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Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Love my G2.3 blender!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I use it for everything from soups, smoothies, juices, nut butters to nut milk. Quiet and creates great products. Couldn't be happier with it!!

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Quiet and Efficient

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I originally purchased the G2.1 and though the results were good however the noise level was fairly extreme. Shortly after the purchase Froothie offered a discount on the G2.3. They made me an offer to do a switch and I accepted. The power, lack of noise and even the weight of the G2.3 is tremendous. I guess brushless electric motors for blenders is the way of the future. I use it quite regularly and the blender has stepped up on every occasion. If you catch it on sale buy it as it's well worth it.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Feb 2017


5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I use my blender at least once a day and couldn't be happier! I was offered an upgraded from the Optimum 9400 to the Optimum G2.3 blender for an extra $99 and after talking with a sales person from Froothie decided to go for it. The blender fits nicely on my bench top without taking up too much space in my little kitchen and looks cool! I use it to make my almond milk daily and the result is beautiful creamy milk. My smoothies are a perfect consistency, blending up nuts, seeds, frozen fruit and greens perfectly. I have made delicious coconut ic e cream with frozen bananas and used it to chop up nuts and seeds for my muesli. The machine is quieter than most which is great as I have a very anxious dog who freaks out with loud noises, although he does leave the room when it's in operation. All in all I am thrilled I purchased the Optimum from Froothie who's customer service is excellent in my view, and thrilled I made the upgrade at the reduced price!

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

The silent ninja

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

Very impressed with my blender. Juices and smoothies are a dream to make. Now I am off to try som nut butters. Happy blending!!

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Fantastic Blender and excellent customer service

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 14, 2017

I did a lot of research prior to purchasing this blender. Couldn't be happier. Great functionality, powerful and so quiet compared to other blenders. Handles everything you throw at it with ease. Best customer service I've ever received. Highly recommended.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Date Purchased: Mar 2017

Trips the power......

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 09, 2017

As with other reviewers, after much deliberating and tossing up between an Optimum and a Vitamix, the big money difference, and the many great reviews online, swayed me towards the Optimum. I originally purchased the 2.1, but was offered an upgrade to the 2.3 as none were in stock. Too good to be true? (I now think so). I liked the look of the 2.3, maybe not as "sleek" as the 2.1, but still really nice. Also liked how much quieter is was than any other high powered blender I have heard before. Unfortunately, it has been nothing but a disaster , with my power tripping nearly every time the jug is either put on, or taken off, the base. When it works, it is fine, have made good smoothies, ice creams, hummus and soup, as long as I remember to turn it off at power point before touching the jug (I have many other high energy appliances, and never had this problem before). Better than a Vitamix I'm not too sure...
I contacted customer support straight away, and have asked for it to be returned for my original 2.1, which I am now being told is still a few weeks away (maybe longer). I was also told my 2.3 would be inspected/repaired and a new one given if it was deemed to have a major fault, which I found a bit annoying as I had already deemed it a major fault straight out of the box, surely an immediate brand new replacement is the only acceptable response??
I am considering just asking for a refund, and getting a much more expensive Vitamix. (which I do feel is largely overpriced, but maybe you DO get what you pay for?)
On the whole, a really disappointing experience for a still none too cheap item

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Optimum Blender Official

Dear Nicky, My name is Francois and I am the General Manager at Froothie Australia. I am very sorry to hear that the blender is tripping the fuses in your house. This is most unusual and very inc... read more »

As requested, I have emailed you, thanks

After being contacted by Francois @ Smoothie, I give him all credit for going above and beyond in trying to resolve my issue, which I do appreciate, and restores my faith in Customer Service. Unfo... read more »

Date Purchased: Feb 2017

Love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2017

I couldn't be happier with the service and delivery from Froothie. My bender arrived in record time. The Optimum G2. 3 is an amazing machine. Sleek looking, quiet, and has done all the jobs I've thrown at it so far with ease.

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Date Purchased: Dec 2016

so far so good

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 10, 2017

Have only used a few times but works well. Very quite

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2016

A Solid, Classy and Professional Blender

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 06, 2016

We upgraded from the Optimum 9400 to the Optimum G2.3 blender several months ago and couldn't be more satisfied. This is a very solid machine. It is relatively quieter but still very powerful. No more buttons to get dirty - this machine uses a touch screen display which is very easy to use. We use it daily for blending up mainly green smoothies. There are NEVER any lumps. It pulverises everything - no matter what. Highly recommended. The support team from Froothie are very helpful and supportive and obviously care about their product and brand name. Well done team.

Purchased at: Froothie

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Verified Purchase Date Purchased: Sep 2016

A pro unit

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2016

We had the THE OPTIMUM 9200A (2ND GEN) and upgraded to the new G2.3. The price difference is large. One of the best features for us is that the new unit is much quieter. At least 40% in my opinion. You also get a small second jug which is great as often you are only blending small items. Ie nuts which we do a lot of. This is a top end professional unit, so it is expensive to buy, but you do get a five year warranty and lifetime on the motor which is amazing really. Is it worth the upgrade price? Only if you can afford it as the 9200A was a grea t unit also.So we have not had this unit long but it is really very nice. If you cook a lot and use your blender a lot I would suggest a great long term buy. If you only use your blender once a week i think the 9200A is the choice. The unit is easy wipe clean which is important also, as long term some units with big buttons gets sludge and gunk on them and this is just wipe clean. This is also a deciding factor for us with the blender and makes it a professional blender.

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Questions & Answers

Hi Nicholas, Took down my review as the company are doing the right thing and replacing the 2.3 for a 2.1. Just wondered if you have tried nut butter in your 2.1 and did it work. Also how is the 2.1 in comparison to the 2.3 in regards to seeds in smoothys ? I also ended up with large seeds in smoothys from the 2.3 Thanks

tiggy234 asked on Feb 12, 2017

Answer this

Hi Tiggy,

That is fair enough. I have not yet made the nut butter. In regards to juices and smoothies I excellent so far. It still struggled with the protein balls - it did mix however - but the motor did start to burn. The g2.3 did not do anything and switched itself off.
Over all happy with the G2.1.


Hi Nicholas, got my G2.1 today and made a smoothy same ingredients I used with the G2.3 but far superior results. Will have to try nut butter but like you very happy with the G2.1.


Thank you for your feedback :) We are happy to see that you are satisfied with the G2.1.

Regarding the nut butter, you can check out our online video where we make some nut butter in the G2.1:

You can also find some useful tips under our FAQ section - including the order of ingredients under "My blender won't start - what should I do?":

Nicholas can also share his feedback once he has tried his own nut butter.

We hope this helps :)

Hello, Can you please tell me the actual HP for the G2.3? I am still waiting. I was told the G2.3 has more torque. Can you please also provide me the actual torque for the G2.3 vs G2.1 and the Optimum 9400.

Nicholas asked on Jan 18, 2017

Answer this

I went to the optimum websitr and they had a vomparrison between the various types

Hi Bev,
Thanks for the reply.
Yes you are right. They do have comparisons. However they do not say what the Horse power for the G2.3 is. Please tell me where on the website can find this. They also say the G2.3 has more torque than the others. So what is the torque difference between the G2.3 and the other blenders. Again this can not be found on the website and no one from the company is answering these questions. It is retailed as a $2,000 blender yet they cannot answer simple questions.
On top of that - they told me 3HP over the phone, and 3.8HP to another customer.
Please read the questions and answers above. No one from the company is answering this question which does not seem right.

Sorry Nicholas - no idea. Ask Froothie.

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Can you please confirm how many horse power the G2.3 is, and please confirm that the engine is more powerful than the Vortex 9400? thanks

Nicholas asked on Jan 10, 2017

Answer this

Thank you for your enquiry. Both blenders have a peak motor power of 1500 watts, powerful enough to make any recipe you wish. They are both high quality and highly reliable appliances. You can read more about Optimum on this link The Optimum G2.3, which is the newest blender in the Optimum range, is fitted with a brushless motor which has the advantage of delivering increased torque, reducing noise and also comes with a lifetime warranty.
Whichever blender you choose to buy, it will last you for years!
We hope this helps :)

Thanks for the reply - however still doesn't answer my question. I was asking how many horse power the the G2.3 is.
And they are not both 1500 watts. The Optimum 9400 is 3HP 2238 Watts and the G2.3 is 1500 watts.
Are you sure you work for the company as the information you just gave me was rubbish. Have you even looked or read what's on your own website?

I asked the same question Nicholas, and when I rang them up they told me it was 3.8HP. But converting this into watts means that the G2.3 is 2833.66 Watts, which is not what their website states.

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Product Details

Price (RRP) $1200
Capacity 2L
Height 515mm
Power 1800W
Width 455mm
Depth 383mm