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Years of production: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

The Peugeot 206 is a supermini manufactured by the French automaker Peugeot since 1999.
The most beautiful car in its class is also the most intelligent. The 206 range features an array of smart ideas to make your life easier - and even more enjoyable.

Model Range:

  • 206 XR
  • 206 XRS
  • 206 XT
  • 206 CC
  • 206 GTi

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1999-2006 Peugeot 206

reviewed on Nov 29, 2013

Beware the "antipolution fault" which comes up on the display, the car goes into "Limp Mode" and this is very dangerous, especially if you are on a freeway in the right-hand lane or on a road without an emergency stopping lane. I have taken the car to a number of mechanics including Peugeot but no-one can fix it..They all say they can but after a while it re-occurs. Don't be fooled by this cars appearance, it has given us many anxious moments. You've been warned!

+ The Look, the size and it is economical.

- See above review, door indicator faulty, fuel gauge faulty, directional indicator faulty etc etc.

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reviewed on Dec 09, 2008

if you're looking for a little car that's very practical, very well equipped, looks VERY stylish, and is terrific value for money (I mean, you can get a very nice 206GTi for 11 or 12 grand, probably less), go for it. My advice with any used car purchase though is to get an independent mechanical inspection.

+ - NB: mine's the GTi
- very fast; handles excellently, reasonable fuel economy but demands premium unleaded
- extremely well equipped: great stereo/CD player, power windows (fast, which is good), rain sensing wipers, climate control, front and side airbags, 4 wheel discs with ABS
- 'puntability' of this thing is great, change down a gear and sink the boot, and it just FLIES
- chuckability: roadholding/grip/handling just great
- many complain about quality, but mine's been totally reliable, never missed a beat, now has 96,000 k's on it

- - expensive to service - City Peugeot in Melb are very expensive, and will tell you to do stuff you don't need to - watch out
- other than that, nothing really. My only gripe is that it lacks a bit of character - I used to have an Alfa Sprint that was certainly not lacking in that dept, and the Pug just feels a bit 'cold' in comparison...

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reviewed on Jul 20, 2008

The best thing is the fuel efficiency and the stand-out looks. I really like the car, but next time I'd choose one that's less expensive to service.

+ The 206 is fuel efficient and stylish. I love the little things like the inside light coming on when you remove the keys - great when you are exiting the car at night. I love the sensors that automatically decide how fast the windscreen washers should go in rain. Brakes are excellent - very responsive.

- The accelerator pedal is too close to the brake - that's ok for my small feet but men have difficulty with not pressing both pedals at the same time. Services are expensive and the brakes need work more often than other cars. (Services are best done by Peugeot dealers with Peugeot specific equipment and knowledge).

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shane3737 - Where do i check the automatic transmission oil 206?


reviewed on Jul 12, 2008

A neat compact vehicle with euro luxury. I paid $12500 for 06 model with 11000km. Gets about 6.3L/100km
Have to think about overtaking uphill with 3 passengers!
Love the electric everything but wonder how long the keyless battery will last

+ fuel efficient
luxury interior
great audio

- accelerator close to brake pedal

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reviewed on Sep 14, 2007

Handles great. Very Luxurious. Has alot of extra's. Would make an excellent city car, but wouldn't recommend for rough country roads. I had alot of problems with the suspension!

+ Very economical!!! Will run on the smell of an oily rag!

- Servicing and repairs are very Pricey!!!

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reviewed on Jun 20, 2007

My dad has one, had lots of problems regarding electrics, 3 new indicator stalks (indicators coming on themselves, very dangerous!) gear changer rod went, central locking went, TRY AND CHANGE THE HEADLIGHT BULBS! My friend has one, a 03 reg 1.4, done 15.000 miles and the cylinder head gasket went, 300pounds to fix, his also has electrics problems, the HAZARDS automatically come on at 75mph! His ecu also went for reprogramming as it would not start when hot! EVERYBODY i know who has one of these has had problems with them. I have owned vauxhall cars for over 12 years now, NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

+ I dont like anything about it.

- The gearchange, the engine, horrible car. Overall build quality. I could build a better car out of a washing machine.

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Alan39 - Totally agree! Bought a 4 year old one with 22000 K's on the clock. Most unreliable heap of junk I've ever experienced in my 40 years of motoring. Parts are rediculously expensive too. My advice .... look at other brands.

-.- - not the best car around, we have had problems ourselves, including the broken timing chain, faulty clutch (would slip at 2000+rpm) now today timing chain again, and possibly a blown head gasket. on... read more »

Built by men who drink wine at lunch...

reviewed on Apr 11, 2007

...that's the point about the 206. I still think it looks great and it handles well (remember, it's not a sports car) and it's economical but boy-oh-boy is it an unreliable machine. I bought one new and had to have the power steering system rebuilt twice inside the first 30K, a rocker cover had to be replaced at 45K (but that can happen anytime to any car, in fairness) and the brake pads and discs had to be replaced at 50K which is poor for such a light car.

+ Still looks good, handles well, good fuel economy.

- Unreliable, awful clunky gearchange, expensive to service, Sydney dealers are a bunch of money-grabbing morons.

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1999-2006 Peugeot 206 Questions

I am thinking to bye 2006 Peugeot 206 T1 C MY06 Sports Automatic kilometres is 124000. and the price is 90000, is it worth it? i need some idea

rupen asked on Aug 10, 2013

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Where do i check the auto transmission level?

shane3737 asked on Jun 09, 2012

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I am thinking of purchasing a Peugeot 206CC. but have heard there are quality issues with the automatic roof. Has anyone had problems with their roof on their Peugeot?

Guest asked on Nov 29, 2011

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