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Verified Purchase Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: 150TDi Element Date Purchased: Sep 2016

External windows trims faded

2 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 22, 2017

Good things:
The car are solid and handing excellent.

Bad things:
after two months we notice the rear window trim start to fade on both side.
we brought it back to Volkswagen dealers, they said we using abrasive product. so warranty won't cover for it.
now all around the other trim start to fade too. showing bare plastic.
poor quality trim.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: Wolfsburg Edition Date Purchased: Dec 2016

Outstanding value and comfort

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 12, 2017

Great car to drive. Outstanding features and value for money. Leading driver safety systems, top end comfort and tier one fuel efficiency with ability to still provide a dynamic driver experience. Stereo and sound system provides quality outputs with ability to source from iPhone, radio, CD, and USB as well as a hard drive. I wouldn't consider going back to a BMW.

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Port Macquarie

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Verified Purchase Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: 150TDi Element Date Purchased: Jan 2017

Great quality vehicle

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 17, 2017

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Hampton , Melbourne

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: V6 TDI Date Purchased: Jan 2012

EGR can be a problem and expensive

4 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 16, 2017

Excellent car but watch the EGR value /cooler clogging - very expensive to replace. VW told me that it clogs to due city short trip,driving. Hello ? Living in Melbourne what do we do ? OK occasional weekends away but really driving to work /shopping are pretty regular things. VW need to adjust settings to accomodate regular Australian driving. I have made a note to drive the car on the freeway once a month to "clean it out"

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Sunshine Coast

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Verified Purchase Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: 150 TDi Date Purchased: May 2013

Quality motor vehicle

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 10, 2017

Always a joy to drive with excellent handling, cornering stability, sufficient acceleration with luxury leather interior. Quiet and powerful. Economical to run and service. 7.2 litres per 100k on a long trip Average $350.00 per year for services. Had to change tyres at 45,000 k's
Negative would be the spare tyre which is just an emergency tyre.
Bit tight to enter with the low roof line but got used to it.
Comfy electric leather seats.
Vehicle has been totally reliable so have taken out extended 6 year warranty after the 3 year warranty finished last year.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: V6 TDI Date Purchased: May 2016

The Ultimate Four Wheel Drive

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 03, 2017

I have been the owner and driver of numerous 4 wheel drive vehicles, including Range Rovers, Nissans and Toyotas, dating back to the 1970's and I can honestly say that the Touareg is the best vehicle of its kind I have ever owned. It runs quietly, towing our caravan with ease, and handles extremely well in all conditions. Its comfort, safety features and the finish , both interior and exterior, are of a high quality. Added to all of these luxury details it is also economical to run. To sum up, it's my "Super Car"!!

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: V6 TDI Date Purchased: May 2016

Love that Car

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 19, 2017

This car has it all, beautiful to drive, adaptive cruise control is great as is the 360* view, so comfortable.
Panoramic sunroof. I love the way the seats move according to key used to open, the only thing that it doesn't have but should have is air conditioned seats. It tows our caravan like a dream.

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Verified Purchase Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: V6 TDI Date Purchased: Nov 2015

Best All-round SUV

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 05, 2017

I heard that VW sell these at a loss and and make up the difference with the Porsche and Audi variants. True or not my Touareg is a fantastic wagon. The performance is tremendous for an SUV through a combination of power (180kw/550nm) and the ultra smooth (8 speed) transmission. Handling is great, that being said, mine is an R-Line with slightly stiffer suspension and larger wheels (20 inch). The brakes are also very strong, too. I tow a 2.5 tonne boat up some steep winding hills (15% in places) and the Touareg handles it with ease. As a tow wa gon it is much better than my Landcruiser. They actually have a larger wheelbase and track than a 200 series Landcruiser which keeps them very stable with a big load. It has many features (keyless entry, etc) and a good gps touchscreen infotainment system, the seats are really comfy and there is plenty of space. If you are looking for a luxury SUV that drives almost like a sports car and tows better than a Landcruiser for a price of a Prado then I suggest looking at one of these. Mine has now done 56,000km and has never had any issues whatsoever.

Purchased at: Volkswagen Dealers

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: 150 TDi Date Purchased: Sep 2016

Touareg 2016 V6 TDI

5 out of 5, reviewed on Nov 08, 2016

Bought my Touareg new in September 2016 after owning 2 Nissan Navara utes for the last 8 years. I wanted something more comfortable than the ute and it needed to be able to pull our caravan. Unfortunately Nissan no longer make a diesel wagon that will tow 3 - 3.5t. I drove a Fortuner - too noisy and a hard ride. Drove the Pajero Sport and would have bought one if the dealer had wanted to do a deal. The Touareg however is in another league. Very comfortable, well equipped and plenty of torque for towing and grunt for overtaking from the lovely s ix cylinder diesel. To drive, you wouldn't know it was a diesel as its so quiet. Fuel consumption averages 7.4 litres/100km but on the highway i can get down to 6.1 and over 1000km from a tank full. Towing our 2.8t van, it drops to 13 - 14 litres/100km.
With the seats folded down, i got a full sized hot water tank in it so plenty of carrying space. The rear seats slide forward to increase the boot space, but they also slide back and recline to improve passenger comfort. Never thought heated seats were an attractive option in Queensland but they are great for a bad back. Its done 11,000km now and so far so good. Hope the servicing from VW is as good as the service i received from Nissan. Watch this space for an update.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: V6 TDI Date Purchased: Sep 2014

Best car I've ever owned.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Oct 29, 2016

Have been driving euro cars for many years including Mercedes ML320 and BMW X5 and can honesty say the Touareg is in a class of its own, not that it doesn't have its niggles, but very minor. Powerful and smooth with amazing fuel consumption, have now covered 50,000 Kim's with an average fuel consumption on the highway around 7.2lts per 100 Kim's, best was 6.8lts, that has to put a smile on your dial. Seats and interior is comfy with easy to use instrumentation, Service costs are actually cheaper that my Father in laws Mitsubishi ASX. Highly recommended.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: 150TDi Element

Comfort, Drive, Practical

5 out of 5, reviewed on Jul 13, 2016

I spent a long time researching and test driving cars before selecting this one. My major requirements was to have a large comfortable interior size for family touring yet still be small enough for city driving and parking. Other options were Mercedes GLC which had better tech but was smaller, Q5 smaller, Volvo xc60 smaller, X3 smaller and expensive when optioned, X5 was nice and good size but more money than budgeted, Kluger ticked boxes but did not handle or drive as well as the others.

Positives: Quality build and soft touch surfaces all
well laid out. Instrument cluster and dials look great. All the interior and exterior lighting is great and the newly designed DRL's are one of the sexiest on the road. For me the seats are probably the most comfortable I've tested right up there next to Volvo's. Kids will like the back seats as they have vents and good visibility out the windows. It has a great turing circle and drives and handles tight and precisely. When pushed it's exciting to drive and you can almost feel it's shared Porche Cayenne DNA. Boot space is large and easily swallows prams, ikea boxes etc

Negatives: The central RNS 850 computer infotainment system is good but a step down in tech compared to whats in some of the more newly designed volkswagens. The stereo system sound is above average but not exceptional and VW Australia doesn't offer the Dynaudio upgrade that other countries get. Whats I find bizarre and a little frustrating is that VW doesn't subscribe to live traffic updates in australia and they don't support DAB+ radio which for 2016 is odd when you can get that tech in many cheaper japanese cars.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2017) Badge: V6 TDI

Nice car? But I will never buy another one!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2016

I have the 2012 180Kw with 4Motion, the performance and drive of this car is great, noise within cabin is great and the Audio system is awesome, but the reliability of the car is very poor for a $100K plus car, and the general support from VW customer care is not good enough. You may ask why I rate the car so poorly, the motor has come out three times for oil leaks, (the second removal and repair lasted 11 days before it was leaking again) the computer system has failed and had to be replaced, taking 3 weeks for the dealer to recode the system. The car continues to fail, safety systems work when they want to, cruise control "what is this feature?" this has been one of the most unreliable features in the car, as soon as any safety system does not work correctly, the cruise control shuts down. I've also lost count how many times the central locking system has failed, and the auto function on the windows, now don't use the navigation system for anything that requires you to get there on time as its logic is useless. Now if VW Australia had taken the time to listen and support their customers when something goes wrong then this story would have not gone so badly but to have a car off the road for 26 weeks in VW workshops is not good enough. #Touaregs fail in big ways

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Update on the Touareg, its now leaking for the fourth time and has two new oil leaks, Confidence in the dealer network is very low, considering the servicing dealer did not notice the latest oil le... read more »

Update, Touareg was at VW head office for 14 weeks, and had motor replaced, car returned and broken down within 4 hours, car was then taken to another VW dealer to fix new faults and investigate el... read more »

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7L (2002-2010)

Has any other Touareg owners experienced a jack failure? The poorly designed half scissor jack supplied with the Touareg snapped on the screw rod whilst in use. This caused my vehicle to fall from a raised position, luckily the jack failed whilst the wheel was still fitted to the vehicle, but this could have been much worse causing the user serious personal injury or even death. The jack was positioned correctly-both on level ground and the wheels were chocked. The jack did not slip in any way, it just simply snapped on the screw rod.

shanexu3 asked on Apr 29, 2017

7L (2002-2010)

Just wondering if anyone has any reviews on the 2005 Touareg 4x4 luxury model and towing horse floats? thank you

Shaz asked on Mar 13, 2017

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I have a 2012 model and it pulls my campervan really well - you hardly know it is attached. V6 diesel

7P (2011-Present)

Just wondering on the rline v8 touregs ability at off roading nothing too extreme but if I was wanting to take it out to the tommy tourist places on the way to Alice or Darwin would it handle it..and do they come with the 4xmotion I've been hearing about? Thanks

Davdav asked on Dec 15, 2016

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