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Model: AN650AL2

Suzuki Burgman Executive 650 A1+++

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 13, 2015

After riding so many different motorbikes saw that I needed more storage space so decided to buy a scooter. I first brought a Honda 250 then a Piagio 300, thinking that they were less narrow making my trips better through city traffic.

Then looked into the Burgmans and was hesitant has the body was more big however I was wrong. The bigness of the body has never been a issue and its a breeze to use in city. Its much much easier to use then my other scooters in city trafic.

I recommend to use the power mode if your travelling long trips.
The storage is excellent. I can place my motorbike jacket plus full face helmet under my seat with more room. The seat is big and comfortable.

Thinking of selling as I want to do more camping so I need a adventure bike to do more off-road riding but very scared as I know I will miss my Burgman. Highly recommend the Burgman for city traffic and long open road trips.

Bad point: no off-road use

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Best scooter I have ever had !

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 13, 2014

I am so happy with this scoot! I had the Burgman 400cc a couple of years ago.
I am wondering if there are others out there who might enjoy a ride together - especially in Gippsland .
Its a bit frustrating that engine access is terrible - but Im not expecting to have to do anything.
I will sit back and enjoy . I have ordered a backrest [USA] and Laminar-lip [england].
Keeping the revs to under 4000 is a challenge ; I am not a speedster.But it will be great to sensibly 'open it up'.

+ Very clean straight forward lines - so easy to ride.

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My AN650L3 is barely a month old; I love it. Biggest bike I've had and the best scooter around. I use it for a 90km commute to and from Bunbury, WA each day of the week, spinning around 4-4,500rpm ... read more »

I highly recommend the Laminar Lip for superb wind protection , the backrest [ I rode without it a while back- was very unpleasant ], and a simple plastic 'cruise' controller for $10.00.

I now have the 650 cc. I have had it for a year or so. Its just such a sophisticated beast to ride. It looks totally harmless , but will take off and then cruise like a rocket . I hate winter though!

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Rolls-Royce of scooters...but a bugger to work on!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 06, 2014

We Bought a 2005 Burgman 250 for my wife, who is a low time (and still nervous!) rider. Her previous bikes were a VT250 Honda, a Yamaha Max Biaggi replica 100 scooter, and a V-moto Monaco 125 scooter. The Burgman was a good deal at the time, but one of the big considerations was the low seat height (low time riders like it when they can plant both feet flat on the ground!) Now, I rode it home after picking it up, and I was blown away!!! To put it in context, I have owned a Goldwing 1500 so I know what comfortable riding is all about. The Burgma n was like a mini Goldwing! Very comfortable seat; comfortable upright riding posture; easy to handle; low centre of gravity; decent engine power and great brakes; good windscreen; fantastic headlight.

Unlike many scooters, there is quite a bit of adjustability built in to the Burgie: the handlebars can be adjusted up or down for a comfortable position like a conventional bike, and the small riders' seat backrest can be moved fore and aft. You can get this thing to fit you like a glove! It has powerful linked brakes (the left hand lever works the back brake as well as the front) which is also a bonus for new riders, and the headlight is extremely powerful! Despite scooter sized wheels, it handles road lumps and bumps with ease. Another plus is storage: two non secure shoulder compartments, a lockable glove compartment, and a big underseat area that will take two full face helmets: it even has a switchable light! If you want to maximise your storage space, it even has helmet hooks! Returns 3.5 to 4 litres per 100km on regular unleaded, and will sit in 100kph all day if you want it to...and there's no messy chain to oil!!!

There are few downsides to this bike: it is not light (170kg) so can be a little difficult for slightly built riders to manoeuvre around the garage. Though I found it simple to get on the centrestand, my wife still finds it a little tricky. The sidestand cut-out switch (to protect learners: the bike will not start if the sidestand is down) is a pain in the neck if you are a bit more experienced. And there is a lot of bodywork to keep cleaned and polished! The biggest nuisance only applies for home mechanics like me: it is a major pain in the bum to work on! All that lovely bodywork must come off to do even simple servicing tasks, and that means a workshop manual is essential: do not try and take bits off without it, or you will break bits and have an expensive experience!
Despite that, I highly recommend it: for commuting or highway work, it is very pleasant for both low time and experienced riders to ride, and can even take a pillion comfortably. My wife just loves it, and has no intention of changing for the forseeable future!

+ Comfortable, reliable, easy to ride, economical, good looking: ticks all the boxes

- Sidestand cut-out switch, a little heavy at low speed or stopped, time consuming to home service

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Townsville, Queensland

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Model: AN650AL2

King of the Scooters

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 14, 2014

Heaps of storage under seat. Electric mirrors. Electric screen. Twin headlights. 3 modes - Auto, Power, Manual.
The Auto is great for around town The Power is great for hills or when you need that little bit of extra power. The Manual is great for long rides as mine seems to use less fuel than on Auto. 2 Trip meters also calculate use. I'm averaging 19 litres per 100 k's at present. Seb at CMCC was excellent to deal with.

+ Seating, storage, trip meters, electric mirrors and windshield.

- Left hand mirror is badly positioned.

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19 litres per 100? What is it a mack truck???

Sorry Johno. I wrote it wrong. I meant 19 k's to a litre. I have since worked it out manually and it has been 22 k's per litre on average. That was averaged on a 3000+k ride around Tasmania.

Baldivis, WA

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2013 Suzuki Burgman

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 24, 2013

Well, my new 2013 Burgman arrived this week and after riding it for a few days, I thought I'd post my initial reaction to the new model. I've had two previous Burgmans starting off in 2003. I had that bike up to 2010 and then traded it for the then current 2010 Executive model. Unfortunately, that was stolen from my garage in September last year. I didn't rush out to replace it as I knew a new model was on the horizon. I read the reviews before buying the latest version and decided I'd go ahead rather than trying to source a 2012 version which would have been identical to the 2010 model that I'd lost. Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to [name removed] from Witch Cycles in Rockingham, WA for providing a pleasant buying experience and ensuring that my bike was delivered to me on time and without any hitches. In my honest opinion, this latest version somehow falls short of what I've been used to on previous Burgman releases. Let me explain the positives first from my point of view. The storage area at the front of the bike is improved and with the revised placement of the 12 volt socket to power a mobile phone charger or something similar is much better than on the older Burgman. The smaller compartments above are of a slightly better design too. Looking at the petrol filler flap, I'm thinking that I may be in with a chance of it not breaking like on my two previous bikes despite handling them both very carefully. So far as the positives and again, from my point of view, that's about it. It rides the same, it feels the same, pretty much, out on the road. Suzuki say that they've improved the transmission and fuel economy but if they have, it's not really discernible. Not to me anyway. Let me now offer my opinions on what I see are the negatives. I liked the dark grey colour of the previous version and I'm less keen on the metallic white that I was forced to accept as at the moment, it's the only colour option in Australia. Europe gets, white, black and I think a grey or silver. No such luck here. Suzuki have tinkered with the under seat storage area and it's now smaller that it was before. Why? To make the rear end of the bike slimmer and more 'stylish'. Previously, the mirrors were ensconced in beautiful car-like enclosures. They've gone and been replaced with mirrors that sort of sit on top of the of the plastic enclosures that support them. They look hideous. They still work well but not as good as they were before. The screen seems to be smaller that it was previously too. I guess we'll have to wait for Givi to come up with a replacement. I don't like the position of the handbrake release and again, I don't know why it's been changed. The instrumentation is now a combination of dials for the speedo and tachometer with digital information between the two 'clocks'. I don't mind this too much and the display is actually quite good. Why was it changed? I have no idea. To me, Suzuki have taken something truly wonderful in the older Burgman and given it a facelift and made many unwelcome changes. People who buy Burgman 650's like the large under seat storage area, the mirrors as they were, everything pretty much that the older bike offered. I suspect some younger designer has come along not fully understanding the requirements of the generally older Burgman rider. If you have an older Burgman, hang on to it as again, in my opinion, you're not losing out at all. If you've never had one before, then this version, as per usual, will not fail to impress. I hate design change when it's not called for and I think Suzuki has lost the plot somewhat with this latest version. It's good but I'm now hankering for the older one that I had before.

+ Improved front storage area. New placement of 12 charging socket. Possibly more durable petrol flap.

- The shrunken under seat storage. The mirrors. The parking brake placement. Colour choice. Screen size.

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Very helpful review. How can the handbrake being under your left leg possibly be a better position!?! Sounds completely idiotic. I've never liked the mirrors and think the ones from the Honda Silve... read more »

I have had my 2013 for one week, and ridden about 250km, as a bit cold. I still have the 2010 as well. I agree with the Lou2Loops comments and would add some more. The 2013 runs freer than the 2... read more »

A friend of mine has bought his first Burgman 400, he has had scooters before but not this big, he is getting used to it know but finds that when it is windy and coming from all directions the Bur... read more »

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Beautiful machine

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2013

I'm now on my 2nd Burgman. I never considered buying a scooter (having always ridden bikes), until I saw one of these on eBay. Hadn't ridden for w while so I thought it would make a good interim bike until upgrading. Anyway, it's been so solid and reliable, plus so comfortable to ride around, that I ended up upgrading to an exec after 100,000km. Plenty of space under the seat, narrow enough to get to the front of the line at traffic lights, yet powerful and heavy enough for solid freeway/country cruising.

+ Everything

- That stupid plastic cover over the electrics under the left glovebox always comes off.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 07, 2013

+ performance, reliability, low centre of gravity, excellent low speed charactorists, high speed stability. quiet, even without ear plugs

- seat not as comfy as it looks. Ride is a bit harsh.

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At 127000km the transmission belt failed. Dealer quote was AU$4000 for a new transmission or AU$845 for the belt + AU$1300 fitting + AU$ ? for any additional parts needed. The only thing stopping ... read more »

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yes it's great BUT?

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 28, 2012

As I said it's great yet made perfect with a taller screen/Givi $250.00 aud
The std screen should have been more ajustable for height.
the ride is a little on the hard side even on rear soft setting
But all up a perfect ride and a great tourer, buy the screen and thats it you will find there is much else you need to buy.

- std screen to short and im 5 foot 6"

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Depends where you want your screen to be. If you want to look through it - After the screen gets all scratched up, you won't be able to see when it rains or at night.

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best choice large CC scooter on the market

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 26, 2012

Bought this bike in 2007 and ride it every day. Has never let me down. Love the great weather protection and huge underseat storage. Can fit 2 helmets and a few clothes or lots of shopping including a 30 pack of soft drink. It mightn't look as funky cool as a harley davidson but I had one of them too and preferred riding this. Practical, smooth, cheap to run. Plastic always looks good.

+ Storage, weather protection, ease of use

- has a large body so isn't the best for lane splitting but I do it anyway by pulling the mirrors in

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Follow-up - Mine is a 650 non-executive 2003 model. At around 26k, it started making (referred to in burgmanusa as) a dieseling noise. This is due to a design flaw in something to do with the CVT. ... read more »

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 25, 2012

+ Just about everything! Comfort, style, braking, handling, acceleration, controls, mirrors that give perfect rear view! and that wonderful CVT auto/manual transmission. The under seat storage area can even fit a drinks cooler to keep 'roadies' cool. Offer a Harley rider one if you see his tongue drooling!

- Inaccessible valves for tyre inflation because of relatively small wheels. Could do with 90 degree valve extenders. Slight cough back on over-run when decelerating.

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Bext time you change tyres get them to fit 90 degree fittings.


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I was an [censored word removed] for delaying getting this

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 16, 2012

+ Too much to mention. But... reliable, powerful. Great dash and compartment. A gentle cruise at 100 kms. Overtakes a dream. Versatile in city, and country. Intelligent beyond belief. Very secure braking. Great cornering. Perfect for pillions. Centre of gravity.

- Expensive as far as scooters... but what you get for it....well!!!

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Wait for the 30,000 mile transmission failure which will cost more to fix than the scoot is worth. Love will turn to hate, stay close to home !

Up-date.... Had my Burgman a fair while now. Still love it to bits. Grand experience the other day. I took off leaving a Hyosung behind. When the biker caught up to me at the next red light, he yel... read more »

It is scary to think that it is not a serviceable item but I've done 75,000miles (120,000km) & touch wood, the transmission works like the day I bought it.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 21, 2012

+ Just bought my AN650 Burgman 3 weeks ago. How can I express it in just written words. It is wonderful, fabulous, sensational, now I have run out of words to describe it. I am 65 years old. I have ridden every size and model of motorcycle. Stating with a BSA Bantam 125 in 1958 and a long list of bikes that ended with a BMW K1100LTD which I traded in for the Burgman. I have ridden Harly's, Triumph's Norton's, Honda's, Bultaco's, Yamaha's and many other makes in between. But I have never ridden a two wheeled machine that gives me the pleasure and excitement that the Burgman 650 has delivered over the last 3 weeks.
I have fitted it with a Marine Radio, with a wired remote that sits on top of the left hand Brake Fluid cylinder on the left handlebar. I have my helmet wired to two computer speakers that are fitted into the polystyrene liner of the helmet. The storage capicity of the underseat boot is truly amazing. I am looking forward to riding it soon from Brisbane to Melbourne and back. I know that the combination of comfort and economy. Plus the outstanding performance will make this 3400klm (two ways) a pleasurable ride to beat all the other long distance rides I have done in the last 50 years.

- It is hard to keep clean, and the Windscreen is too short.

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Questions & Answers

My Burgman although a 2008 model only has 7000 km on clock has developed severe high pitched whine which is related to the engines load. I am told that it is not a final drive sound but deeper within the gear box. The mechanic is I think guessing as he has no experience and is talking several thousand dollars to track the problem. Any suggestions as to what it might be and are there any experienced mechanics on the north side of Brisbane. (2008 AN650 executive)

Boof asked on Oct 19, 2015

Answer this

I have no idea about your problem - which I am really sorry to hear about. I sometimes look at reviews and blogs and always read of positive stuff. I can only suggest changing it over.
Most times I read of 50,000 is plus from individuals .
Let me know how you get on!

Also, I think you should go to a Suzuki workshop , where a mechanic HAS lots of experience. There are lots of Burgmans out there of all different sizes - surely you can find a mechanic to help you ? I am mechanically minded , but I wouldn't go messing with mine. Find an expert; and good luck.

G'day Boof. First of all...who told you it's not final drive and how do they know? Does it make the same whine if you put it on the centre stand and rev the engine?(Be very careful if you try this!) Has the oil been changed at the service intervals, and was it serviced by someone who knows Burgy 650's? They have three separate lots of oil that must be drained and replaced; if it is not replaced in all the compartments, you can be in for expensive trouble. I would second Gazza's advice: you MUST find a Suzuki dealer who has experience in servicing Burgmans...they are not like your average el cheapo scooter at all. Best of luck!

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riding my 650cc Bergman the other morning to work which I love to bits with a passion the bike just had no transmission , the engine was fine and everything worked but no drive to the rear wheel I have been trying to get to the bottom of what could it be but all the people I have contacted want me to take it in which means trailers and time off work as I work long shift work I just want options but don't want to hear the transmission cvt band has snapped please please can anybody give me some pointers as to where to look first?

peter smith asked on May 23, 2015

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I have no idea what the problem might be. How many kilometres has it done? I haven't heard of this problem of snapped drive , but I'd be phoning a mechanic ( Suzuki) to enquire.
I would also be wishing that it just might be electrical ,( computer) and not mechanical as such.
It reminds me of the feeling I get when I have had accidentally hit the kill button ,and the bike won't start.
One way or the other ,it will have to be fixed. Let me know how you get on. I've only done 4,000 ks on mine. It feels a lot more ( in a good way ).

hi Gazza, the bike has done around 60,000kms and never missed a beat I will pursue as you say a Suzuki mechanic who has worked on Bergman's , thanks for your thoughts will let you know how I get on as I have another week on nightshift and work away from home so getting back to my baby will have to wait.

Not long had my 1st Burgman 400, great machine and I love the ride and power, I have had scooters before but not this big. I find that on windy days the Burgman seems too not like this weather at all, being buffeted around and hard to keep on line, with wind sometimes coming from all direction seems like the wheels want to slip from under me. I have been reading other questions about the windscreen being changed for a higher one, do you think that by doing this it might help with the problem, any info you can give would be great............ musicman

musicman asked on Dec 29, 2013

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I've got the 650 which is a completely different in terms of balance but I've ridden a 400 and I've done 65000km on a yamaha majesty. I've found them both surprisingly stable in wind. The difficulty is that there's no tank to grip with your knees but if you sit feet forward, you can 'hold' the bike by pressing against the backrest. The 'instability' comes from the wind hitting you. When your shoulders move they move the handlebars - which gets worse when you're tense & a bit nervous in the wind. Lean forward. Relax your elbows and wrists allowing your body to move independently of the handlebars. A bigger windscreen will help to keep the wind off your shoulders & therefore seem to help but in fact it will make the bike a bigger target in the wind.

Thank you for your information, will be doing as you suggest, get back too you on that and see how I go... thanks again.....musicman

I have done what you suggested Robin93 and have found you were absolutely correct about the seating position and relaxed arms and hands works for me every time. Thanks to you I now feel more confident with the handling and enjoying the experience of riding my Burgman 400...musicman

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