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A great Value and Capable Cruiser

reviewed on Oct 15, 2011

Having completed the first 300 Miles on this Bike I am impressed with the ease with which I have adapted to the machines dynamics, handling and seating position. It is a truly gigantic bike weighing in at over 400K with the addition of fuel, and a couple of accessories, i,e, the sissy bars and screen, along with a couple of panniers.
which of course with the addition of a fully clothed rider means about half a ton going down the road!
That said, the brakes are adequate, along with the rest of the performance, this is a bike for cruising along, at about the uk national speed limit,i.e. 60mph. It is capable of higher speeds, but the wind flow and general riding dynamics become less comfortable. and of course, the fuel costs escalate to nearly double that of a modern car!
This is a great "hobby" bike for those, like myself, of mature age, who's reflexes are not swift enough to allow sportbike riding, and who need a very comfortable and upright riding position to keep the arthritic aches and pains at bay!

+ Reliable, Cheap purchase price, Comfortable, Powerful. Great Dealer network.

- High running costs

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Osam grunt and smooth

reviewed on Oct 09, 2011

I have only had it for 3 weeks done 1000kms but is grunty ,smooth the size and weight take a bit of getting used to you have to tip it in hard on the corners seems to corner better to the left than the right , could be very easy to come unstuck if you dont pay attenion on some tight corners . LOVE IT

+ cheap affordable good value (not buing a badge) looks wicked

- gear box a bit clunky 1/2

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reviewed on May 26, 2008

Very easy to handle despite of it's heavy weight. The pulling power from low revs is what you expect from a big V-twinn like that. There is hardly any gearschifting necessary, in 5th gear she pulls nicely from ~80km/h to whatever speed you desire (hopefully not more than 110km/h!). The double brake system (back brake activates also the front one) is graet for lazy highway driving. The doubble front brake is more than adequate for this bike, I had no problem bringing her to a quick stop in any situation. Seat and rider position is excellent. I did only about 3h ride in one go so far, but I am quite surtan you will be able to sit on her for hours without any back or bum pain. Best bike I ever had (125 Puch, 750 Honda K1, 350NZ DKW and a R69 BMW)

+ Looks, power, compfort, handling

- helmet mount (can't use while riding, for spare helmet)

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Suzuki Boulevard C109R Questions

Can i tow my c109r with the back wheel on the ground tow dolly?


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I have been trying to buy a Vinyl gas tank Cover for the C109R and I have tried everwhere...Can't find one anywhere yet tank covers are freely available for the M109R....accessories seem to be limited for the C109R...why is this so? and can you steer me in the right direction to get a cover for the C109...cheers

Howard asked on Sep 06, 2013

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Can i increase the intensity of my c109r sound without changing the original exhausts? I find it a bit timid.

gx asked on Jan 27, 2013

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