Date Purchased: May 2017

never received G2.1 due stock shortage upgraded to G2.3

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2017

very happy with G2.3 very quite great blender, happy wife happy life

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Blade broke after less than 6 months

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 20, 2017

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Optimum Blender Official

Hi Susan! My name is Francois, General Manager at Froothie Austalia I see Roy from our US Warranty team has already resolved the issue, and apologies for the initial error from our team :-) I am ... read more »

Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Apr 2017

Optimum G2.3

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2017

Excellence machine, I used it to blend food for my son, he suffered from a severe brain haemorrhage 8 and a half years ago, and still on peg feed. We have now steered away from hospital liquid feed, for we have learned they were high in sugar and contains many chemicals that are harmful to human consumption, especially to the vulnerable and weak body when they need the most nutritious food.
I now prepared two types of meals for my son every fortnight, one is the organic vegetables type and the other is organic rice and legumes.
The G2.3 blen
der has help to cut down my time to more than half. It is so powerful and I only used the minimum setting, it was more than sufficient. I'm very happy with the result.
Also thank you for upgrading my original purchased of Optimum G2.1 to G2.3 with lifetime guarantee with no extra charge. This give me a peace of mind that I'll have my needed help and support.
Thank you once again.

Purchased at: Prestige Home Appliances

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Sydney, Australia

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Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Powerful blender

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2017

Super powerful blender. Very happy with what it can do. Haven't tried soups but have done smoothies and nut butters. The nut butters come up super smooth but I did have to add a bit of coconut oil (cashew butter) and you need to keep tamping / scraping to get the stuff at the bottom to move, otherwise the bottom starts to cook while the top hasn't fully blended yet. I wish it came with a custom scraper to get food out of the bottom, it is tricky with a normal spatula. Also I tried mayonnaise in it a few times but it was just TOO powerful and after a while of pouring in the oil it curdled/separated every time and also seemed to heat it up. But otherwise it's an amazing blender! :D

Purchased at: Froothie

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Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Love love LOVE this blender!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 08, 2017

We mostly use our blender for smoothies and just can't love it enough! Very happy with how fine it blends berries and look forward to trying out how it goes making almond milk.
Very reliable machine.
My favourite part is that it cleans itself too. Very easy, which we need in our lives.
It is a little loud but it is powerful so it makes up for it.

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Date Purchased: Mar 2017


4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 15, 2017

Pretty good in all facets, only critiques would be one of the blades bend when trying to make nut milk.

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Optimum Blender Official

Helo Luke, great to hear you are enjoying your Optimum G2.1 :-) The hardened steel blades should never bend unless a hard metal object is dropped into the blender. The blade assembly is designed t... read more »


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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Very Powerful Blender....

4 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I haven't used the G2.1 to its full capacity yet, however, I've made smoothies, cashew nut butter and cake mix and it did a great job. It is a bit annoying having to try to scrap the last bits out from under the blades, however, I think a small spatula will help with that.

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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Great blender

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I bought it for my wife and a new year gift. Now, I can have nice smoothy in every morning. She really love it.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Date Purchased: Aug 2016

Love love love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 02, 2017

Love it! Makes everything from sorbets to nut butters and even hot soup in just a few minutes!
Stylish design and I love the digital display.
Its fairly loud, but no louder than any other blender I've used. And cleaning is also super easy, which i love!
The only slight drawback would be that it's a bit tricky to get out the final bits of nut butters or thicker pastes out of the bottom if the blender, but not really a big deal.

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Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Great Product

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2017

SO, Have just recieved my new G2.1 having returned the G2.3 . What one expects a machine to do is a very personal thing so the fact we prefer the G2.1 to the G2.3 is just us and may be totally different for other people. The machine is smart looking it screams - use me. The digital program display is easy to read and ease to use for non tech people like me. The first thing we noticed is that the blades are lower than the G2.3 and I think this is why it does such a great job of pulverising seeds. Yes you do still end up with "tiny" bits of seeds but they are "tiny" unlike the G2.3 that left us with "large" bits of seeds. My O/H is into all thngs mechanical and he noticed that the ratchet ( thing on the base of the jug that goes into the motor) has far more metal spindels than the G2.3 but having said that the G2.3 is a brushless motor so maybe that is why the difference.
We found the G2.1 has very little difference in noise level and definately far less noisy than my old blender that was replaced by the G2.3. Smoothys are very smooth and creamy, I would have like to have seen the 20% more feature that is on the G2.3 but we just put it on for a second round as we did put a lot of fruit in the jug. Would also like to see a small jug options for when making a smoothy for just one person, which is available with the G2.3. I like the fact it is easy to adjust the speed, in fact everything is easy to use on the G2.1. It looks, feels, and works like a top end piece of kitchen equipment.
We would like to add that we bought the blender from Froothie and there customer service would have to be one of the best I have ever come across.

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Questions & Answers

I have found the presentation of the Optimum blenders pricing and models quite confusing. It appeared that the G2.1 was the latest model and being offered at an amazing discount because it is 'pre order' I assumed this was to create sales and therefore customer reviews would be generated for the new model. However, as I was about to purchase the G2.1 I came across the G2.3 the actual latest model and found the reviews on this site. I am now moving from excited to purchase what seemed to be a fantastic product from a genuine up front and honest company, to wondering if its all a bit of smoke and mirrors for sales? I would really appreciate some feedback from reviewers about whether they paid RRP, how they chose the model the purchased and whether they feel it was the best suited to their needs, or if upgrading would be a preference were it an option? I am also very curious as to when both the G2.1 and G2.3 were actually released to the market. Many thanks ;)

Kathc2 asked on May 27, 2017

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We ordered a 9400 but were then offered what appeard to be a fantastic deal of just $99 to upgrade to the G2.3. We did up grade and when the unit arrived it looked amazing, and super quite, BUT we found it lacked power and this appeared to be consistant through out reviews. I must say the company were great as far as customer service was concerned and covered all costs of swapping it for the G2.1. Though noisy I much prefer to have a unit that has some grunt behind it. Since purchase about 6 months ago it has not missed a beat. Does all we want and more. The company seem to have consistant sales of its product so I would be watching there company web site for the best deal.

I am torn between the G2.1 and the Optimum 9400. First, it is the difference between touch panel Vs dial knob (9400) Can you advise? And one specific question: The video clips show how to increase speed. But since there is one speed button (no +/-), how to decrease with the same button?

Dave asked on Mar 20, 2017

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Cant comment on the 9400 but the 2 . 1 is amazing, so easy to use, just press a button on the digital panel and leave it to do its thing. It will adjust the speed as it feels it needs to, and if you feel your item needs a little bit more blending just press the button again until you are happy then press stop. Easy to clean and not as loud as I expected it to be. We make a lot of fruit smoothys, fresh crisp apples, ice, firm pears, and seeds not an issue at all. Hope this helps.

Thank you Tiggy234 for your helpful reply. We have also replied to your other post but please feel free to contact us at if you need further information :)

@vendor - The G2.1 looks to now be superseded and on sale. How long do you support your superseded/discontinued products for in terms of parts and service? (New models look to have incompatible jugs)

kypto asked on Feb 01, 2017

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Thank you for your message.

The G2.1 has not been updated. We have however since launched a new blender - the G2.3:

The parts and warranty on our appliances are covered for the length of the warranty minimum.

We hope this helps :)

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Product Details

Price (RRP) $1200
Capacity 2L
Power 2835W
Height 510mm
Width 210mm
Depth 200mm