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In have looked but found. Nothing to replace it with

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 06, 2015

After owning a c109r for 12 months I left from NZ to Australia. As the bike only had a range of 200 - 230 km I thought I would replace it. After trying almost every make and model around decided to put up with the short range. This is by far the best big cruiser I have ever ridden power where and when you want it and very comfortable on long or short trips.. Ok the tight twisty roads can be a challenge but who cares its fun to ride. I watch the tupperware torpedoes scream by and pass them at the next cafe. In short if you want the ultimate cruiser check our the C109 R and they don't cost $40000!!!

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More bike than you'd ever need, as much as you like.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 06, 2015

I've been riding since 2006, been on plenty of bikes both my own and friends and road tested a few more for good measure.
When I took a two year break from riding and came back I decided to hunt for a new bike (only ever owned cruisers). I wanted a shaft driven bike for low maintenance, a bulletproof engine for reliable distance riding up and down the east coast and a bike that could hold it's own against any of the big boys.
After a lot of looking the C109 got the final seal of approval. Of three months of riding the bike I have collected al
most 15,000 Kms on the road with it riding it almost every day regardless of weather.
Let me just say, Suzuki have packed more bike than almost anyone could ever need, with highway pegs ($100) a throttle switch ($30) and a back rest I can safely say no highway seems too long for her.

Something that has never been mentioned in any reviews I have read to date on the bike, you are not going to be blown about like you can on other bikes, even the other big litre cruisers get a bit of a knock around when going head long into an oncoming trucks wall of wind, not this bike. Something else seriously under-stated is the weightlessness it feels when picking up speed. This is a 400ish KG bike with accessories and wet but you'd be hard pressed to tell the engine that as you torque through the first 100kph. That effortlessness comes at an under-estimated rev limit, even an after market tacho can help only so much when the bike feels like it can keep pulling in the same gear forever, it seriously never seems to strain and that is impressive in its self.

It's not a racer, but it will blow you away. It's not a cornering machine, but you'll absolutely have a blast blowing some corners with her (in fact, it ADD's to the joy having to do more pre-work going into the corners.. imagine all the fun of navigating a high speed corner on a sports bike... every moderate speed turn you do on this one ;)
Last but not least, this is not a bike that will be easily replaced, I doubt after riding so many other bikes that I will ever ride one quite like this again. Lets hope Suzuki keeps this model in the market for many years to come and hope enough people decide to test ride this amazing machine.

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Osam grunt and smooth

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2012

I have only had it for 3 weeks done 1000kms but is grunty ,smooth the size and weight take a bit of getting used to you have to tip it in hard on the corners seems to corner better to the left than the right , could be very easy to come unstuck if you dont pay attenion on some tight corners . LOVE IT

+ cheap affordable good value (not buing a badge) looks wicked

- gear box a bit clunky 1/2

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A great Value and Capable Cruiser

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 12, 2012

Having completed the first 300 Miles on this Bike I am impressed with the ease with which I have adapted to the machines dynamics, handling and seating position. It is a truly gigantic bike weighing in at over 400K with the addition of fuel, and a couple of accessories, i,e, the sissy bars and screen, along with a couple of panniers.
which of course with the addition of a fully clothed rider means about half a ton going down the road!
That said, the brakes are adequate, along with the rest of the performance, this is a bike for cruising along
, at about the uk national speed limit,i.e. 60mph. It is capable of higher speeds, but the wind flow and general riding dynamics become less comfortable. and of course, the fuel costs escalate to nearly double that of a modern car!
This is a great "hobby" bike for those, like myself, of mature age, who's reflexes are not swift enough to allow sportbike riding, and who need a very comfortable and upright riding position to keep the arthritic aches and pains at bay!

+ Reliable, Cheap purchase price, Comfortable, Powerful. Great Dealer network.

- High running costs

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Questions & Answers

i have a 2009 suzuki c109 , battery keeps losing charge , i run a test and the bike is charging . why would the battery die if the bike is charging?

nail asked on Dec 22, 2015

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I have the same problem. I've change battery rectifier and stator and same thing, bike won't charge.

Can i increase the intensity of my c109r sound without changing the original exhausts? I find it a bit timid.

gx asked on Jan 27, 2013

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I drilled the original exhaust with 4 x13 mm around the outside of the original exhaust hole , it did make it louder ,in the end i got aset of Cobra pipes from the states they are loud. Look on you tube there are ides on there.

I have a suzuki boulevard c109r, problem with bike starting. I have bought new battery and still can not start bike!! Battery went completely flat while trying to start. Can any body help with a solution. Thank you

Steve4379 asked on Nov 18, 2012

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check your rectifier.there was a factory fault on certain models of c109r rectifier so your battery is not ought to have informed their customers.

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