Sturdy, quality, lots of room

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 20, 2017

This pram is very sturdy and of good quality. Super easy to manoeuvre - I can turn 360 degrees on the spot. I love the adjustable height of the handles - my family and I can comfortably push the pram with our varying heights. The shopping basket underneath is huge! Though difficult to access when using the bassinet.

SIze wise, it fills up the boot of our Corolla Toyota Hatchback (2011). We can put a few small bags on top of the pram without it obstructing our view, but otherwise it's pretty packed out! It's pretty easy to fold up especially
when you have the seat forward facing, then it's just one piece to fold up. I find it a bit heavy to lift and put into the car, though it's do-able (I'm quite petite and not very strong!).

It handles quite well on paved foot paths and unpaved areas. Though have been hard to push along grass. Definitely does best when on paved walkways.

Would like the sun cover to go down a little bit more to cover baby's face from the sun. My bub's quite small so even when I had the cover all down, he still got a full face of sun! I think they've made a few modifications on the newest models to address this!

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Not the best pram

3 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 02, 2017

We swap our britax e-brake which was goos on sun shade and space but the system did not work perfect to this one. The silver cross is much lighter but had some really bad things to look at.

The basket is ok when is not using the bassinet., when the bassinet is on is the most unuseful basket ever. When i went to baby bunting, the pram is on display with the seat and no the bassinet, now i understand why.

The sunshade is really bad and not fit for Queensland weather. It has no ventilation and is really bad when is hot. I haven been looking for an extension but is non in the silvercross webpage. I will look for a universal one because i need to protect my baby .

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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If I could give 0 stars I would!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 13, 2017

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Bad quality, no sun protection

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 14, 2016

I bought the Silver Cross Pioneer Special Edition Eton because I thought it was pretty. I wish I'd done more research into this pram as I would not have gone down the Silver Cross route.

The pram manoeuvres well around a supermarket but out on the road or in the park it is a nightmare. The pram will not go over the smallest bumps and it can become quite dangerous as the pram tips when you do try to go over small bumps.

Now my baby is out of the bassinet I'm happy with the basket but before then it was pretty much impossible to use. I thi
nk this is why the shops do not show the pram using the bassinet.

The sunshade is dismal and not fit for Queensland weather and as it has no ventilation it gets really hot. The pram now comes with a bigger hood and ventilation but when I contacted Silver Cross they said it was not available for my version. I even tried to talk to them about buying a grey one but they didn't understand I didn't care that the chassis colour wouldn't match - I just wanted my baby to be comfortable. In fact, dealing with Silver Cross made me really angry as I found them very rude to deal with.

Another thing, the faux sheep skin that comes with the pram is not machine washable. Must be done by hand and it takes 2 - 3 days (in QLD!!!!) to dry on the line. The pram without the seat liner is very uncomfortable. Also, once washed the liner feels acrylic and nowhere near as soft as before washing.

Recently, I've had two parts of the pram literally fall off. One of the parts has disintegrated which is pretty scary. I wouldn't want the front guard (like the back guard did) to fall off when we're lifting the pram up and down stairs!!!

All in all, I would NOT buy this pram again and would advise others not to as well. It may work in England but it is not made for the Australian climate or lifestyle. Pretty but useless!

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Adelaide, South Australia

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Unstable and dangerous

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 22, 2016

I've never written a negative review before. I loved this pram - it looked stylish and had all the features I wanted. When I actually used it I found a few negatives such as the sun shade which doesn't pull all the way down and the fact that you can't really use the basket when using the bassinet. I also found it not great on bumpy surfaces. I was still happy with it until one day when the front wheels hit a bump and the pram tipped over completely!! Luckily the (fiddlly) straps held my baby in. We immediately bought a new pram (bugaboo cameleon) which I'm much happier with. The salesperson at Baby bunting said they have lots of complaints about this pram. Wish I'd known that and gone straight to the bugaboo.

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Gold coast

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Best pram up to 25kg

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 30, 2016

So sturdy, so easy to use and navigate
The wheels are great for walks as they are treaded
So many colours to choose from
Light weight
Has both a bassinett and seat
Nice steel frame

I seriously cannot recommend this pram enough
Other prams feel so flimsy compared to this pram. My sister, sister in law and myself all have this pram

You will not be disappointed

I cannot say one bad thing about this pram.

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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Bought a Silver Cross Pioneer, we're now 8 months on, and we still love it!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 16, 2016

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Quality manufacturing!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 30, 2016

This is the best, most stylish pram on the market!
It's made with quality materials and a very sturdy build.
It's really easy to fold/unfold and can also be put away as one piece or two.
The basket is huge too. Some people have been saying that it's hard to access the basket with the bassinet on but I've only used the upright seat (which reclines fully back for sleep time).
The amount of time you use the bassinet will be small compared to the seat once they are past the newborn stage, and the accessibility to the basket with the seat on is
The push handle extends or retracts with the push of one well located button, to suit Mum or Dad's height.
The belly bar also clips on/off or swings to one side to access bubby easily.
I bought the Eton Pioneer which is perfect for a colder climate, with fluffy seat lining, quilted inner hood and body/seat cover.
It also came with a bottle holder to attach, a really good quality rain cover and a nappy bag (change mat & bottle warmer incl.) that has straps that attrach to push handle, so it's right in front of you and you don't have to bend over to get you wallet out from the basket!

Also, Silver Cross has outstanding customer service!
I thought I lost one of the harness covers (they slip off too easily wich is the only con), so I called them and asked a lady called Stephanie to track another one down for me. She did exactly that, and called me the next day to tell me the good news! However by then I had already found the missing cover and all was well.

It says a lot about the standards of Silver Cross to go above and beyond for their customers satisfaction.
These days there is no such thing as customer service and the customer is never right. Good on you Stephanie at Silver Cross Customer Service!

I HIGHLY recommend any Silver Cross product.

1. Because you know it's not Chinese made crap!
2. Because you know if something were to go wrong, however unlikely, you will be looked after by their Customer Service team.

You won't regret it. Awesome pram !

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Hasn't got toddler seat

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 11, 2016

So happy with this pram have not got one thing wrong with it till my daughter became pregnant ,it dosent take toddler seats so disappointed ,have to part with this pram and try to find one that is up to it standard that holds a toddler seat ,didn't think off it and no one said to us if your thinking off having more than one child in 3 years maybe better to look at a different pram ,heart broken as it was all we wanted in a pram ,not happy as we did a lot of research and money on our silver cross pioneer

Purchased at: Baby Bunting

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What more do you need from a pram ?

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 18, 2016

I did ALOT of research prior to buying our limited edition ETON Pioneer and I'm so glad we went with this pram . Up against another branded pram in its league it rains over it . Maneuverability I think it handles with ease an unlike some of the previous reviews on here other than it not pushing itself it has little to complain about and at a $1500 price tag it's not a purchase to take lightly .
The only con is the access to the basket while the carry cot is attached but compared to other prams around this price range with flimsy sunshades and cheaply made materials this is only a minor con .

No wonder why Aston Martin collabed with them ;-)

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Questions & Answers

Hi, is tyre Bassinet suitable for a every night bassinet for the baby to sleep in. Was wondering if i needed to buy another bassinet just for at night?

Dpara asked on Jan 03, 2017

Answer this

My baby slept in the bassinett the pram came with until she was about 5 months old :) its big and spacious
She went from the pram straight into the cot

I wouldn't use any pram bassinet for baby to sleep
In overnight unless it passes safety standards. Most bassinets for night use require mesh surroundings sides and underneath so that baby can have good ventilation for breathing.

Pram bassinets are not safe sleep spaces so you will need to get a separate one for day naps and overnight. Or you can use the cot from birth.

Can you attach a skateboard attachment for a second child? Thanks

LLEE asked on Aug 17, 2016

Answer this

There is a lower part that you could possible attach the skate board to but I don't think so you may have go to a baby bunting and check it out .

yep pretty sure you can. These ones From Baby Bunting are universal:

Hope that helps :)

Can anyone give me any feedback good or bad on the silvercross pioneer eton special edition please? it's the grey one. Thanks in advance

Niki asked on Apr 04, 2016

Answer this

Structurally, looks like the same version. Differences, some higher quality fabrics, styling and gloss finish.

Think my review still applies.

The Pioneers are great prams. I have seen the limited edition in store but don't have one. It looked amazing! It's a Pioneer is an awesome pram and looks so pretty!

The eton grey doesnt have a viewing window/flap on the hood like all the other colours do...thats about the only difference. But you do get some pretty things like seat liner etc. In general the main thing that annoys me about the Pioneer is the seat harness...I find the crotch strap too short and it pulls the hip straps down across the top of my little ones much so that it leaves a mark on his legs.

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Product Details

Price (RRP) $1299
Age 0+months
Product Weight 10kg
Folded Height 33cm
Folded Width 60cm
Folded Length 86.5cm
Chassis Weight 7.5
Body Weight 2.5
Carrycot Weight 3.5