The TM31 has been replaced by the newer Thermomix TM5 generation.

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Dec 2013

Broken down after 3 years

3 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2017

I really love the functionality of the machine and all it can do and while it eas working it is great.. and now just on 3 years and out of warranty the screen has gone and will cost over $200 to repair.. for the price of the machine it needs a longer warranty

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Jun 2014

Warranty too short for the price

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 18, 2017

I love my Thermomix as a food processor, so very expensive for that.
I underuse it for cooking as this model just wasn't big enough for a family of five.
However the heating element has gone after less than 3 years of infrequent cooking.
Very disappointing. I have to buy the bowl again if I want to cook in it again.

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Perth, Western Australia

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Verified Purchase Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: May 2012

Not worth the money. Warranty should be longer for the price.

3 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 13, 2017

I have had my TM31 for five years now. It has never been "amazing" to me as someone who actually enjoys cooking tasteful food. It is a convenience thing which is more convenient for people who do not enjoy the cooking process or are time poor. The flavours that come from this technique do not compare to the cooktop, purely due to the design (always covered, sweating the food, no caramelisation).

Now five years on, my blades are blunt and the kneading button doesn't work. Not covered by warranty and not worth buying again.

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Jan 2013

don't waste your money or time....

2 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 16, 2017

this product excels at wasting time - eg - many of the recipes call for many containers - for example - the curry dish requires that you cook the meat, put it aside, cook the sauce, set it aside, requiring to be cleaned between each chore...then put it all back together - so very time consuming - considering one of the sales pitches is how time saving it is...not - quicker and easier to cook with pots and for the 'ring' to seal the thermomix - they are ONLY guaranteed for one year then YOU replace it at YOUR cost..$11 each or more by now....could break the bank for someone on a tight budget....not to mention - I was VERY lucky - when the 'ring' in my thermomix decided to 'blow' it blew out the back - otherwise, I too, would have been presenting myself to the hospital emergency department along with those others does NOT make makes a messy is NOT easy to clean - the blade is very sharp and fiddly - therefore either not cleaned properly or cut yourself cleaning advice is to buy either a vita mix and a juicer - or an even cheaper yet as efficient[if not more so] than this over rated piece of expensive junk....of course, if your life revolves around the kitchen - it's quite possibly a good item...but, encouraging obesity isn't really a good thing.....this product was flogged profusely...whilst the agent knew that a new model was soon to be released.... nasty pyschologist.....

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Oct 2011

Could never live without one.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 03, 2017

I've had mine for about 4 years or so, makes effortless gravy, cheese sauce etc and the English custard is the best, I have used it for fresh tomato sauce which is lovely over Pasta. However I really don't like the Bread recipes as it tastes very dry and the Soup recipe I've tried but prefer my own soup I make in the pan on the Stove. I have tried some recipes but really I have barely tried the many dishes it can do. To think I only bought it after watching Come dine with me-Australia. I contacted the UK supplier , gulped at the price, had a demo and here we are. I really do recommend this. If this one goes West I will certainly buy another.

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Feb 2012

Best Household Appliance Ever

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 18, 2017

Can't fault my trusty TM31. Coming up to 5 years owning this appliance and it hasn't missed a beat. With a busy lifestyle of work and family (with allergies in the family), this appliance has allowed me to cook in a healthy and efficient manner. My kids use it regularly.

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Mar 2016

I can cook way more than ever!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 13, 2016

This machine is just amazing! Ive now used all the settings. I could only cook basic foods before, now my creative skills are endless! Ranges from whole cheesecakes to pizza to vegies and meat meals. Its the most money i have spent on one item, but completely worth every cent! Way less dishes to clean. Quick and easy chopping of ingrediants. No standing around, waiting for food to cook and stir to avoid burnt meals. Just turn on and walk away. Easy to understand how it works, the do's and donts. I reccomend it to friends and family all of the time. Everyone should have one of these machines! :D

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: May 2014

Unsuitable for commercial use

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 01, 2016

I purchased the tm31 for commercial use about two years ago. There are plenty of restaurants that use all the different models from the tm31, the tm21 right through to the new tm5. The consensus is that in a commercial environment the basic models are not fit for commercial purposes, despite assurances from the company and even when the machine is treated with the respect which the price tag warrants. I know four restaurants within a radius of 400 yards who all have Thermomix products and they have all had the same constant, ongoing, relentless ly draining and stressful issues with the machine and this includes the tm5. Simply put in a pristine, sealed environment the product is outstanding groundbreaking even. The problem is that is is not robust enough for commercial use - even with careful use. The pins in the bottom of the blender can shake themselves inoperable, on average every three to six months. The seal in the lid rots or comes loose on a regular basis, which lets liquid drain into the electrics of the machine and causes complete technical meltdown. Anecdotally, this basic design fault is key in all the models which I have encountered; why has the machine been designed with the seals to the lid, opening directly into the internal electrical components of the machine? Furthermore, why won't Thermomix accept this when this is constantly fed back to them by their commercial customers? I was told this bizarre story by the service department - one of the designers of the tm5 had apparently jumped up and down on the lid and seal of the tm5 to test how much stress the model could take! Tip to Thermomix; put the machine in a commercial environment instead - identify the issues and remedy them and buy a trampoline for the designer. In fact give the chefs who have been driven to distraction and abject misery by these products and let us jump up and down on them. Finally and perhaps pertinently to my previous comments when the machine is returned to Thermomix for repairs and the warranty has expired you can end up paying close to a quarter of the retail value of the product in parts and labor. I can not say for certain but my own strongly held personal opinion is this constitutes planned obsolescence. I have even offered to pay an additional fee for an extended parts and labor warranty and this has been flatly refused. Ask the question yourself and see how flatly your request is refused. If Thermomix is so confident in the product why would this be a problem when cheap white goods are regularly sold with an extended warranty?. To summerise; an excellent product for a desert island chef!

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Dec 2013

Worst Product I have ever brought

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2016

This is by far the worst product I have ever brought, it was completely useless. I would not recommend anyone buy a thermomix. If you want to see the injuries it can cause jump on to youtube and check it out. It is certainly not a good product and I couldn't even get my money back.

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Generation: TM31 Date Purchased: Dec 2012

Okay but would expect better for the price

3 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 07, 2016

Some of the pros I've found for my TM31 are that it's powerful and can mill things like nuts with ease. Great steamer and I love that it continues stirring once the timer has finished to prevent food from sticking to the bottom. Always loved the soups and risottos after a long day when I don't feel like cooking.

The consultants go above and beyond to help customers, but unfortunately they have to also deal with the company and can only do so much to assist.

For me the cons outweigh the pros, especially given the price.

Not long after
I purchased it, a crack appeared on the screen and a lot of TM31 owners with machines around the same purchase date had the same complaint. To get it fixed I'd have had to pack it all up, send it away, wait however long for it to be fixed and then wait for it to be posted back. So I didn't bother going through all that rigmarole for the sake of a crack considering I bought it to SAVE time, not spend my days packing and shipping my appliances off to the other side of the country and take the risk that I've packed it well enough to not have it damaged in transit.

Now, of course, my scales are broken (also causing a lot of failed recipes and wasted food) and the short 2 year warranty has expired so I have no choice but to send it to the other side of the country at my own expense for it to be serviced - at my own expense.

I can't understand why, like other companies, they don't have more service centres that we can just safely drop the machines off for repairs and services.

After this experience I'm done with the machine and am going back to traditional cooking and buying a good quality blender (at well under half the price) with a seven year warranty.

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Generation: TM31

Disappointed to be having to send it back 3rd time

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 02, 2016

Have had my Tm31 for over 5 yrs and used it almost every day. Love my thermomix and can't imagine being without it but... Have had to send it away to be fixed 2 times previously for repair( no fault of use) and each time at my expense of around $300 each time. Now the motor is not working properly. Have to turn dial to about 4 for blades to start moving and as I turn it up it stays at same revs until it reaches about 8 and then kicks in to highest revs. I suppose the choice will be do without

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To their credit the service consultants at Thermomix were very helpful and although I did have to spend to have my TM31 fixed again they explained things clearly and were responsive. The machine w... read more »

Gippsland, Victoria

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Generation: TM31

Went back for more!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 14, 2016

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I have been out of the country for several months and returned to use my Thermomix 31 and it will not even turn on what should I do?

jennifer bond asked on Jun 08, 2017

Answer this

Check the fuse in the Thermomix plug then check that the plug socket itself has not blown a fuse. If the electrical elements seem ok, call your local Thermomix Advisor or Thermomix Head Office who will be able to help.

I have found Thermomix Office very helpful with any questions their number is 1800 004 838 from 8.30 am to 5 pm.


I just inherited a used machine. When recipe says Speed 0-7, what does it mean? Also does V stand for the Varoma button?

Chye asked on Jun 07, 2017

Answer this

yes v is for Varoma
0-7 I can only guess means speed 7?

I would say that the speed 0 - 7 would mean increasing the speed slowly up to 7. V would stand for Varoma. What model do you have? Good luck and happy cooking.

Thank you. My machine is TM31. Have used it twice so far and still experimenting.


How hot does it cook?

AllyFitzy asked on Jun 19, 2016

Answer this

It can be set anywhere between 37 deg and 120 deg.

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Price (RRP) $1939
Capacity 2L
Motor Power 500
Release Date Oct 2008
Replaced By TM5