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Fantastic bike

reviewed on May 14, 2014

I have already posted a review under the C50 but because my bike is a C50T I post one here.

What can I say about these bikes they are a fantastic and very good value and I should know I have owned many motorcycles including bikes with bigger cc's than the C50T I own now, last bike was a Harley and yes I do miss the torque of that bike but my C50T gets along good enough for me.

+ Comfort this bike rides so good straight from the showroom floor, value for what you pay, big bike looks for a 805cc cruiser, good balanced bike and the list goes on.

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Cruiser Complete

The 2012 Boulevard C50T 'Touring' captivates from the very first glance. With its elegant two tone paint work and glistening chrome it is sure to make an impression among the Sunday group ride.

The touring features include two tone paintwork, white wall tyres, white meter face and studded seat trim.

The range of Suzuki genuine accessories for Boulevard C50 will also fit the all new C50T, and make for the complete touring outfit.

Down the boulevard or out on the highway, the C50T's V-twin powerplant is engineered for pure excitement. With strong low-end and mid-range torque, it accelerates hard from just above idle. Yet, thanks to its advanced engineering, it's incredibly smooth at highway cruising speeds.

It's time to discover how good a classic touring cruiser can be with the Boulevard C50T.


  • 805cm3, SOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder, 45-degree V-Twin engine tuned for sufficient/torque and comfortable riding. Its offset crankpins deliver perfectly balanced firing intervals while its liquid-cooling design boosts efficiency and economy.
  • Fuel injection ensures optimal fuel delivery, great throttle response and maximum power throughout the rpm range.
  • Cutting-edge 3D-mapped digital ignition system and throttle-position sensor enhance the hallmark big V-Twin low-down torque.
  • The efficient, clean-running engine and a large catalyzer allow to meet Euro 3 and Tier 2 emission standards.
  • Slick, wide-ratio 5-speed transmission and low-maintenance shaft drive transmit the engine power efficiently.
  • Chromed and staggered dual exhaust pipes with refined shape, tuned for good torque delivery while producing the throaty signature V-Twin rumble.
  • Low, gorgeous seat and swept-back handlebars designed for both round-town riding and weekend cruising.
  • Wide passenger seat makes for comfortable two-up rides.
  • Thick telescopic front forks with long 140mm (5.5-inch) wheel travel.
  • Progressive rear suspension with mono-shock absorber makes riding comfortable while mimicking the traditional rigid-tail look.
  • The instrument cluster includes a convenient gear-position indicator, a large fuel meter, and a clock always on display.
  • Styling incorporating timeless visual statements in the cruiser heritage: rich paintwork, glittering chrome and deep front and rear fenders with rounded ends.
  • Bright multi-reflector headlight and turn signals. Durable, efficient and compact LED taillight.