Renovation Rescue!

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2017

After several terrible experiences with local building designers and Council knock backs, I contacted Superdraft to help with my renovation. It took just 24 hours to have a professional on site going through my brief and was thrilled to receive an almost perfect set of plans within the week. From there the rest was a breeze as Superdraft and Marc took care of everything for me and even put me in touch with builders to price my renovation for me. Could not be happier and would highly recommend this Company.

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Super SLOW draft.

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2017

it's been a very disappointing experience engaging this super draft firm to do a "as built" drawing. the initial visit by a salesman painted a very promising picture of "IN house" service of surveyors' engineers etc resources available to deal with all difficiulties. also if were to sign up then and there , Anyway, there was more than a two month inactivity from them with no definition of drawings, until I threatened to take this case to VCAT, did I get a couple of plans but not a set of drawings. In that view I fully agree with others' bad experiences with this firm. If they run their business ethically, none of the bad reviews would have been here. So keep an eye out for thees monkeys in the trade.

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Superdraft Official

Hi GSW It is always disappointing to hear of bad experiences with our Company however we need to clarify a few points about your experience. Your engagement of Superdraft was a result of a retro... read more »

Love your work Superdraft

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2017

Thanks once again to the team at Superdraft for the great design on our dream home! Was a delight from the start and would recommend your company. I found your company very professional and being a busy man the convenience of having everything under one roof was a life saver.

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A great way to spend money and end up with nothing of value.

1 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 17, 2017

I employed Superdraft to design a deck with a spa in it. I spent almost $2,000.00 before I realized they had made a series of fundamental design errors. When I challenged them they agreed on the problem but did nothing about it. When I requested registration details of the people involved they did not supply them but I did discover that they were representing themselves under titles that implied skills they did not have. They did chase me for a small amount of money outstanding which I refused to pay. My recommendation is don’t use them, but if you feel you must, then request the registrations details of the people you will be using and the qualifications of everybody you deal with before you give them any money.

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Superdraft Official

Hi Lost Dog. We ARE registered and qualified Architectural practice and all of our design managers / consultants have a minimum of 8 years of local Australian experience. We have completed thousa... read more »

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Great service would recommend to anyone in future

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 28, 2016

From the first day till the last professional service always there for support and help when needed. Sergio did a 110% job for what I needed done.

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Verified Purchase

Great Job guys Thanks

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 23, 2016

After going down the cheap route a couple of times and getting caught out I'm glad I found Superdraft. Menno did a fantastic job on my drawings was and helpful guiding me through the whole process. Can't be more happy.

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One stop shop

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 29, 2016

Very happy with the work from Jeff, Jason and Ron. They all went the extra mile to make the process stress free and a special thanks to Ron for working late to get our plans finished.

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Excellent job - good communication and responsiveness

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 16, 2016

Brian did a fantastic job for our verandah drawings. Got the job done promptly and no hassles with council approval.

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Gold Coast

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Super staff at Superdraft

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 10, 2016

When we spoke to the Superdraft team we have found that our dealings with Wendy and Lalit to be outstanding.
In particular Lalit who has managed our project, he was very efficient and the service he provided was second to none and we would highly recommend him to other people. As for Wendy a bubbly personality providing a friendly service was great! Thanks to the team for everything.

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Don't Bother

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 26, 2016

Very poor communication and drafting standards were terrible, I could've drawn better plans with a crayon. Will never use again. The "architectural consultant" was nothing but salesman who would tell you anything to get you in and take your money. ** BE AWARE**

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Superdraft Official

Hi Peter, It is disappointing to see these comments. Our Architectural Consultants are not salesman and we definitely do not aim to just take your money. If we did that we would not have so many ha... read more »

Commitment to quality and timely service.

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 24, 2016

Wendy Leach has been our single point of contact throughout our project roll-out which included several structures drafted, engineered and built across QLD, NSW and VIC. We have found her service to be prompt, polite and she was able to personally handle any issues we had usually within 24 hours. Lalit Batra has been our draftsman of choice from the company for every project after his quality of work with stage 1 of our project, we will be asking for him again in future.

We will be using superdraft again for any further design, drafting and engineering projects we have on.

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Quality, Quality, Quality

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 20, 2016

My family and I were blown away by SuperDraft's senior designer, Menno Zwart, who worked on our project. Menno was able to make our ideas for our family home come to life better than what we had imagined. From the preliminary design stage, through to planning drawings and building drawings, Menno listened and acted on all our requests. He was extremely professional, considerate and an absolute expert in design.

Having worked for local government for 5 years, I saw hundreds of planning and building drawings but none compared to the detail an
d quality of drawings that SuperDraft prepared for us.

SuperDraft's Associate, Rosario Maimone, oversaw our project and provided prompt responses to our queries, prepared quotes (and always provided us with a discount), managed subcontractors, and would made sure staff were allocated to our project when available.

I have read many people's reviews on here complaining about cost and time blowouts. My advice to people looking to hire a drafting company for their project is 1. understand all the information requirements for preparing planning and building drawings. This is as simple as checking the information checklists for planning / building approvals on your local government's website and then working with SuperDraft to determine all the subcontractors you will need and 2. if you have a specific timeframe you want your project to be completed by, you need to let SuperDraft know so you can work together to identify a breakdown of all the steps involved in your project and the time those steps will take. Unfortunately, we did have a few time blowouts but these were due to one of the subcontractors who SuperDraft advised me would no longer be working with them. We had to revisit our timeframes, which wasn't a major issue for us, but I can understand that other people's circumstances may be different and these time blowouts can present a major issue.

For example, our project was to owner build a single dwelling on a rural block that required planning, building and health approvals from our local government.

We required a surveyor to survey our building placement area before our preliminary design could be converted into planning drawings and we needed a bushfire consultant to prepare a bushfire attack level assessment and management plan to be submitted as part of our planning application to our local government. We asked SuperDraft to source and manage the survey on our behalf (while we sourced the bushfire consultant based on recommendations from our local government). Undoubtedly, these extra services cost time and money, but for us, these were essential for us to obtain a planning approval. Similarly, once we obtained our planning approval, we moved onto the building drawings stage. We required a geotechnical engineer to test the soil on our block to determine the foundation specifications to be included on our building drawings and a structural engineer to provide engineering input for the remaining parts of the building to also be included on the building drawings. We also required an energy efficiency assessor to assess our final building drawings, and a certifier to assess our building's compliance with the Building Codes of Australia. Again, we asked SuperDraft to source and manage the geotechnical engineer, structural engineer, energy efficiency assessor and certifier on our behalf. Some of these sub consultants were in house experts, like SuperDraft's structural engineer Amir Bahrami who was extremely efficient. We were then able to submit our building drawings with all of the outputs of the sub consultants to the local government. We also needed to submit a health approval with our local government because our area was not sewer-serviced by the Water Corporation so we needed to provide our own septic tank. I obtained the septic tank provider with help from our local government and the Department of Health and made sure they were involved in the building drawings so they could advise on the best location for the septic tank.

As owner builders, SuperDraft offered to provide us with additional drawings to assist us obtain accurate quotes from trades. We had a slab set out and plumbing pre-lay drawings prepared, as well as internal elevations for our bathrooms, laundry and kitchen. These came at an extra price, but we considered them essential.

I hope my experience is helpful to others.

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Questions & Answers

How can I be sure that I won't have the same problems as the people above? You say you guarantee approval! You say you give a quote for your fees! So if you give a quote for my plans, and you draw my plans, do you guarantee approval? Or if you do not get approval with the first plans you submit, do you then want more money to draw up more plans until you do get approval? This sounds very odd to me.

Livingdoll asked on Sep 25, 2015

Answer this


I think you should direct this question directly to superdraft as we only do work with them and have no input on the service they provide. I do know they are very approachable on any matter and the directors are very easy to deal with.

This advice may or may not come too late for you. Do not use Superdraft. Run while you can.
We got our DA through a local architect- not Superdtraft. Where we live, the local council is very difficult, so this decision was fruitful although long (3yr).
We then took our DA plan to Superdraft to draw up our Construction Plans. Why would you do that you ask?- 2 reasons 1. they advertise an inhouse engineer, 2. $$.
Some 5mths on. We are still waiting. For the first 3mth they basically 'babysat' the job, to then tell us their engineer could not do the job- we had to find our own! (yes- the no. 1 reason why we contracted them gone!). For the past 2mth, I've been riding them to get it done, whilst also managing an external engineer. If I didn't do this, I can safely say, we would be no further advanced......saying this, we may not be 'advanced' at all.

The calls that never get returned, the pats on the head. Just don't do it to yourself. This firm is a joke!.

Seriously, do not touch these cowboys with a ten foot barge pole. They clearly have no idea what they are doing, never get back to you, have all the excuses under the sun and even disparage other professionals.

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