The Valco Runabout Tri Mode has been replaced by the newer Valco Baby Trimode X model.

Amazing all rounded pram

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 19, 2016

This pram is really fantastic. It's light weight and has great handling. Wheels pop off for space saving transport and lots of storage compartments. I bought it second hand from a lady who had only owned it new for a year and a half. She had no use for it as she didn't do regular jogs anymore and used trollies when shopping. It was practically brand new. The options you can have with this pram are endless. You can attach car capsule and have the option of 3 different kinds across 3 different brands, bassinette attachment for rear facing and sec ond toddler seat for the option of having 2 bubs. It has a safety harness which is great for keeping baby safe at all times of the jogg and wheels can be upgraded to sport kit if you do intense jogs off road. But the wheels it already has have a lot of shock absorbtion when I jog which suited me well. I take it through the shopping mall as it's not that much bulkier than the other prams designed for shopping use. Love love love this pram

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Heavy & wide! Doesn't fit in boot :(

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 27, 2014

It's nice to walk with but it's pretty hard to get it in the boot as it's so heavy & not the easiest thing to collapse down. Only just fits in my Holden cruise boot with basinet. The wheels are so massive I'm always crashing into things (especially in small shops). I'm looking to change prams already (8weeks in). :(

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Not enough space to get baby bag in storage compartment.

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 01, 2014

I love how light the pram is and the extra big hood is great for sunny days, baby is fully protected from sun. The storage compartment underneath is nice and big but it is almost impossible to fit a bag between the metal bar at the top of the storage area and the bottom of the seat of the pram so I end up having to carry the bag. The storage compartment is actually useless unless you have a tiny handbag. I actually regret paying so much for this pram.

+ Lightweight, good big shade cover.

- Cannot fit bag underneath!!

Purchased at: Pram Warehouse

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2008 Valco Runabout trimode

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 24, 2013

My husband actually picked out this stroller because he said it didn't look so baby-ish. We have the champagne and black fabric. Very comfortable ride for my son, very easy to maneuver for me! Great handle bar height adjustments. Lots of available accessories.
We used the bassinet for months. That saved us from buying a regular bassinet or cradle for home. Was able to keep my son asleep while snapping the bassinet on/off and getting some fresh air.

Car seat attachment was super easy to use, although I did not like having to remove
it to get the most compact fold.
With the toddler seat attached, the stroller does tend to feel a bit top heavy. I found that ensuring I was in the 45 degree front tire mode, it did really make a difference. (Yeah, we read the instructions about doing that in the first place, but who wants to lose maneuverability, right?!? Trust the 45 of difference!)

Oh and the canopy for the toddler seat is big, but does the trick and gives the kiddo a place to rest their head if they fall asleep. We did find that 2 kids about the same size at ages 3 and 4 didn't do all that well with the toddler seat attached. 1. the kid in the main seat can't kick his legs around like he wants without bumping the behind of the kid in the toddler seat. 2. the kid in the main seat can easily reach the kid in front and pester the daylights out of him. 3.

the kid in the toddler seat can kick/step on the feet of the kid in the main seat when he becomes annoying. 4. kid in main seat gets annoyed when they can't see what the kid in the toddler seat can...1 kid has an amazing view...the other gets minimal. These things are probably not an issue if the 2 kids are different ages/sizes.

We didn't really have a use for the single lap bar thing that comes with the stroller, so opted for the snack tray. Snack tray is like any other snack tray really. The little snack/cup bin pops out for easy cleaning or in our case, with that popped out, it was the perfect size for my son's toddler tipping and no losing it! Wish list item...would be awesome if the snack tray swiveled out of the way so that my son could get in and out of the stroller easier.

Breaking is super simple as is the recline. Love all of the storage and can pack tons of stuff in the basket, the back zipper pouch and the 2 side pouches. Easy access via zipper to basket storage when in recline, although it is a bit of a blind search.
This stroller folds down quite small and I was able to fit it in spaces in my car where a regular travel system type stroller was not able to squeeze into. This was thanks to the removable wheels.

Friends were absolutely amazed at how compact the fold and how easy it was to pop the tires on and off. To give an example, I was able to fit my tri-mode and a graco travel system type stroller in the rear of my hatchback Ford Focus and still had room for the diaper bags and accessories. The regular stroller was larger (longer) than the tri mode. It is a bit heavy overall, but not any more than other joggers I have tried. I do wish the locking mechanism when folded would be integrated onto the frame (like a locking hook bracket or something) rather than a strap that has a hook that goes around points on the frame. It's easy enough to use and all, but being able to flip the lock with one hand would be better.

The canopy is definitely adequate with the additional fold out, however we added an additional sun shade that will cover head to toe (not the valco zip on sun shade). The canopy is super sturdy too. Ours acts as additional storage when we are places where we need a map and don't want it blowing away..fold the canopy back one click and tuck the map in. Fold out the canopy and it's like a snack tray for parents.
The stance on this stroller is a bit wide like most joggers/all terrain strollers, so it took some getting used to after using standard and umbrella strollers.

One of the things I really do not like about our stroller is that you need some pretty serious finger strength to change out the accessories. It's not super easy like the tires.
We use the Tri Mode all of the time. It has become our daily use stroller. It is sturdy and is lasting through a lot of wear and tear.
I'll admit at first, I was a bit overwhelmed by the wide stance, all of the adjustable parts, the fold (I mean, where was my one handed, slide the lock with your finger while you squeeze and magically a stroller appeared/disappeared?!?).

The real aha! moment was when my sister in law and I had to park in the dirt for an event and hoof our way several blocks over varying terrain. Although she was able to do the one handed *poof* insta-stroller, I was able to actually tread through the sand, dirt, over the gravel and rocks and through the water. Oh yeah, that was with her son on my hip since she was carrying her stroller!

+ Super easy maneuvering, comfortable, fold is pretty compact when wheels are removed (and that is super easy)

- Leg room for tall 2nd child in primary seat with toddler attachment is scarce. Takes some finger strength to press the release tabs for the accessories.

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Some Positives & Some Drawbacks

3 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 19, 2013

We purchased the valco trimode runabout as a secondary pram to our lightweight combi. I only use the valco when i'm going walking on uneven ground like the gravel walking track near our home or when we're taking bub places like the park or other rough outdoor surfaces as the pram is massively heavy in comparison to our primary pram and i personally find it so difficult to collapse and reassemble (though hubby and my niece have had no trouble when they've done it so it may just be me who struggles with this).

As a result of my trouble collap
sing the pram we leave it assembled at home which isn't great for space but to be honest the valco is so bulky even when it's collapsed that its not too much of a difference.

Be warned though if you have a small vehicle this is not the pram for you, i drive a commodore (huge boot space) and hubby drives a holden station wagon and when we go on picnics either car will virtually be at full capacity with the valco, baby's nappy bag, a picnic basket and blanket in the back of them.

Also be aware this pram is no good for shopping centres, it's rear wheels are too wide for a supermarket checkout and it can't be taken into small stores (i learnt this the hard way when hubby took our other pram to work in his car accidentally!)

The positives though -- once it's up it is very easy to push and maneuver despite the weight / size and is brilliant at navigating all sorts of rough outdoor surfaces and going up/down curbs. The trimode also came with the rain cover and a uv mosquito net as standard which was really convenient and the netting zips on easily and is perfect for the warm perth summer weather (and to keep flies etc off the baby while i'm walking).

The handle is adjustable height which means this works well for my hubby also unlike our every day pram which has a single height handle and doesn't quite work for him height-wise. I also love the zip up case on the rear of the pram directly below the handle, it's plenty big enough for my mobile, purse, house keys and a bottle of water when we're going for a walk.

All up i'm very happy with the valco and it works really well as a secondary pram when we need it but i wouldn't recommend it as a primary or only pram as it definitely has a few issues i wouldn't want to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

+ Great on bumpy ground, adjustable handle, zip on UV mosquito net, storage pouch under handle

- Heavy, difficult for me to collapse, bulky to store, small basket doesn't fit my nappy bag

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Very very happy with the pram

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 25, 2013

+ Greet and durable, perfect wheels, sun net and rain covers, with the travel adaptor can fit many other manufacturer's infant carriers, very good fabric and comes in different colours

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Horrible pram

1 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 19, 2012

We bought this pram quite simply because of the name Valco, we assumed that you get what you pay for. This is not the case with prams, it would have to be the heaviest pram in existence. It takes up the best part of a station wagon's boot. To close the thing is a two handed adventure too. We found a fantastic 4 wheel pram for half the price that weighs nothing, you can fold with one hand and has the reversible capsule too. Do your homework first !

+ Looks nice

- Everything else

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Don't hate it, don't love it

3 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 06, 2012

I've had an '07 Trimode (bought it secondhand in very good condition) for a year now & I've never loved it. I had a single BOB before that I sold for the Trimode because we were expecting #2 & I loved the idea of the toddler seat. Well now #2 is 6 months old & my oldest is 2y8m (30lbs) & pushing the two of them is quite the workout. If the sidewalk dips at all it takes all my strength to keep the thing going straight. I prefer to have my toddler walk & just use the stroller as a single.
Also the thing is freaking huge when it folds down &
takes up the entire back of our van. When we had a sedan I would curse up a storm getting the thing in the back, it barely fit (my BOB always slid right in no problem).
I've now sold the Valco & bought myself another single BOB. I am IN LOVE with the BOB. The two strollers are incomparable. I can push my toddler in it with one hand with ease. I won't miss my Valco, not one bit!

+ Looks nice, big storage basket, adjustable handle

- Heavy, difficult to steer with the toddler seat attached, huge when collapsed

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Gold Coast

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Sturdy, great to manouver, comfortable for baby, fits a capsule

4 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 08, 2012

+ Inexpensive, easy to manouver, large basket, fit capsule

- Large fold, sunshade could be better

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the best pram you'll ever had!!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Aug 08, 2012

Easiest pram to steer, a dream to push.
Parent handle is adjustable great for mums and dads tall or small.
The basket is a great size fits our back packs in it.
The sunshade is brilliant. Zips in. So easy.
We use this pram for everything and love it.
The accessories are quite cheap and there's lots to choose from.

+ Sunshade and steering, so easy.

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Hi does the cot part just push in to the stroller seat with nothing to lock it in?

san asked on May 28, 2017

Anyone has the seatbelt mechanism stuck shut? Have tried wd-40 but still stuck

Shanlee asked on Sep 27, 2016

Got a valco tri mode and a safe and sound capsule, struggle to find adapter unity for it. I'm located in Adelaide south Australia.

Chars asked on Mar 07, 2016

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Hello, try

Hi Chars
Thanks for getting in touch.
Baby online direct, as WeLoveValcoPrams has pointed out, has the Safe n Sound Unity travel system adaptor for your Tri Mode available for purchase. Alternatively, you are welcome to give us a call on 1300-0-VALCO and we can help you with this item as well.
Hope this helps!

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