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Puppy Food - 3 Meats with Rice & Parsley

Hi, I have a cavillers King Charles puppy 14 weeks old, he was on a good quality dry food but was not eating it I now have him on 4legs for puppy 80grm 3 x a day, which he loves, this is all he eats, should he be having dry food as Well?.

Monty 17 asked on Jun 23, 2017

What is the gelling agent used in 4 legs meatballs?

Monica asked on May 08, 2017

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Hi Monica, carrageenan is a naturally sourced seaweed extract and is what we use as our main gelling agent.
Melissa and the 4Legs Team

Puppy Food - 3 Meats with Rice & Parsley

Hello I have a new puppy she is 10 weeks old. she has only been fed good quality dried kibble but i was interested in your product. Is it ok to still feed the kibble. but 4 leggs for one meal per day, just for variety?

Debra asked on Apr 14, 2017

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Hi Debra, of course you can feed our food however you like! Lots of people mix it with dry food, or alternate between different types of food. Here's our puppy food feeding guide, which might be helpful http://4legs.com.au/product/3-meats-w-rice-parsley/
If you have any further queries, just drop us a line at helpdesk@4legs.com.au
Melissa & the 4Legs Team

Beef, Veggies & Macaroni

I need to know calories per serving for you meals. My dog is diabetic so I have to be precise with his intake. I think this information should be printed on the packaging.

Jip and Chinos mum asked on Feb 05, 2017

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Hi Jip and Chino's mum,
In regards to your question, the metabolisable energy for our Beef, Veggies and Macaroni product is 171k/cal per 100g.
Thanks for your feedback regarding packaging info, we will keep this in mind.
If you have any further questions or require some additional nutritional information, please let me know.
Melissa and the 4Legs Team

How many calories are in your 1.7kg dog rolls per 100g please???

Jeanie asked on Jan 31, 2017

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Hi Jeanie,
Thanks for getting in touch. In regards to your question, the metabolisable energy of our rolls is as follows:
Chicken and Pasta roll - 138kcal/100g
Angus Beef roll - 157kcal/100g
Please let me know if you need any further information.

Melissa and the 4Legs Team

Hi, I have bought this product for my older dog, but I have 2 x puppies and gave them a taste they Woofed it down, has you product have all the nutrients needed for puppies as I can't see it on your packaging?

AnneW asked on Dec 28, 2016

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Hi AnneW, Thank you for your enquiry. We have a product especially for puppies. It's called 4Legs Natural Puppy 3 Meats with Rice and Parsley. The packaging is green and pink. Please email us directly via helpdesk@4legs.com.au if you would like some helping finding a stockist for the puppy food. Our adult Natural dog food varieties are fine to use with your puppies as a supplement to their diet, but we recommend using a food formulated for puppies as the main part of their daily meal. Best regards Olivia and the 4Legs team.

Lamb, Vegies & Rice

Hi, I have a Large Aussie Shepherd male dog aged 14 months. Can you tell me what quantities are needed to be given. He weighs 29.3 kilos. To date I have been giving him premium dried food but prefer to give him a raw diet. Thank you

10ACE asked on Dec 03, 2016

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It would really depend on the Dog, the packet states between 500 & 750gms for that size dog. But its as guide only. I cut the roll into 3PIeces & then share that 1/3 between our 2 dogs with 3/4 cup of good quality dry food each, but our puppies get Spoilt & get leftovers sometimes, Try it & see how you go. I hope that was some help.

Angus Beef & Vegies Roll

Can you please let me know what exactly is in the "high protein cereal blend"? Thanks

Yvonne asked on Sep 08, 2016

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Hi Yvonne,
Thanks for your query. The high protein cereal blend is a mix of wheat flour and wheat gluten. We have recently updated our ingredient labelling to reflect this.
Kind regards,
Melissa and the 4Legs team

Chicken with Vegies & Pasta

What is the difference between the chicken with pasta and veggies roll and the chicken with pasta and veggies meat balls? I have a Great Dane and would like to know the difference between the 2 products as there is quite a price difference between the 2 products

S M asked on Aug 13, 2016

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Sorry I can't help, we only use the meat balls.
I will have a look at the roll next time shopping



Hi S M, thanks for your query. The key difference between the two products is that our meatballs include a bigger variety of vegetables, including a special vegetable coating that includes coconut. They are also a more convenient offering, meaning no preparation is required and you can simply pour them out of the tray straight into your dog's bowl. Our roll product is more of a bulk offering.
Kind regards
Melissa and the 4Legs Team

I purchased a 1.7kg roll (chicken, beef, kangaroo) expiry date September 2016 from my local Woolworths last week. On dicing the roll I have found what appears to be black metal filings in the product. I have thrown the roll, but I have kept a few of the filings and some of the wrapping. I would love to hear from you - hoping that this is not actually metal filings. Jenny

Jenny asked on Aug 10, 2016

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Hi Jenny,

Thank you for getting in touch with this complaint. I can assure you that we have metal detectors in place and are confident that these are not metal filings.

The Angus Beef roll contains some kangaroo meal, which we've included to help increase the animal protein available in the food. The black filings are actually not filings but, in fact, kangaroo hair, which should not be present in our kangaroo meal but evidently is.

So, whilst these hairs are very undesirable, we are confident that they would not have been in any way harmful to your dog if they had been consumed.

This is an issue that we have taken up with our meal supplier and if they can't resolve it, we will soon change.

I hope this outcome allays your concerns regarding the quality of our dog food roll. We would like to give you a refund for your discarded roll. Please contact us via helpdesk@4legs.com.au so that we can obtain your postal address.

Best regards, Olivia and the 4Legs Team.

Thanks for your reply Olivia. I am very glad to hear that the product did not contain metal filings. I am not chasing a refund - I just didn't like the thought of my dog or anyone else's dog consuming the filings. Thank you. Jenny.

Could you please tell me how this product is cooked?

wendex67 asked on Jul 31, 2016

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The product is pre cooked so I serve it to my dog fresh from the fridge with some biscuits

Hi Wendex67, as Sarah kindly mentioned, all our products are pre cooked and ready to serve straight from the fridge.
Melissa and the 4Legs Team

But is it baked, fried, steamed or microwaved?

Chicken with Vegies & Pasta Roll

I am meant to put my dog on a high quality protein low phosphorus diet to assist kidney function. Does 4 Legs chicken with pasta fit this description? The mutt really likes the food but I need to know if it is nutritionally suited to his needs. Thank you. Keith

Jks asked on May 30, 2016

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Hi Keith,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding the use of 4Legs for managing poor kidney function in your dog. We are so sorry to hear that he is unwell. Unfortunately, none of the 4Legs range is really appropriate for his dietary requirements.

As you are obviously aware, dogs with chronic kidney failure require a specialised diet aimed at minimising ongoing clinical signs and slowing down progressive damage to the remaining functional kidney. The most important features of these diets are low sodium concentration, low phosphorus concentration, and at later stages of the disease, restricted protein levels. Prescription diets are designed to provide all the essential nutrients required by dogs with chronic kidney disease while maintaining low levels of the nutrients which can exacerbate clinical signs and damage to the kidneys. All our pet food is designed for normal, healthy animals and does not meet the specific requirement of your dog.

Best of luck and please let us know if you require any further information.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Felicity Banks
Veterinary Consultant
4Legs Pet Food Company

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