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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Nov 2014

It's alright

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 06, 2017

This blender is ok. It shuts off whenever I try to do something like crush nuts or mix something slightly thick. It is not what I was hoping it was. It blends soups and smoothies ok, but a $30 blender can do this too...

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Optimum Appliances Official

Hello Ashleigh, I suspect your Optimum 9400 may be faulty. Please send me an email to and I will personally attend to the matter to have it resolved as soon as possible. K... read more »

Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Oct 2016

So easy and so powerful

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 09, 2016

I started green smoothies about 9 months ago and have been using a Kenwood blender which came as part of a food processor. Haven't used too many blenders in my life i thought that how the Kenwood behaved was just how a normal blender would including being very noisy and chewy smoothies.
Then the Kenwood started to leak, and then one morning it just went everywhere and i didn't want to damage the base any further as still want to use the processor attachment with it. So decided to start shopping around.
Asked a few people at work and someone v
ouched for the breville kinetic, then looked on product review and saw complaints (just like many others) and didn't want to part over $200 for a blender that gives me problem. Then a few searches later I came across Optimum, spend quite a while reading up about it and bite the bullet and ordered myself a 8200 (with $50 off promo code from couponation) despite wanting a 9400 but couldn't justify the cost.
Then a day later i got an email for an offer to upgrade my order to 9400 with an additional $99! so i went and upgraded.
Its only been a week so can't comment on longevity but performance so far has been amazing, didn't know a green smoothie can be this smooth no grit no seeds no chewy bits. The machine is less noisy than the old Kenwood but waaaay more powerful. I have done nut milk from it and its sooooo nice, frothy and smooth. So thoughtful Froothie also included a nut milk bag! Even husband was commenting on how much quieter this machine is compared to the Kenwood. Easy to use and easy to clean. It does look big on the bench but not as big as i originally thought however if you have little bench space you might like to put it away after each use.
The blender is solid and sturdy and have tried frozen fruits in it and handled with no problem whatsoever, sometimes when i put quite a bit of hard fruits in i will need to use the stick to nudge things towards the blade but nothing major. Most of the time with a combo of spinach and frozen raspberries and frozen mango it will just do its own thing without my help.
Loving this thing so far, I don't know how much better a vitamix is but really I think the 9400 does what i need it to do and more, my friend has a vitamix and it was well over $700 and I just could not afford that on a blender.
I am sure though if i had bought the 8200 it will just do the jobs as nice, but now i have a 9400 i am just that tad happier getting what i wanted in the first place :) it surely didn't disappoint!

Purchased at: Froothie

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Great machine! Great value!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 24, 2016

I purchased a refurbished Optimum 9400 from the Froothie website. I was told the refurbished machines are the ones they use for product demos and they have only been used 20-30 times before they are being sold. The machine arrived in perfect condition, everything was like new, if I didn't know it had been used I wouldn't have been able to tell. I love the machine, everything is very well made, it's simple and easy to use, no high tech electric functions means not much can go wrong or break in the future. The smoothies come out beautifully! Very happy! Highly recommended!

Purchased at: Froothie

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Industrial brutal but just works

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 22, 2016

The optimum 9400 is basically a commercial machine. If it was actually designed then it was done by an engineer. So when you get to understand the controls it is beautifully functional - but not beautiful unless you like industrial-brutal. It is big – the base/motor contains a very powerful motor of around double the volume of the Sunbeam Café Series blender that it replaced. The blades are positioned around 2cm above the base so realistically you wouldn’t want to try and prepare anything less than around 500ml. If you want to display it as par t of your normal kitchen then forget it – it’s simply too big and visually overpowering. If you want to chop small items get a cheap stick mixer/chopper from any mass outlet.

Live with its industrial-brutal design and its 500ml minimum content and it works brilliantly.

My favourite summer drink is simply to empty a tray of icecubes in, add half a litre of milk and whatever flavourings (fruit, syrup etc) I want, run it for 20 seconds or so to smash the ice then add a scoop or two of icecream and a five second run (the icecream will spread through the ice slush but not melt) and you’ve got a very refreshing, very creamy, frozen slush/milkshake.

My daughter uses it for smoothies .. whatever mixture of fruit and vegetables and seeds etc strikes her fancy. All reduce to something she drinks and claims delicious – I’m a little cynical..

It wasn’t cheap but in the two years we’ve had it there wouldn’t have been more than a handful of days when it wasn’t used. It’s one of those rare devices that you worry about the price up front then, after you’ve used it for a while, it becomes so much a part of your life that you can’t remember how much you paid.

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Used every other day to make nut milk and it's a dream

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2016

I am so glad I bought this blender. Had it for about a year, use it regularly and sometimes with quite hard things that gives the blades/motor a work out but she always comes through! Blend frozen fruit for kids ice-cream, make nut milk, general puréeing, raw treats. Have shorted out the motor a couple of times but there's a trip switch at the bottom and after giving it a bit of time to cool down it's been fine.
I have recommended this blender to all my friends, two of them have also bought it and are very happy also.
My only criticism would be that it has a plastic jug which after a year of being battered around with nuts, is a bit scuffed. A glass jug would be ideal.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Optimum 9400

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2016

It seems OK, maybe I was expecting big things. I find if blending ice it seems to struggle getting going. Also seem to have to use the stick a lot to get everything moving to try to blend up. Maybe am use to a more heavy duty commercial machine which seem to have no problems blitzing everything without any input from me.

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Optimum Appliances Official

Hello Vince, based on your feedback your Optimum 9400 may be faulty. Please contact me directly at or on 03 8609 2210 and I will personally attend to the matter to have it ... read more »


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The best blender I have ever used and I've tried a few!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 03, 2016

I purchased this blender a few months ago, and I couldn't be happier with it - especially after my horrible experience with other brands. I purchased the nutribullet last year and it blew up after only 3 months of home use! Then I purchased another blender from another big known brand for $300 and after a few uses it gave off a toxic burning smell that filled the house. I was so disappointed with those brands and the lack of value for money of these heavily marketed products, so I began to research blenders and I came across Froothie! aah
Optimum 9400 is miles and miles ahead of other blenders on the market. I have used industrial blenders before, and the quality of this Optimum 9400 is exactly that - an industrial grade product at a fraction of the cost.
It purees my smoothies perfectly - the taste is brilliant, and the texture is soo smooth! I look forward to making my smoothies each morning because of this product - honestly don't waste your money on the other brands - this is truly an exceptional product!

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Great powerful blender

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 29, 2016

The Optimum 9400 has been a joy to use the last couple of months since I have it. Have used it nearly everyday to make all sorts of smoothies and soups. The jug is well made and easy to clean and is more durable and a lot lighter compared to glass jugs. A big plus in my opinion.

The only thing that was below my expectations with this blender is how smooth runs. With the jug empty distinct rattling noise is emitted when running at the lower speeds. When the jug filled this rattling noise damps out a bit, but still remains quite noticeable. Even though this does not affect the blend results it still influences the overall experience of the machine, that's why I've rated it 4 out of 5.

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Best investment ever for healthy life

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 21, 2015

I have never imagined that blender can be this powerful. I mostly use it for smoothies, soups and almond milk. You can put chunk of any vegetable, fruits and in few seconds whizzzzz --- great smoothie is ready. Motor and blade is so strong and powerful, no other normal brand can match it, I think there would be very few rival to match performance of Optimum. Jar is big and cleaning is easy too.

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This Is The Best Blender!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 04, 2015

Purchased at: Froothie

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I test blenders for a living - the Froothie Optimum 9400 blender is the one that I own though

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 02, 2015

I'm a Nutriitonal Food Scientist. For my research I assess how food processing affects nutrient release in smoothies and purees. While I have access to some of the most expensive lab grade blenders, I personally own a Froothie Optimum 9400 blender. I've used everything from common household appliances like Breville and Sunbeam to Vitamix, Nutribullet and Waring. The quality of the Optimum 9400 blender and the products that are produced from this blender are at a minimum on par if not much better with more expensive blenders like Vitamix. It out strips the Nutribullet. The motor keeps on going - no kidding. Based on my own experience and research into blenders, not only do I own 1 for myself personally, I also have 2 Optimum 9400 blenders in our sensory test kitchen at The University of Melbourne - it is such a great blender.
Purees, smoothies, soups, nut butters, omelette batters, pancake mix, protein pudding desserts, minced meats, you name it, it can do it.
As a personal owner: I totally recommend this blender. As a research scientist, l would have no qualms recommending this blender above the other brands and food processors that I have researched.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Questions & Answers

How long does it take to warranty the blade assembly on my 9400? I opened a service ticket (375781) with no response, I've called 844-470-5530 weekly and now it goes right to voicemail (today it was in Spanish). Starting to feel like I'm being avoided......for a warranty issue???

eat more plants asked on Jan 12, 2017

Answer this

Hello eatmoreplants, I am extremely sorry for the hassle you have faced. To have a Spanish voicemail is extremely unusual as we do not offer this language in the US

I will investigate this matter with urgency while also having your ticket resolved without delay by our 24x7 Support Team

I will also notify my manager so he is aware of your experience as we take such matter very seriously, customer service is our lifeline here at Froothie

Kind regards :-)

Hello, I'm wondering this blender can be used as juicer? Thank you

JJJ asked on Jan 03, 2017

Answer this

Thank you for your enquiry :)
You can certainly use our Vortex blenders, including the Optimum 9400 to make fresh fruit juices. The Optimum blenders are able to easily blend whole fruits and vegetables, unpeeled and uncut, creating a healthy juice full of fibres. However it can take some time to get used to drinking juices made in blenders as they are full of fibres and thicker than standard juices but much healthier for the digestive system. If you find the juice too rich in pulp, you can also use a strainer to eliminate some of the pulp.
We hope this helps :)

How do i make a warranty claim? The bearings are falling out of the bottom of the jug

Sean Harrold asked on Dec 22, 2016

Answer this

Hello Sean,

I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with your jug. Please open a support ticket here: and the support team will be able to assist.

kind regards

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Price (RRP) $691
Capacity 2L
Power 2238W
Height 480mm
Width 200mm
Depth 240mm
Number of Speed Settings 10