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1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 27, 2017

I purchased a kitchen with the Good Guys. They pressured me in signing and promised : 1. a $1000 voucher on appliances and a complete "fridge integration" with the one I already had there in front of the sales person. They made estimation of trades people that were 1/10 of what it ended up costing. I have a kitchen that does not line up, yet they tell me "I signed off" on it e.g. the rangehood does not line up with the cooktop by a good 20 cm. Their 3D plans and map plans are not to perfect scale I was told and the lack of accuracy has become d own to endless conversation from a woman called Kathrine who appears to have taken this personally and will not put anything in writing. Throughout their communication has been the worst i have EVER experienced - designed to make you feel powerless so you give up. They failed in every possible way leaving me with a product and service that was misleading and designed to get the most money do the absolute minimum and leave you to manage absolutely everything so they have no responsibility. I have given them ultimatum after ultimatum but they do not take this seriously. Their inspector showed up and agreed with me yet head office failed to negotiate. Their employees forget the last conversations and trying to get hold of anyone is almost impossible.

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Be careful High Pressure

1 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 12, 2017

We were casually looking at appliances at our local Good Guys, as we are in the planing stages of a complete renovation, when we were approached by the Good Guys sales woman. She asked if we were in the market for a new kitchen. We explained our situation, that we are in preliminary stages of planning a major renovation. She asked if we were interested in having a obligation free planning and design quote from their kitchen team. We told her that we are not ready, that we are in the preliminary stages and she insisted that it was obligation fre e. We thought, why not it might help to come up with some ideas, so we booked an appointment. She gave us a 20% off voucher, which was valid for 6 weeks and again we said that we are just in the preliminary stages. She asked us a few questions, which of one was what was our budget, we said around $15-20k, she ticked the box saying $15 and under. Which at the time I thought was weird because there was a box for $15+.
The "design" consultant arrived on time and was very attentive. Taking measurements, explaining his procedure and that it would take approximately 3 hours of our time, and that he was very detailed. He asked about what sort of appliances we wanted (eg sizes) all the while writing them down. He then proceeded to explain about their interest free policy. Then asked us for a commitment from us.
This is when my husband explained that we are still in the preliminary stages of our renovation, and that there is no way we would be making a commitment before we have spoken to our architect and gotten some more kitchen quotes, and that we discussed this with the Good Guys before even making the "obligation free" appointment. This is when it got uncomfortable. He explained that it was a waste of his time and that although it was not our fault per say, he couldn't go ahead with the consultation but he would give us a rough idea on prices. He also requested that we give him the 20% off voucher back (which I thought was weird). He quickly ran down on prices $2,000 for trade, $5,000 - $10,000 for bench tops and $15,000 - $20,000 for cabinets and then he packed up his papers. My husband asked him for a business card, being polite, saying that when we are closer to getting the kitchen we could call him. He didn't provide one, just leaving saying that he will email some quick designs and that we should look on the domain website for ideas. It was all too weird, and uncomfortable. Needless to say I am glad that we were not closer to being ready, because I think the pressure to sign would have been great.

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Love my new kitchen

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 28, 2017

Love our new kitchen.
Good guys were great with communication and service. When issues arose they were dealt with straight away. The design is amazing and has doubled our space!
We were able to organise the trades ourself which has saved us thousands.
Being a new renovator, just ensure you really look at the plans as the kitchens are not custom built so the overheads could have been deeper now it's fitted.
Other than that the soft close cupboards, finish and handles are beautiful.
The fitter was amazing and very helpful. Just ensure if you need trades to do your electrical, plaster, gas, gip rock that you pre organise this so you don't delay your install.
Overall very happy with how lovely our kitchen looks

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Love my new kithchen

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2017

Thank you Good Guys kitchens for a beautiful new kitchen.
I went with Good Guys as I liked the quality of cabinets I saw in their showrooms I also bought all my appliances from them which was easy as they communicated to each other and I didn't have to do anything.
Their designer met with me and went through the process. Admittedly she did not show me much in terms of different cupboards and finishes so I later went back into the showroom to have another look.
The online portal was great because everything was in writing even though I spoke
to different people every time I called. But once all was finalised the process was a breeze.
The only downside was that the sales people in the stores could not give prices if you wanted to compare.
My installer, Rhys was the most pleasant tradie I have ever come across and I would recommend him to every one. He was thorough and polite and coordinated all the other tradies for me which eliminated the headache.
What I also loved was they gave you a breakdown of prices of all trades so you knew exactly how much every thing was costing.
As for the other tradies, they were all very professional and polite and a pleasure to work with.
Thank you Good Guys.
I will recommend you to anyone that needs a new kitchen.

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perfect kitchen

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 16, 2017

I have recently had a new kitchen installed through Good Guys Kitchens and it has been a pleasure to deal with them from the designer to the installer with delivery being exactly to agreed time. Connecting with the Sydney Office via the personal email set up was a quick and easy way to attend to any queries I may have had. I now have a beautiful top quality kitchen of which I am so very proud. Thank you Good Guys.

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Read the reviews prior to consultation.

2 out of 5, reviewed on May 09, 2017

I have for sometime been wanting an upgraded kitchen, I have had several quotes and saw the Good Guys Kitchens offer interest free for 3 years - they also sell in with "these are the kitchens used in the BLOCK". We had our Designer arrive at our house and was there for the next 3 hours. He spoke of how much space I would be gaining here and there, he said all kitchens were custom built. When it came to the pricing he was well over my 7k budget - and that wasn't even including the tradesman. However - I have always thought you get what you p ay for. He made a phone call at 8.30pm to his manager so that I would get 20% discount still bringing me over my budget. I asked if I could sleep on it and he said I wouldn't get that pricing if I did. I felt uncomfortable in my own my home and put on the spot. We had our site check done, where I was told his measurements were wrong, and I would loose 100mm, and that the flooring would cost me an extra $280 to be taken up (something the designer forgot to mention). I have now been presented with the final drawings that I do not like, they are using fillers and I am losing cupboard space, when I questioned this the reply was this is the Value range and we can't make changes. Its an overpriced BUDGET kitchen that is not custom built. I have since rung to cancel as I do not like the kitchen plans, have since read these reviews and have even said I understand that it will be $800 to cancel awaiting to hear back on the outcome.

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Not Recommended - they take your money and don't care what happens

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 08, 2017

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Don't take First Price

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2017

Renovating the laundry and appointment made in Warrawong. Nice lady arrived and I submitted a detailed plan. It was for 4 cupboards, 500mm wide, 2300mm high. Additionally one bench cupboard 800mm wide bench of 2100 long with spaces under for washing machine and dryer (vacant).
The was a fridge panel x 2, an overhead 800mm wide cupboard over the fridge. Together 4 pantry units, one bench unit, bench and additional cupboard. Price $11,591 BUT as an existing customer I could save $1,844 if I signed today. I said I needed to check with my wife and
the reaction was "if I had known you had to check with the "missus" I would have made the appointment later" I never refer to my wife as "the missus" but the lady installer kept referring to the "missus". Ignorant behaviour.
When I hesitated the designer said she would give me the best price which was $8,766-$981 less. I had to have an install kit for $405 which is mandatory but the designer didn't know what the install kit comprised other than the "plans".
The six modules of the kitchen equate to $1,461 however a Freedom Kitchen installed recently cost $956 per module and this was with a heap of drawer units and a very large bench top.

I felt that I had been over quoted and relayed that...$9k for 4 tall pantries, a laundry tub cabinet, small bench and panels is excessive.

The pressure in signing at the time is immense and they seem to assume that all will sign at the time.

Don't sign until you get the best price.

We had a similar problem with Freedom Kitchens. Good product but poor service and a lot of pressure to sign.
I recommend going with a local kitchen supplier ion future and there are plenty out there who are competitive without the hassle.

My "missus" is pleased I didn't sign but offended at the term as was I.

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5 out of 5, reviewed on May 03, 2017

Really good design and perfect craftsmanship lots of choices every one likes it .i heard it from my friends and I happened to be sighted really impressed

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Modern kitchen

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2017

We just Installed the good guys kitchen and the design was innovative and modern. We were very happy with the process and install. Everything ran like clock work and was delivered on time.

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Dream kitchen

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 02, 2017

We just had a good guys kitchen installed, it was the first time doing this it was an easy process the design was excellent everything we asked for and more ,install was great ,would be happy to go through the good guys In the future and happy to suggest them to all family and friends.

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There really are some big disparities between reviews for this company. I think it would be helpful for people leaving comments to mention the suburb they live in or the store they used as there may be a trend evident of where you might end up being able to count on good service and appropriately skilled people. Just a thought as I am very tempted - I live closest to the Capalaba store so if anyone has feedback on that, I would appreciate it.

WondaWendy asked on Apr 03, 2017

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It does not matter which store you go through because the company is a separate entity - Courtsean Pty Ltd trading as The Good Guys Kitchens.- all the kitchens are managed by their Somersby NSW store. What I can tell you is that they take your money upfront and if anything goes wrong they don't take any responsibility to get it right. One of our benches was measured incorrectly and I have had to chase the Somersby office for a replacement. They do not call you to advise you of when it will be ready, the Customer Services Manager speaks to you in a moronic and robotic way and just keeps telling you that they cannot guarantee your delivery in a speedy manner. What should have taken a week has now become a month without a functioning kitchen. They promise to organise an installer, they do, but when things go wrong they basically don't care. I have had to take over the project management of my kitchen - the plumbers refused to bring the fridge inside the house - it was the The Good Guys Store/Thomastown Vic who came to my rescue and organised for their delivery drivers to do so. I cannot speak highly enough of the sales staff at the The Good Guys store. The Kitchen Group people do not offer any compensation for your stress, your time to follow up with them or your time to organise the plumbers, tilers etc. THEY HAVE THEIR MONEY!!

Ours was done through the Caboolture store Queensland. We have a faulty bench top and they are trying to blame us and every time I come back they change it to another reason why its us. Still fighting but its very frustrating. Wish we'd never gone near them.

Same for us; nothing to do with our local store who are fantastic and very helpful. Had to continually deal with the seperate kitchen entity over the phone; no showroom or office that you can have a face to face meeting. The only way to do that is to make an appointment and wait for a consultant visit. Always had to leave a message three or four times before we received a response. Didn't want to get angry with the lady who answered the phone; she was just doing her job; but in the end she was the one that coped our angry rant. Best way to get a reasonably quick response is to send your email to the management via their message system. Do not use this company! Started off great, consultant was lovely, then that was it. The design was wrong; luckily we thoroughly checked the measurements before the kitchen was ordered. Installation was supposed to take one week; ended up being 4 months. Intaller wasn't competent and he was doing it on his own even though we have a fairly large kitchen. Cost us over $25000 and we had to arrange and pay extra to finish the bulkhead. Now several of the soft close drawers are already broken; only 1 year old. Trying to get those replaced now but clearly they are poor quality.

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Has anyone been successful in getting their deposit back? We initially put $800 down about a year for a full kitchen reno. Unfortunately, we ended moving house. Not wanting to lose the deposit, we called TGG back to install a bar at our new place. Added another $1000 deposit. We didn't want all the bells & whistles for a bar. Thus, we've asked for 5 x 600mm cabinets only (no benchtops, no installation.. just the cabinetry). It's still going to cost us $3.5K!!!!

tA79 asked on Mar 10, 2017

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How can I get my kitchen fixed and bathroom cabinets? I've left messages and phoned so many times, and on the off chance someone answers they can't tell me anything . It's always the same, I'll get back to you.

Julie asked on Nov 09, 2016

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Send a email to Hopefully someone will contact you

Go to their Facebook page. Their quick on there!! Furious at the way we have been treated .

I believe that there are to many hangovers to the next person. That is why information gets lost and one person thinks the other will do it Also I have found I was given false information, which at this point I'm looking into. As my kitchen is of very poor quality when I was lead to believe I was getting very strong material ,which is why I signed up.

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