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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Efficient and Easy to Clean

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 27, 2017

I purchased our Optimum 600 cold press juicer in December. We have used it extensively since then ... nearly every day. It is very easy to use with the wide mouth being able to take whole fruits (however we do cut apples and big fruit in half as it just makes the job easier). The trick with cleaning it is to wash it out immediately after use. If fruit or vegetables dry in it yu will need to scrub it. Otherwise, it is just a simple rinse.
Generally, it is not a noisy machine but it does depend on what you are juicing. Carrots make it noisier b
ut soft fruits are not. Cut down stalky fruits (celery, kale beetroot stalks etc) because the long pieces tend to wrap around in the grinder and don't juice well.
We love our juicer. The quality of the juice is great and the machine is very efficient. We have used many types of juicers and do reviews ( ) and the optimum 600 is right up there as one of the best that we have used.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Jun 2016


5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 17, 2017

Daily use for 10 months now and not one hiccup. Handles hard veggies like beetroot, carrot and ginger with ease. Tons of juice extracted with not a huge amount of pulp left. As with juicers I've had in the past, there are quite a few parts to clean but once you are in a daily routine of juicing it doesn't seem too much of a hassle. The yummy result is worth it. Since discovering fresh turmeric, I have noticed yellow staining on jugs but lots of spices play havoc with non-stainless containers. Great product. Exchanged for the wider mouth which is fabulous as it cuts down on chopping time.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Apr 2015

Very good quality juice!

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

Very good quality juice. It encouraged me to eat more kale and ginger, as I can easily add it to my juice. It is enjoyable to use, seeing all the fruit and vegetables get churned. I do not find the noise intrusive. Big drawback is the time consuming and tedious nature of cleaning everything up. I am unfortunately using it less frequently because of this.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2016

great juicer can juice everything

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

This is a great juicer for green vegetables. I use it juice 3 liter celery juice with no stop no cutting celery. The juice speed is fast, juice quality is great. But it hard to clear as too many edges hard to reach. This juicer definitely the best even compare to new models.

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Juices Everything I Throw At It

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I have gone through numerous centrifugal juicers, finding that they last about the length of the warranty and then they end up in the tip. After purchasing from Froothie previously, when my last juicer burnt out, I decided to try a slow juicer. I got this one o sale, making it more appealing. I have juiced just about everything I can think of with this machine, and nothing phases it. It does have other functions like making frozen fruit ice-cream, but I haven't bothered with them. It's not as noisy as my previous juicers, meaning I can hold a conversation with my husband while I'm juicing. I use it 2-3 times a week and juice in batches. It has never overheated or struggled with anything. I am expecting to have this machine for a long, long time. Cleaning is no different than any other juicer, there are chutes and baskets to clean. I clean mine by hand as I am not sure that a dishwasher does various parts any favors based on past experience. It probably takes me about 15 minutes to wash it all up. Froothie is an amazing company to deal with. I have brought 3 appliances from them now, and their sales and service people are excellent.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Jan 2016

Happy for the most part

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 24, 2017

I'm happy with most of the juicers abilities.
I have never owned a juicer so have nothing to compare it to, however I do find it struggles moving very stringy vegetables, like celery, wheatgrass or Rhubarb, from the main container, through the chute to the pulp jug. I have to be sure to run them through last, if not its struggle town.
Also, when it gets blocked the machine heats up and warms the juice.
It is nice and quiet as advertised.
Wide mouth is handy.
Cleaning is easy enough except removing all pulp from the basket mesh.
It has been a positive addition to my nutrition.

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Optimum Blender Official

Hello Moo moo and thank you for sharing your feedback :-) As this is the first time you use a cold press juicer, I would be happy to send you some tips on the best ways to juice leafy greens and s... read more »

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Nov 2016

So happy with our purchase!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 23, 2017

We were recommended the Optimum 600 from friends that also loved their purchase and use it regularly. It's great that you don't have to cut the veggies up too much also!! (Except the celery, so the strands don't get caught on the way though!). We use our juicer a couple of times a week and jar the juice to use over 2-3 days!

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Oct 2016

Best juicer ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 12, 2016

Have been juicing for over 40 yrs & last 2 juicers have been single speed cold press juicers which lasted approx 10yrs. Changing to a vertical juicer with large auger has been best decision ever. This juicer has been so well thought out & is the easiest to clean of all juicers I've ever known. It's quick, leaves the least amt of pulp & totally the best design. Am thoroughly enjoying the love affair with my new juicer & is money so well spent.
Linda Renouf (Cairns, Nth Qld Australia.)

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Oct 2016


4 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 03, 2016

What I like: 1. Easy to assemble once you get few tricks such has turning the auger. If it is not easy then check you are using the dots of reference then don't force it and turn around the piece to find the connection.
2. Easy to feed the machine. Careful to not over feed or it clogs. You still need to cut Kale, Celery and fibrous veggies alike in small piece to avoid clogging the machine. Alternate with the various components.
3. Easy to disassemble, although the auger can be hard to take off.
4. Easy to clean.
5. The pulp is quite dry. S
O the yield is quite good.

What I dislike: 1. The warranty for the auger and the filter screen is ONLY 1 year and not 5 years as advertised. This is false advertizing. Why HIDING/LYING about this? These are the two pieces that are under the most pressure when it juices. For me it reflects a lack of quality of these pieces made in China. And to replace them it cost $85 for the auger and $39 for the filter screen. Should I be prepare to re-buy these pieces for $124 every 18-24 month?
2. the instructions are not precise enough.

November 15th 2016 Update:
I use it every day, sometimes twice a day. I got the hang of assembling and disassembling the juicer. Just make sure that the little colored silicone piece under the juicer collector is engage 40%.
The cleaning stays easy & quick (3 minutes) despite the fact that there a some leftover in the machine. Make sure you clean it before it is dry and use the brush on the screen.
The yielding for green veggies is good, coming from a centrifugal juicer this is much better. I like being able to try for 30 days. Not all company offers that. Too bad for them.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Optimum Appliances Official

Hello Gabriel, my name is Francois and I would like to personally apologise for the misunderstanding with the warranty. The auger is designed to last over a decade, it is almost impossible to damag... read more »

Hello Francois, Thank you for your comment. Nevertheless, this is no misunderstanding. It is written black on white that the auger and the filter screen is only under 12 month warranty. I can beli... read more »

Optimum Blender Official

Hello Gabriel, we actually do cover the auger and the filter for 5 years under warranty and have been doing so since the launch. The misunderstanding is due to the older warranty terms and conditio... read more »

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Moonee beach, Nsw

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Apr 2016

What a ripper!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 03, 2016

I did all the research before buying and am so happy I did. Such an awesome machine. We juice all the time. You don't even have to cut fruit and vegetables up, as long as they fit in the shoot you're sweet. Save yourself the time and hassle and spend the money up front to get a decent product. I would definitely recommend a slow cold press juicer over a centrifrugal juicer any day of the week!

Purchased at: Froothie

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Maleny, Queensland

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Verified Purchase

It's been a Love/Hate relationship with my juicer but the Love is winning out!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 22, 2016

Some time ago I bought a Froothie Optimum juicer and it's proved itself to be an excellent product, in use most days of the week. Urged on by our son who is a great fan of slow juicing, we decided to investigate slow juicers and came to the conclusion that the Froothie was the best buy in terms of efficiency and warranty and of course we knew the company to be reliable and ready to answer any questions. Thanks to Katie the order was dispatched without delay and it was with some excitement that we read the instructions and prepared for the initi al juicing adventure. Oh no, clearly we mis-read some of the instructions but also found that the description of each filter was not readily understood. After that hiccup we rang Froothie and found out where we'd gone astray. From then on it was pretty easy to both assemble and disassemble the entire machine. My only real criticism initially, was that I found it to be a bit of a horror to clean and I ended up with beetroot juice and pulp over me, the bench, the adjacent wall - yep, everywhere. To begin with, I also found that the 600 didn't love large/older beetroot (maybe too stringy??) so I've been buying smaller size beets and the problem has gone away. I learned the hard way that people who suggested cutting the stems off vegetables such as kale and the like were absolutely correct. However, many days of using the 600 has brought about a better outcome overall, as I've gained more experience with what it will and won't do (and there doesn't seem to be much it won't deal with) BUT the main thing I've learned is an easy way to clean the machine. I take all the moveable parts outside and hose them off with a fairly strong stream of water. The bonuses are two. It's easy and quick to clean, (especially the fine filters; the hose works much better than the supplied brush) and the birds adore the leftovers that appear, as if by magic, on the grass. It might not be the most obvious cleaning option but it definitely works. I'm still on the 30 day trial but so far things are going well and I can't see that we won't be giving the 600 a permanent home in our kitchen.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Are any of the plastics on the 600 dishwasher safe? The juicer is incredible, just time consuming to clean. Regards John

Unclejjk asked on Apr 25, 2017

Answer this

I hand wash it, but I don't find that it takes that long. There are no dishwasher symbols on anything, so I tend to go with that. I have a sink of hot water and detergent and most of the parts just need a quick rinse really.

Thank you John for the great feedback on your Optimum 600 :) As mentioned by Shirl, the parts are not dishwasher proof. However, we can share the following cleaning tips:

Use two glasses of warm water to rinse the juicer
Add a glass of warm water while the drain valve is closed so that the water remains in the juicing bowl. Press the reverse button to ensure that the pulp is pushed out of the juicer.
Turn the drain valve open allowing the water to flow out. You can then rinse the parts normally and use the cleaning brush supplied.

We hope this helps :)

Hi I purchased the optimum 600, about 2-3years ago from you, we were removing the top of the juicer and the lip of the bowl cracked and broke it still works but don't want it to break further, should be covered under warranty? Sandra pelham [email removed] thank you

Sandra Pelham asked on Jan 18, 2017

Answer this

Thank you for your message. We are sorry that the juicing bowl is broken. Can we please kindly ask you to open a support ticket using the link below and our support team will advise you on how to proceed:

Kind regards :)

Went straight to froothie customer service, got a reply asap new bowl being sent, A1 for customer service, fantastic machine. thank you

Hi, How noisy is the juicer? In one video I watched it sounded quite noisy when certain fruits/veggies are added. Is this the case?

Georgie asked on Jan 15, 2017

Answer this

Thank you for your message.

The Optimum 600 is a whole mouth slow juicer able to juice large pieces of vegetables and greens without cutting. This means that the larger auger (black juicing screw) will be crushing large quantities of ingredients.

Consequently, the Optimum 600 may sometimes make a loud noise caused by the contents being crushed. This can happen more often with large leafy greens and hard ingredients such as carrots and will always occur with large mouth cold press juicers.

The decibels for the Optimum 600 are from 40 to 60, depending on what you are juicing.

We hope this helps :)

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