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Very Ordinary

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 01, 2017

They dont have a good track record do they? The 3 properties that we have acquired based on their recommendations have all devalued. For us, that hurts but its not the end of the world. We already had a sizeable portfolio that will see us through this speedbump. But for some other clients that I know, their association with Think Money will be what brings them to financial ruin.

CC is the brains behind the business and JC is merely the puppy that does what he's told. To call JC a Real Estate expert would be funny if it wasn't so tragic
for so many of his customers.

I think if they actually researched properties all over QLD to find the BEST opportunities for their clients, then you wouldn't have so many horror stories about Think Money. The fact is, they have contractual arrangements with a number of developers to promote their properties and those are the ones that get plugged - regardless of their investment credentials. The idea that each client is matched with a fully researched and costed property, in a location researched for capital growth, great returns and value for money is just folly. Sure, they may now have some developers building in promising areas, but thats just by coincidence. Not because of JCs "research". How well did he research the mining towns he was promoting back in 2012, 13 and 14? The mining boom was dead by 2012.

Obviously by late 2015 they could no longer keep up the charade and shifted focus away from resources towns to projects in places like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast etc. as the rest of the state had done 3 years earlier.

The bottom line is: you can't pretend to give independet advice to your clients when you're being paid by a developer. Their properties are hit and miss at best. If you must use a property adviser, there are better ones out there.

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Best thing we have ever done!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 29, 2017

Chris, Jack and teams are like family to us now.
We have been with them since November 2013 and we now have 6 properties and we are about to secure our 7th.
They have educated us on the best ways to get ahead through property investments and if you listen to their advice and follow what they advise, you cannot lose.
Many people join the team - a very realistic fee for the valuable education you receive - and then just go ahead and do what ever they choose, anyway. It can be very freeing when you don't need to struggle with money week to wee
k and many people don't budget wisely and go to town on all the spare money they have available.
As Chris says, if you don't follow her rules then even God can't save you!
Some people always feel the need to blame others. Sad really!
if you have equity in your home/ a super fund and a reasonable income AND you can be sensible with money management, then they are definitely worth a visit to see how Think Money can help you. It costs nothing to go and hear what they have to say....

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Gold Star support

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 25, 2017

We approached Think Money 6 years ago, knowing that a) we had to plan differently for our retirement and b) we needed to use the tax we were paying to grow assets. I was very nervous initially (my husband was fine), establishing faith in someone I had known a relatively short time. However, with Chris, and her team, advising and supporting us we have now grown our portfolio to 6 properties and our net worth is now $1.3 million dollars. Yes, there are years where some properties don't grow in value, and yes, sometimes tenants are not always great, but with Chris's advice and amazing support we don't "sweat the small stuff" and we now have a satisfying portfolio of properties.

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Thank you ThinkMoney

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 23, 2017

I joined ThinkMoney and thank God I did. Chris, Lynn and the team are always instructive, helpful, supportive, welcoming and cheerful. I take the advice they give, as they are professionals, and know that many, many of their clients feel the same. I feel so positive about ThinkMoney I have introduced my son and family to them and they have made their first investment purchase. Thank you to Chris and the team. Thank you Chris and your fabulous team.

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Verified Purchase

Think Money - Made me Bankrupt!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Dec 15, 2016

Yesterday I was declared Bankrupt thanks to Think Money, Sunshine Coast, Australia!
It all starts out well, with lots of positives, support, education, and a access to [name removed] whenever I needed it!
Within 12mths, two investment properties and all going well...but was it really?? I owed over a million dollar and the rental income was barely covering the mortgages and worse, the over inflated property prices I purchased at via Think Property Investments ([name removed] Husbands Company) were now not even worth half what I paid for them t
hree years ago.
So what do I do? A. Battle on haemorrhaging money, with rent that doesn't cover one mortgage, let alone two?
B. Try to sell for a huge loss and owe money that has no income coming in to pay it off? Is there a plan C?
After consulting two independent accountants, both agreed to continue was futile and both concluded Bankruptcy was really the only option to be rid of this mess!
I did meet with [name removed] in a desperate attempt for her to help me and her advice was "that all is not lost as I could use the insurance money claimed over one of the properties as a result of damage from a thunder storm to cover the debts until things turned around in a year or two". Back I went to my independent Accountants who both took a dim view of this strategy. I limped on loosing more money with rents falling further and no tenant in one property for over a month. Now I am a "glass half full kinda-girl" and try to see a positive in every situation, but even I was realising I was running out of options and money. I faced the fact Bankruptcy was looking as an option, but it would be my last resort, and after months of trying to rack my brain how to get out of this situation with my financial reputation in tact and not loose my initially asset worth $300K I realised that this was impossible and Bankruptcy was the only option left as the banks closed in!
To those that have made money (or think they have with multiple investment properties) I wish you every success, but for those that are thinking about investing via Think Money's investment strategy, do so at your peril!!
An associate of mine refers to them as Take Money, not Think Money! Their model relies on debt building debt and overtime this debt will potentially turn into an asset you have equity in. What they don't mention is the months you might be without a tenant; falling real estate prices; and properties they sell to you at over inflated prices!! Yes you might have 2, 3, 4 or more investment properties but it is all built like a house of cards on debt, and can fall apart very quickly if one variable that you might not be able to control changes. If it sounds to good to be true it probably is!

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Terrible Mistake Investing with Think Money

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 18, 2016

Be very careful with Investing in Think Money. Worst decision of our life..... We have lost over $250,000 to this company and nothing we can do about it. Please don't make the same mistake we did by putting our trust in these people.

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Think Are On The Money

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 04, 2016

Think Money have provided nothing short of great support and service through their property education platform. I had one home when I started and now I have four. Long term property investment works despite the economic changes in the mining sector. This sector will eventually bounce back and then there are gains to be had. There is risk in crossing the road if you get my drift.

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Gold Coast

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Don't do it!

1 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 01, 2016

To all the people writing glowing reviews of this mob - I'm sorry but I'm just not buying it. Like some of the others here I was conned into a couple of dud property investments. It appears that some of their reccommended properties are working out and some are not. I have no doubt that, after seeing the original negative postings, the company have asked their "happy" clients to make a post here. Ask yourselves why dont they ask ALL of their clients to do so? I have lost a six figure sum after listening to CC and JC. Its your decision after reading all these posts but the current ratio of success is not good I'm afraid. To the day I die, I will regret the day I met them.

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Wow! What a wonderful team! Thanks so much for your help.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 29, 2016

I've been so stressed about our finances for such a long time. I finally feel like I have direction and my hubby and I are so happy with what we have learned so far! I am finding the budgeting software really easy to use.

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I have reduced my mortgage by $65,000 in 18 months!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 23, 2016

Thank god for Think Money! The simple tips on how to change our banking as been an outstanding success. We have had out mortgage for 10 years and only reduced it by $6k up until we started with Think Money. They help and they care. I have been to dozens of events and have met literally hundreds of happy and successful clients both with massive Home loan savings and lots of property success stories. At the end of the day if you decide to buy property its your choice what you buy. I have 2 properties and they are both great and have grown in value. I have total respect for the whole team, they really look after you and I would recommend them highly. Extremely happy

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Think Money - Think Again

1 out of 5, reviewed on Sep 19, 2016

Have a look at the Think Money website, [name removed] says they have developed proven strategies in creating wealth, unfortunately - the wealth is all for Think Money. In the time we were with them, we attended wealth creation seminars and purchased 3 investment properties, as well as 2 off the plan purchases - all have lost money. Five years after purchase, our 3 investment properties are worth approx. $100,000 less than we paid for them. The 2 off the plan purchases also failed. They were supposed to be for on-selling however when a buyer wa s not found, we had to forfeit our deposit money, approx. $40,000. In addition, even though we lost our full deposit, Think Money still took their commission. [name removed] also predict rents will increase on average 10% per year, our own experience is that they have all fallen. In conclusion, we paid $12000 for investment coaching from Think Money and are financially much worse off, I wish I had never heard of this company.

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