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What is the financial plan with 3000$ deposit?

Sim asked on Jun 24, 2017

How much deposit I need for first home Byers?

Dana asked on Jun 04, 2017

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Hi Dana, your deposit will depend on your situation - but for first homebuyers we do have the First Home Owners Grant available to help.
Speak with one of our New Homes Consultants on 131 751 for help on purchasing your first property. - Homebuyers Centre Team

Hi can someone give me an estimate on how much the willow 25 is to build.

Tiff L asked on May 24, 2017

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Hey Tiff,
My boyfriend and I are building the Willow 25. It is $207,000 base price. That doesn't include any upgrades/site works/landscaping :)

Thanks for replying Jess, did you get any upgrades?

we were quoted about $255k with site cost, developer requirement and upgrades like high ceiling, LEDs, stone benchtop, driveways, evap cooling etc.

Hey Tiff,
Message me and I can run through it with you?

Hi there :) My boyfriend and I are in the process of having our house built (Willow 25). Were apparently being passed over to the Construction team mid-late May. I was just wondering, would the builder be able to get the slab and frame done before the bad weather comes during Winter? We are so keen and really need to have the house done by the end of the year at the latest! Were looking at hopefully September/October. Is this realistic???? Please offer your advice/opinion on your experience. Thank you :)

jesst94 asked on Apr 20, 2017

Hi I'm confused with the retreat 22 design or the grove 22 design. Has anyone built either. Any suggestions?

Beccahb asked on Apr 04, 2017

If settlement isn't until 14 months and contracts are upto 12 months can the price still be locked in due to settlement slightly exceeding the maximum 12 month term?

Beccahb asked on Apr 04, 2017

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They will sting you with a price increase as they did to me!

Goong through this drama now. We were delayed 3 months and have to pay over 1000 of our won money straight to them for the delays

Was it a percentage or a dollar amount per month?

Hi, We are building with WSH who have now gone into Administration. We are up to our Completion Stage with a number of defective and incomplete work. Is this something you would be able to provide assistance with?

Jyuohsei asked on Mar 21, 2017

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Thank you for your enquiry.
We’re sorry to hear about your experience however we are unable to assist with your request.
We recommend speaking to your insurance provider.
All our best,
- Homebuyers Centre Team

Hi there, we are building our new home with HBC however our land doesn't title for another year. HBC are asking me to choose interior colours now however I don't want to do it until later in the ear as I may have changed my mind. Does anyone know if this is a requirement to do so so early on (all major extras have already been specified in our preliminary contract) and anything extra we get will paid in cash in the day we go into the showroom. Thanks

Penelope asked on Feb 28, 2017

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Have you already signed an HIA contract for the build, or have you only signed a Preliminary Works Agreement? If you have signed a HIA contract prior to title, it opens a can of worms with HBC, especially if you wished to change your mind about pretty much anything. We had a major change of circumstances over a year after signing a full HIA contract with HBC while waiting for land title. HBC made it very clear they would enforce the contract if we attempted to leave. This was despite being told by the sales rep prior to signing that we could leave the contract if title delays caused major problem. Any contract prior to title is confusing. Without a land title, you cannot produce finance approval documents as required by the contract, yet HBC talked us into signing one. You simply do not have a clear picture of what can happen if titles are not ready. As for your colour consult, don't do it. They ask for payment up front which will be forfeit if you change or add anything. They will make you sign a form which states these selections are final. Check it, but I don't see anything in the PWA which enforces that you MUST attend a colour consult and make selections. They can wait.

Hi I'm looking at buying land in harpley in Werribee though wondering what everyone's site cost experience has been in this estate.. How much was it and did your builder civet the cost or? Is there much rovk there is issues??

Beccahb asked on Feb 23, 2017

Hi, we are currently building with homebuyers. We have had some issues with work being completed before I get a chance to have my independent building inspector look over the build. Has anyone else experienced this? With the requirements for each stage inspection clearly communicated to the site supervisor and client liaison weeks beforehand, why do they continue building?

Bryce asked on Jan 24, 2017

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Hi Bryce
You will need to be quick as they won't stop work on site just so your inspector can go through. Every hour that the builder is not working is costing them money.
In saying that, make sure that your inspector keeps in regular direct contact to your site manager, that way as soon as a milestone is reached they can do the inspection before they move on to the next stage.
Also helps that as soon as you receive your stage invoice get on to your inspector to advise him the milestone is reached and for him to contact the site manager to arrange a time to do the inspection

They are suppose to give you a time for your inspector to do the inspections.I wish my builder was so eager to finish off my home.Still waiting 5 weeks for them to fix a pre paint plaster defects. Very disappointed.

Hi I've recently received my Contracr with HBC and is now looking for a good solicitor/ Conveyancer to provide legal advice in regards to our contract. Does anyone know any please? Thank you kindly. Regards Vikki.

Emeldarakei asked on Jan 23, 2017

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Hi Vikki
Generally a conveyancer would only be able to advise on your land purchase. The building contract should be the standard HIA contract which is what all the builders use. I found the Consumer Affairs website handy as it outlines things you need to be aware of and what to look out for:


I would suggest reading your contract (yes it is very long) and highlight anything you're not sure of which you can discuss with your builder prior to signing. Also helps to bounce questions off family/friends/work colleagues that may have built a house

I hope that helps

Hello, I have a question regarding the Contracts Process for HBC. My land is titled, and HBC was my second choice of builder. I have gone with my first choice of builder and am at the contract stage (yet to sign) but all they will give me is a blank HIA contract with no reference to plans, what was agreed at the display home, soil reports etc. I refuse to sign it, I sought legal advice and they have confirmed that I should not sign also. I am guessing I won't see the real contract until the signing appointment. I would like to see it beforehand, just to get an understanding on what I am signing up to, as buiding a house is a very complex process. Can somebody share their experiences they had with HBC (good and bad) when they reached the contract stage. Thank you.

littlered asked on Jan 18, 2017

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Hi there @LittleRed,
If you were to build with Homebuyers Centre you would have a fixed price locked in before you even place a deposit down.

We would send out your full HIA contract 5 days prior to your contract signing appointment to allow enough time for your conveyancer to look over it.
We wouldn’t draw up your actual plans until after that appointment because your electrical plan and colour selection are done on that day, but all your upgrades or design options changes will be clearly stated in the HIA contract.

Please feel free to contact myself, paul@homebuyers.com.au - I'll happily give you some upfront pricing for your titled block so you can do a comparison.

Thanks for getting in touch.
- Paul, Homebuyers Centre.

Thanks Paul.

Hi LittleRed
We had a preliminary works contract with HBC which included all of our choices that we had made with the salesman at the display home, and also outlined the fixed price for the house. This was done before the HIA contract was drawn up which allowed us to clearly see everything we had chosen as well as what the costs were. It also enabled the builder to start their processes, land surveys, etc

Re the payments for each stage of the work (slab, frame etc) are they made at the end of each stage once it is complete?

Yes thats right. The builder will send you an invoice when they reach a milestone (slab, frame, lockup, fixing etc). You then have usually 7 days to forward the invoice to your bank with a payment authority. That also gives you time to inspect the house yourself or have an independent inspector do a check on your behalf and they will give you a report.

Thank you for your comments. I hope I can extract myself from my current builder I haven't signed and I'm guessing I may have to pay $$$ to walk away.

Is the pwc just one document with everything agreed/everything you want included in it or a seperate document that refers to other docs (such as soil report, electrical plan, etc). Thanks.

Not great. We were pushed into signing the full HIA contract prior to land titles. Titles were subsequently delayed by over a year. Clauses 13.0 and 19.0 in the HIA contract (pertaining to finance documents required from the Owner, and other documents such as plans and permits etc) provided exit opportunities for the owner, but these exits had timeframes which expired well and truly before titles were even close. Close to titles, we suffered a major financial change and requested to forfeit our deposits and leave the contract. HBC insisted they would pursue "remedy" for breach. This was, despite that we have paid almost $3000 in deposits and selection costs, and HBC had done no works up to that point, not even providing us with correct drawings (even though the contract stipulated that they are supposed to), so what remedy would they be requiring? Their answer: "If we had charged 5% deposit as the law allows us to, we wouldn't be having this conversation" and "We make money from building houses, not from keeping deposits" and "We can't just let people walk away from their obligations" as if by us doing so would somehow start an epidemic. What's more, prior to signing (18 long months ago), we expressed these very concerns to the the sales rep about possible title delays- what if our incomes had not improved, etc, and the sales rep said "we could just walk away, but lose deposits." Apparently this was not truthful. If you already have land titles, that removes many of the potential pitfalls, but be aware of this. Nobody can be trusted, HBC included, unless you seek independent advice. This was our mistake. We listened to HBC instead of doing this.

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