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Generation: 7P (2011-2016) Badge: V6 TDI

Nice car? But I will never buy another one!

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 22, 2016

I have the 2012 180Kw with 4Motion, the performance and drive of this car is great, noise within cabin is great and the Audio system is awesome, but the reliability of the car is very poor for a $100K plus car, and the general support from VW customer care is not good enough. You may ask why I rate the car so poorly, the motor has come out three times for oil leaks, (the second removal and repair lasted 11 days before it was leaking again) the computer system has failed and had to be replaced, taking 3 weeks for the dealer to recode the system. The car continues to fail, safety systems work when they want to, cruise control "what is this feature?" this has been one of the most unreliable features in the car, as soon as any safety system does not work correctly, the cruise control shuts down. I've also lost count how many times the central locking system has failed, and the auto function on the windows, now don't use the navigation system for anything that requires you to get there on time as its logic is useless. Now if VW Australia had taken the time to listen and support their customers when something goes wrong then this story would have not gone so badly but to have a car off the road for 21 weeks in VW workshops is not good enough.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2016) Badge: V6 TDI

An excellent touring vehicle with genine off-road credibilty

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 21, 2016

I have 2014 4XMotion fitted with the 8 speed low range gearbox, diff locks and adjustable air suspension. This is an extremely capable off-road tourer with torque to burn especially when pulling a van. Great silent comfort and a top performer. The off-road software works extremely well in concert with the adjustable suspension and will embarrass many noted off-roaders. A terrific car with lots of class.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2016) Badge: V6 TDI

As comfortable as a mobile lounge chair with great performance and road handling.

5 out of 5, reviewed on Apr 04, 2016

Can drive this car all day and finish with no tiredness or aches. The multiple seat adjustments allow all types to find the perfect position for driving. As a tall person, the large seats with lots of legroom make driving a pleasure. Relations of mine commented how quite and smooth the car drove down the highway.

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Generation: 7L (2002-2010) Badge: R5 TDI Luxury

Nice care but the R5 diesel a bit under powered - Get the V6 (much better)

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 07, 2016

What a very nice car, loaded with every luxury you could think of, and the only option mine didn't have that would have been nice was the air suspension. It drove beautifully, handled well, had manually selectable hi/lo ratios and diff lock and performed well off of the tarmac. The leather seats were lovely and comfortable, had loads of adjustments and were heated too which was great on cold mornings. I have only one criticism and that was the power output of the R5 diesel engine which was a little under powered and also a tad on the noisy side . The 3.0 V6 Touaregs are much better and I would have been happier with one of those as we tow a caravan. Servicing costs were not outrageous for this size of car, but spare parts were! I had to replace the compressor for the air con and VW wanted close to $2000 for the part. I bought the same compressor from Europe for $600 and had it posted to me and then VW kindly fitted it for me. My car had done over 250,000kms but reliability overall was good. Would I buy another one........hell yeah......but it would be a 3.0 diesel V6.

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Generation: 7P (2011-2016) Badge: V6 TDI

Great car, very happy!

5 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 26, 2016

I waited six months after I purchased the car before posting a review to ensure I was being fair and had adequate opportunity to test the car under different circumstances. The car has been very impressive, quiet, smooth, responsive (heaps of torque) and economical. A brilliant tow vehicle without the bulk of other 3 tonne towing capacity vehicles and when not being used as a tow vehicle drives more like a sporty sedan than a floaty SUV.

Purchased at: Volkswagen Dealers

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port macquarie

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Generation: 7P (2011-2016) Badge: 150 TDi

How disappointing, my new 2014 Touareg is a lemon

2 out of 5, reviewed on Feb 25, 2016

Purchased new in July 2014 my Touareg 150 Tdi is a great car to drive. So excited I was. Comfortable, efficient well though out and driver friendly. Trouble is, it doesn't go anywhere. Since 45k the car has been off the road around ten weeks with. Oil seal leak between motor and gearbox, idle issues, fuel issues, stalling, ecu problems, glow plugs dying, stalling in traffic, missing and a litany of other, undetermined fuel supply, control type issues. Now the latest is they don't know what's wrong with it. So off the road for another two weeks so far. Dealer has been helpful but I have been driving around in a crappy Triton ute, hire cars and general cars not worth anywhere near $65k, the price of my car. So somehow my money has been gleefully accepted by vw but I get a lemon. Where is the justice in that. Disgraceful car so new can be so. Terrible. No one wants to buy them with the pollution stuff. So resale is nightmare too. Finally vw Australia is involved lets see what that does not sure why it took them so long to show an interest surely this car would be flagging all bells. My friends and neighbours think it's a joke, an embarrassment as they never see me in my car lately. They all laugh at me and feel it's a disgrace that vw can make such a crap car and we have no recourse for a refund.
Any other product you would just ring up and they would replace it under consumer law. Somehow. Cars are immune from that. Imagine paying for all this work. Luckily under warranty but I just want out. Had an Audi Q5 before 180k before it died. Hard life dirt roads. Great car never off the road fir more than two days, once in 7 years. Trouble is no audi dealer where I live in port Macquarie so thought vw having a local dealer would be the go.

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Update VW and I came to an agreement and i now have the latest 150 tdi with sat nav etc.Just drove it to Melbourne and its a great car. If it stays working it will be excellent.It is significantly... read more »

Generation: 7L (2002-2010) Badge: Luxury

will be buying fourth one (despite dealer experience)

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2015

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Generation: 7P (2011-2016) Badge: V8 TDI R-Line

Fantastic Vehicle

5 out of 5, reviewed on May 27, 2015

Previous Touareg 2012 TDI V6. This is my 2nd Touareg, very surprising how good the fuel economy is 8.8l/100 at 110km. I've checked speedo and is only out 1kmh, doing 99@100 compared to 96@100 in V6TDI. I was offered a very good trade in on my original one at 83k km 3 years old. In relation to my first one Servicing differs from dealer to dealer. Best and cheapest service was at Sunshine Coast QLD.
Still early days to give review on this one as only done 1500km and 3 weeks old. VW touareg purchased to tow 23ft caravan.

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Verified Purchase Generation: 7L (2002-2010) Badge: V6 FSI

Absolute Rubbish

1 out of 5, reviewed on May 26, 2015

As a Volkswagen Touareg owner, I can not believe the amount of people who rave on about these vehicles. The modern Volkswagen has been riding on the reputation of well built vehicles from days of long ago. In my opinion these modern Volkswagen vehicles are just rubbish that are full of cheap perishable plastic parts that become brittle, and fail in Australian heat.

I made the mistake of purchasing a 2003 Volkswagen Touareg secondhand. Two days after my purchased the motor started missing. A visit to a mechanic sorted the problem with a comp
uter diagnostic scan, a compression test, a new set of ignition coils and set of spark plugs. All at a cost of $2700. Then a day later my Touareg developed a major coolant leak.

Being suspicious of my mechanics integrity I stuck my head under the bonnet to have a look. At the back of the engine I found the ancillary water pump connecter made from brittle plastic had cracked and fully separated from the motor. Then I noticed that every hose connector that has anything to do with a with the cooling system was made from perishable brittle plastic that was breaking apart as I fiddled with it. The main water pump at the front of the engine was also leaking. Another visit the the mechanic and a weeks wait, mainly for the parts that had to be ordered from the east coast my Touareg was finally back on the road for a cost of another $2400.

It is well documented that Touaregs are prone to power train problems and complete transmission failures. There are also many reports of propshaft centre bearing failures and electrical problems that cost thousands to repair. A quick google search will confirm this.

The internal controls are of poor quality and all the symbols on the frequently used buttons have worn beyond recognition. The bonnet and boot struts fail and have to be replaced if you don't like driving around with a 1.5 meter long stick.

The Touaregs V6 fuel efficiently it terrible, your better of with the couple more cylinders because there is little difference between the two in fuel efficiency.

The only good things I have to say about the Touareg is that they handle well on road and are a comfortable ride. The leather seats are of good quality and are durable. But these few good things do not justify the astronomical prices it costs to maintain these piles of junk.

It's a real shame that the quality of Volkswagens has become questionable in recant years. The quality shortcomings of this so called premium vehicle is unforgivable. I will never purchase another Volkswagen again.

I now lay in bed every night hoping that a meteorite falls to earth from out of space and destroys my Touareg so I can recoup some of my money back on insurance.

Until then the nightmare continues.....

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Generation: 7L (2002-2010) Badge: V6 TDI

5yrs no problems

4 out of 5, reviewed on May 26, 2015

1or2 minor gliches servicing cost have been good $329.00 130,000k a lot has to be said for the way people drive

these vehicles as to brakes and tyres mine offroad now and again i will buy another 1 just a good allrounder
1st issue at 150,000k tail shaft replaced $1185.00 not uncommon apparently would still purchase another 1

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Generation: 7P (2011-2016)

Great car. Dishonest dealer service.

4 out of 5, reviewed on Mar 10, 2015

I have no complaints about my Touareg. Best car I have owned. On long trips it reduces driver fatigue by half compared to my previous wheels. And low fuel bills are remarkable for a car of this size and solid build.

Services during the warranty period by official VW dealerships are another story. They tick everything off as being checked and refilled as necessary, but shortly afterwards I discover that essential basics like the windscreen washer tank are completely empty. Negligence? More like pure dishonesty. Complaints about the service sent to Volkswagen Australia have never been answered, which simply adds insult to injury.

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Generation: 7L (2002-2010) Badge: V6 TDI

It's bad (and expensive) news

2 out of 5, reviewed on Jun 27, 2014

My VW Touareg 2009 V6 TDI with 148Ks has just returned from the dealer after it stopped on Mother's Day 2014. The end result- a $13,000 bill when a high pressure fuel pump failed resulting in twisted camshafts. VW came to the party after the dealer submitted a "goodwill" claim otherwise the cost to me would have been in excess of $30,000. Get your minds around that! A sophisticated turbo diesel motor just 5 years old destroys itself due to a fuel pump, now it has a new motor. I was going to buy another one.... pity really.

+ It's a great touring car.

- It needed a new motor.

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Questions & Answers

Currently looking at 2015 Touareg v6 180. Main purpose is for general use and towing our van. Which at 3500 it is more than capable of doing. My concern is the space saving tyre. In the unfortunate event of getting a puncture can you tow a van while having this fitted to your vehicle I am of the speed and driving distance restrictions. Has anyone had to tow with space saving tyre fitted?

Wayne asked on Oct 19, 2015

Answer this

most european wagons have space savers not a particually bright feature for australia i myself bought my touareg with a spare wheel carrier as oe no longer available i would definetely be buying a rim to throw on the roof or in the caravan, in saying that these wagons effortlessly tow at affordable fuel cxonsumption /comfort

7L (2002-2010)

I'm looking at buying a used 2004 Touareg 7L TDI v6 it's has 160000 on the clock. I'd like to know if I will be making the wrong choice in investing in the car. Are there any problems to look out for? How much does servicing cost? Just basically any advice anyone can give me with deselect engine, cars, VWs and 4 by 4s

azimiahm asked on Jun 09, 2015

Answer this

Service is expensive
Centre tail shaft bearing is a common fault and expensive to replace
Diff bearings are a common fault and costs about 5 k to fix
Stay clear I just purchased a 2005 with 120 k on the clock 1 owner and in showroom condition
Worst descision I have ever made I have had nothing but problems since I purchased it
I am now taking it into VW tomorrow as there is coolant in cylinder 5&6
Stay clear if you want to keep your money and be happy

Is there a tyre/wheel combination for the toureg for serious4wd activity/

nick francis asked on Jul 15, 2013

Answer this

pirelli scorpions or falken wild trek are what i've got on at the moment 17x65x255

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