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Models RM-Z250, RM-Z250L2
Official description

Your Competitive Edge Just Got That Much Better

The RM-Z250 can make a winner out of anyone, from the recreational racer to the seasoned pro. The latest version of this awesome motocrosser features a wide range of exciting updates.

The RM-Z250 packs a punch with a powerful 249cc, four-stroke engine, lightweight aluminium chassis, Showa suspension and Suzuki's latest off-road competition technology.

Following in the footsteps of its big brother – the championship-winning RM-Z450 – the Suzuki RM-Z250 was the first, quarter-litre production motocross machine to feature Suzuki's innovative fuel-injection technology.

The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system incorporates a 43mm throttle body with progressive throttle linkage and a battery-less fuel pump, giving the RM-Z250 outstanding performance.

The 249cc, four-stroke, single-cylinder, liquid cooled DOHC engine is engineered to perform, delivering impressive high-end performance throughout a wide powerband, without compromising low-to-mid range power and torque.

The latest RM-Z250 has updated ECU settings for increased linear acceleration, improved over-rev and revised intake and exhaust timings for lower noise output and meets stricter Motorcycling Australia noise limits of 94db, while maintaining smooth engine output.

An updated transmission improves durability, with the clutch featuring improved lubrication on the centre and counter shaft for enhanced feel and response.

The RM-Z250's radiator hose routing has been changed for more efficient cooling and the kick starting arm has been revised for improved starts.

Developed in competition, a high-strength, twin-spar aluminium alloy frame gives riders agile handling, with the chassis and suspension system offering superior cornering and tighter line selection.

The RM-Z250 features updated wiring harness routing and a convenient fuel line cap, making regular maintenance a breeze.

More impressive than ever imagined, the RM-Z250 continues to take the four-stroke world by storm!


  • 249cm34-stroke fuel-injected DOHC engine, designed compact and lightweight, powers the RM-Z250's Championship-winning performance.
  • Advanced, battery-less fuel-injection (FI) system, featuring a 44mm throttle body with progressive throttle linkage and a 16-bit computer.
  • The FI system uses a unique capacitor-assisted starting system, and is powered by a durable, lightweight magneto-generator after starting.
  • Aluminum cylinder with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) coating, built for durability, light weight and efficient heat transfer.
  • A sturdy connecting rod and mirror finishing permits a stunning 13,500 rpm maximum engine speed.
  • Inverted twin chamber Showa forks and Showa piggyback shock designed with emphasis on smooth shock absorption and ample bottoming resistance.
  • Tuned to offer superb handling for a wide range of riders, the suspension delivers excellent traction without sacrificing quick-turning ability.
  • Twin-spar aluminum frame and swingarm developed and refined for a highly optimized rigidity balance and superb high-speed traction.
  • Smart chassis design details include footpeg brackets shaped to help prevent mud clogging.
  • Radiator louvers (for the twin side-mounted aluminum-alloy radiators) are joined to the outer bodywork to add strength without adding weight.
  • Race-inspired disc rotors offer enhanced cooling performance and efficient mud slinging.
  • High-quality Renthal handlebars featuring a tapered design and fixed to the triple clamp on a rubber mount.
  • Gripper seat, with projected cross-shaped patterns on top surface to provide additional grip.
  • The number plates have a black background to conform to rules for competition numbers.e for good knee gripping.