Ready Flowers is no longer trading/available.

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1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2017

I ordered flowers through my work for a staff member. Flowers arrived with broken petals and a dead lily. All Ready Flowers would offer was a discount to buy more flowers from them. Dept of Consumer Protection advised and formal complaint made. Their response to me was they would try to negotiate a 50% reimbursement. A response from them yesterday indicates, "my attempt to negotiate a settlement with Ready Flowers has been unsuccessful. Ready Flowers are unwilling to change their position because they consider the flowers left the florist in pe rfect condition and they do not accept your claim they did not match the description of the advertised product.".
They added "while the Department offers a conciliation service to help resolve disputes between consumers and traders, we are not able to compel either party to accept our recommendation for settlement".
Additionally, "A record of your complaint has been entered into the Department's complaint database. Should similar complaints be received in the future then your complaint may be referred to in determining what action should be taken.".
The only way to stamp Ready Flowers out is to not purchase from them and if you do and do not get what you paid for, complain, complain, complain. My only redress now is to take them to Court.
Has anyone spoken with media about this company?

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Canberra, ACT

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NO refund for undelivered funeral flowers!!!!!!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2017

December 2016 I ordered online to deliver funeral flowers to my aunt who passed away from cancer. I could not make it to her funeral as I am in Australia and wanted to send flowers in her wake in Philippines to at least send my condolences to my family!! Website was very quick to take money and I immediately received a confirmation email for a delivery date! On the delivery date I tracked my ordered and noted they "rescheduled the delivery" without even asking me! Now that rescheduled date is after the funeral!!! Rang them for a refund no one p icked up. Emailed them and they kept promising me it will be refunded. Followed them up every week - now it's February - it has been two months STILL NO REFUND!!!!

You guys should feel very sorry!!!!! That was a stressful grieving time for me losing a dear Aunt. Easy to take the money from the website but not quick to refund it for a service you did not deliver anyway!!!!

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So for whatever humanity and sense of ethics they have left, after two months since my online purchase, I received my refund today of $108. It's $5 short of my initial purchase by the way. I sure h... read more »

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Scammers dont use this company!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 08, 2017

Awaiting a $100 bunch of flowers for my 40th birthday. 5 days later no flowers. We were told via email 5 days after a barrage of emails that they had been delivered to a " depot" for me to pick up. No one had been advised that they were dropped a depot. not the recipient , the buyer...NOONE. These guys are sharks and liars. Do not purchase flowers from this company.

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Crap everything

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 01, 2017

Paid.... No delivery... Complained... No action.... CEO survey... No Sympathy.... This company are rogues don't care about customers take your money and don't deliver... Used them twice.... 1st time delivery nothing like what ordered.... 2nd time.... No delivery at all... STILL CHARGED... Don't waste your time and money with this company and stick a reputable company like interflora.

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4 reminders to renew last year's order despite her death shortly after her birthday-- I can't seem t

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

My Mother died shortly after her birthday last year but automatic reminders to renew the birthday flowers order have been pouring into my inbox and I can't seem to stop them.

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No flowers no refund

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

My daughter ordered flowers from ready flowers for my 60th birthday ,the flowers never arrived and now 3 months later still no refund ripped off do not deal with ready flowers.

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Still waiting for a refund

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2017

On 2 December 2016 my son ordered flowers to be sent to a lady that helped him while in hospital Wondered why he didn't hear back from her. I rang them back up. Ordered over phone They do not deliver to that area. But they took my money over the phone. Still wAiting for a refund. In a que. So they say. Must be a long que. After reading other reviews looks like it will be a lot longer

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Take your money, don't deliver and then don't refund!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 29, 2016

I ordered flowers for a same day delivery, the company put my order on hold and didn't advise me about it. I rang the next day and they advised that they couldn't deliver that day but definitely could on the Monday, and then that turned into Tuesday which turned into Wednesday which turned into sorry we can't deliver... Advised a refund would take 7-14 days, 8 weeks later I'm still waiting. It's most annoying when the chirpy CSR advises that I shouldn't be concerned and that a refund will occur...

It seems they can take the money, they just can't deliver or refund it!

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Dead Flowers

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2016

My partner ordered a bunch of flowers for $150.00 with a teddy bear.
I have received a small bunch of half dead, wilted flowers that look like they have not been watered in weeks.
My partner asked me if i received a teddy with the flowers, NO teddy was provided. He further sent me a screenshot of what he had ordered, which was nothing like the flowers that were delivered. The flowers that were delivered to me where a $50 bunch if your lucky.
I contacted the company through their online chat, they told me that my partner will need to email
them. So he did with no response from the company. I went back onto the chat webpage the following day and had to ask what had been actioned as we were requesting a full refund. The company advised they cannot give a refund and that a re-delivery would take place as they are aware a switch of bunches was made that day and we received the incorrect bunch. After stating that the occasion has passed and the customer is asking for a refund the chat consultant could only come back with " the bunch has already been re made, it will be re- delivered. That is your only option".
This is disgusting customer service and by the looks of things they have scammed alot of people! DO NOT buy from this company! If we had not picked up on the issue we would never know.

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What a Rip Off!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 18, 2016

My husband and I are living apart due to his cheating! However, I telephoned him for his birthday and he was sooo grateful he tried to send me flowers. The poor crap paid $29.95 for a 'Premium Vase' and I got a JAM JAR!
He paid $108.25 for a nice little bunch of flowers!
He was soooo ripped off.
He ordered at 9.58pm on 1st September 2016 and I found them on my doorstep 15th NOVEMBER 2016 !!!!
So much for his 'spur of the moment' thoughtfulness.

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No flowers No refund.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 15, 2016

Ordered flowers for my Mother's birthday in April 2015. $98.32 was taken from account but Flowers never turned up. After multiple emails in an attempt to get a refund over 18 months with guarantees of a refund still no joy from a company that I wouldn't trust to run a chook raffle in a pub because they would steal the chook. DO NOT ORDER FLOWERS WITH THIS COMPANY.. THEY ARE A SCAM..

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Dead Grandmother Renewal Order Emailed By This Company

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 14, 2016

I received an email from Ready Flowers today 12th November asking me to reorder by children's Nana's birthday flowers. Her birthday was yesterday; and she died a year ago. The order they tried to recycle was an order I made in 2014. They even had the same message, Happy 90th Birthday. She would be 92 if she had lived. The flowers they supplied back then were a handful of orange daisies with a bit of green for ap $91.90. Not only was a disappointed back then, I am totally disgusted that they are trying to get an order from me 2 years later; and after her birth date has passed. No one should ever do business with this company.

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Did anyone get a confirmation email for there order as i ordered then had a problem with the site and got worried the site was not genuine, then i found all off your reviews. Tried to stop order through visa company but cant.

denise asked on Dec 21, 2015

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Yes, my son-in-law received a confirmation. Why can't your payment be reversed? Our bank has sent out a form to be filled in with details of payment etc and then they are going to take over. We rang Ready Flowers again yesterday, still same answer! These guys have no shame.

Well so far i havent received an email of confirmation, so since i had a issue with the pay now,maybe the order didn't take place. Heres hoping . Fingers crossed.

Let's contact a Current Affair and close these people down!!

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Which site is recommended for online purchase of flowers and gifts to be delivered to Balcatta, Perth?

Leonie asked on Sep 15, 2014

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I have been using fastflowers for the last 4 years and never had a problem.

The absolute safest is to google a florist in the area and call them directly. Otherwise if you want to see a pic what you're sending, use Interflora or Petals Network. These are Florist Relay Networks that are run by florists themselves.
Fast Flowers and a bunch of others are also order gatherers but just run much smoother by Australian offices. The rule of thumb is that if you can't call a LOCAL landline number or see a street address on the website, it's not a real florist (except Interflora and Petals, as stated, they are run very differently and reputably).

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I have read some of the complaints above in regards to ready flowers, here is another side to of the story about ready flowers, We are a florist and do accept orders from ready flowers , these are sent via email to all florists in an area, with the relevant instructions, type of flowers and the value of the arrangement or bouquet. We are requested to send flowers with Nil or very little profit. An order I received last week had a dud phone number attached AND a wrong address. There was no way I was able to contact ready flowers. I went out of my way to try and locate the recipient for this bouquet, it took me a good 2 hours. Consequently we sent these flowers out with a big loss. To top it off I heard that the recipient had gone interstate !! what now? Ready flowers is a very greedy company.

Robert P asked on Jul 14, 2014

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Why do you continue to act as clients for readyflowers? They're obviously crooks! Refuse to work with them - warn all the other florists about working with them. Put warnings on your website etc.

Sorry wrong link. If you are still having problems -

If you are doing Ready Flowers work then you are partnering in their delinquent conduct which assists in keeping them going. As such you are as bad as them!

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