with no problems - would she be covered for a trip to europe for a cruise and couple of side stop overs

vh asked on Mar 08, 2017

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Hi, it's best to get in contact with our call centre on 1800 010 078 as they would have this information at their fingertips. Regards, Anthony.

We are off to Fiji in May and in your terms and conditions cannot find anything to do with floods and cyclones; be it they happen before we depart or whilst we are there. Can you please clarify? Thanks Liz

Liz asked on Feb 05, 2017

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Hi Liz - on page 36 of the PDS, it says f] In addition, we will reimburse your Reasonable additional travel and accommodation expenses if a disruption to your Journey arises from the following reasons: • your scheduled or connecting transport is cancelled, delayed,
shortened or diverted because of a strike, riot, hijack, civil protest, weather or natural disaster. So this would cover the floods/cyclones aspect. However, you will be travelling outside of the cyclone season so this should not be an issue. Regards, Anthony.

If I were in Thailand and had an accident and was hospitalised would the claim be paid outright or would I have to pay and claim later. As this may be expensive this would be a real concern of mine. Also as you are online would we receive a copy of the policy to take with us? Kind regards Tracy

tracy asked on Jan 21, 2017

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Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. The policy will be emailed out to you if you make a purchase. In terms of the claim, the current PDS ( says you would have to contact us as soon as possible regarding a hospital claim. But generally, the claim would be paid later. You can find out more by calling 1800 010 078. Regards, Anthony

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