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The best big lams bike available

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 11, 2014

Ok. i looked at a lot of lams bikes from hysong 650 through to all the ninjas and i finally settled on the Suzuki 650fu. Even though i didn't particularly like colour scheme being 6ft 1 and around 115 kg i bite the bullet. The colour scheme has grown on me and with in the first three weeks i had 3 people come up to me and say " nice looking bike mate ". I organize bike rides with my work and they range from art least 5 to 25 - 30 bikes and im the only LAMS bike. Everyone else is really impressed with how the Suzuki goes, the handling and acce leration are excellent for a learners bike and its only once you hit 110 plus that you notice the limiter, the brakes are awesome, handling excellent and the fuel economy extremely respectable [ 320 - 360 ks ]. A few of my mates have been impressed with the way it rides when we have swapped bikes. Its a great size to get use to for when and if you up grade as the bike is the same size as the 1000.. If i had my time again i would pick exactly the same bike im passing it onto my son. the best lams bike available ive done 23000 ks in 14 months.The worst thing about the bike hmmm the lights could be a little better. Good luck.
You wont be disappointed

+ Handling. braking. cost

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The Perfect Companion

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2013

This is my first bike as a legal road user, Where do i start.... It's smooth and forgiving a few times i have had a compression lockup because i downshifted one too many times and every time its pulled back into line with ease. The stock exhaust is a little bulky but is nice and shiny :D. Power is there up till about 6k then it tapers as per the LAMS restriction which i find better then say the LAMS ninja which has a throttle block.

+ Power Delivery, Aesthetics, Stable and Sure Footed

- Exhaust is a little big and cannot be easily modified as the end cap screws are tig welded onto the end cap.

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Suzuki GSX650FU (LAMS)

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 05, 2013

Awsome! This is my first bike (mature age rider - 41yrs) I've owned this bike since December 2012 bought from dealership - New! Regrets - None! Time to ride hasn't been my friend and I've only managed 1815Klms to date (4/7/13). Can I say that with my trade background and applying the techniques with respect to removing the restriction on this bike as per the following link [url removed] you have a bike to introduce you to the world of riding at a very competitive price. I have no immediate intention of selling my bike once I progress to a full license! Fuel economy is good if you don't over-rev and flog the engine (300-350klms per 20 litre tank of 95 octane fuel). IMO opinion the bike is extremely stable, but wasn't great for doing the MOST Test (NSW) as I found it considerably heavy compared to when I hired a 125cc bike! All that said, I'm no 'Casey Stoner' and don't pretend to be. The Suzuki GSX 650FU (LAMS) is a great bike to learn to ride on and if you ride defensively and within your ability, then you shouldn't have any problems at all!

+ Stability, fuel economy, comfort, looks and style!

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I found my gsx650 bulky in the MOST but managed to pass with no penalty.

Well Done Humphrey, I was too scared to drop my bike, so on instinct I hung the leg out instead and paid the penalty = 1 week before I could resit and I hired one of their 125's instead! Pleased to... read more »

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Suzuki GSX650FU (LAMS)

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2013

This is my very first bike. And as a mature rider i can say what an absolute pleasure it is to ride. Very smooth, and as this is the restricted version, it is a little scary to think what the unrestricted one goes like!

On paper this bike was between 20-40 kgs heavier than the other bikes in the 500-650cc category, but i can say the weight makes the bike very stable, as I learn how to lean the bike into and through corners, not once have i felt the bike unstable. Over the 4 weeks I have been riding (and 1600kms) it has not skipped a beat.

The instruments are very clear and the gear change indicator is very usefull as a learner. It took a while to get used to the sensative throttle, just a very small movement of the wrist, puts plenty of revs on. I was a bit concerned in the shop about the seat height position (but it was the best of all the models I was looking at) at 6' 2" (and 93kgs) it felt as though my legs would be a bit too bent.

But it is actually very comfortable, and natural position. The longest ride I have done is 2 hours, with a mate who has a Yamaha cruiser, he was constantly wingeing about a sore backside, mine was fine.

The brakes seem to have good stopping power, no emergency stops yet, though i'm sure one is coming!
Overall this has been a very enjoyable introduction to the powered bike world, I will still use my road cycle for fitness, but this is just enourmous fun!

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Good budget buy

4 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 18, 2012

Changed the can to a Staintune (left over from a 1250 Bandit I had once).
Infact many parts are interchangable with the 1250 Bandit.
It sounds better than on the 1250, but closer to a vacuum cleaner than a Harley.
Initially it was very jerky on the throttle release, but increasing the front spring preload to a 1/2 a turn from stock, cured this and improved the handling. The springs are too soft for my 100kg weight, but the rear is fine.
The seat interchangable with the 1250S and the GSX650 is far more comfortable, as the back section is no
t as steep and press on the tail bone.
Wind from the screen buffets my helmet visor (I am 6 foot tall).
The motor gearing is nor ideal, as it was lifted straight of a 2005 GSXR600, and all the gear ratio's are too close together.
It makes for a busy motor, and I am always looking for 7th.
I tried a rear sprocket with 2 more teeth, but the performance dropped away to much, and was rowing gears still.
Night vision from the headlamp is outstanding, both high and low beam.

+ Cheap GSXR 600 look a like

- fuel use a bit heavy, heavy bike too push

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Good quality here, have had mine (2009 unresticted) for 2 years and love it still. Colour, Style, Ride and Reliability is outstanding for the price range of this machine.

This bike is highly recommended..

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 07, 2012

this is a good bike from suzuki, it is a great bike for those that don't wont the bad back or sore wrists from the sport bikes that are out there, suitable for those who want a medium bike between tourer's and out and out racers. highly recommended

+ This bike is good, an all round solid bike with good looks and good performance

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5 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 23, 2012

Really Good bike for first ful license
very powerful of its kind
good looking
easy to handle
crisp handling
Thousand times better than yamahas, kawasaki or hondas same range bikes

+ Good Handling, Good Pickup speed, Good looking, fun to ridem, powerful for a sports tourer 650f, confortable

- color and vinyl

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im 53 yo experianced rider and I had the lams removed this bike is awsome,it handles like a train once you set up whilst riding hard,I have owned 850,s and 900 reds previously and this thing would ... read more »

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2012

I found the change from a naked SV650 to GSX650F with full fairing a challenge as the headlamp and front end moved when I turned the Sv and the fairing is fixed and does not turn with the steering on GSX650F. Took two minutes to adjust myself by looking ahead, not down. Also when you hit 4,000 revs the engine says GRRRRRRRRR!

+ The look, Blue and White traditional colours,Up to date . High tech. Fabulous design, ride, wonderful feel. Easy to ride.

- Disapointed I did not find it sooner.
It stays on my mind continually. It is addictive.

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Questions & Answers

How can I remove the Lams device from my GSX650F 2015 model?

Amanda Wroe asked on Aug 26, 2015

Answer this

Talked to a guy in a Suzuki dealer, he said sadly its not very simple, its not just a software change it would likely require dismantling the throttle body etc.

How many kilometres can this bike do before it starts to die and needs replacement parts or until it's engine stops?

jacobliam.harris asked on Dec 22, 2014

Answer this

I've had mine from new (2009) and it's never missed a beat. 65000km on the clock now. I've only replaced a mirror & a clutch lever - both broke when the stand sunk into the lawn overnight & the bike fell over.

Gsx650, is it learner legal in nsw?

Rich asked on Jul 11, 2013

Answer this

Hi Rich,
Yes I believe most of Australia is covered under the same Learner Rules. WA was the last to come on line. But always check on the NSW gov website, they should have a full list of approved bikes.

Hi Rich,
It sure is! If you follow this link it should take you to the latest PDF file with all LAMs approved bikes. (current as of 03/04/13).

Hi rich, there are two versions of the gsx650f. By looking at the bike there is really very little to differentiate. there is a LAMS version and a Non Lams Version. to check get the rego of the bike and go to the rta website and do a free rego check. under conditions it should have LA LA. I have one and i did this check to be triple sure. If you buy off a dealer even better because they should be able to guarantee this [censored word removed]

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