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Do you come out to clients homes?

Anne asked on May 10, 2017

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Hi Anne, yes we do visit clients at their convenience and we have several brokers so we cover most areas. Feel free to email me directly to tee up an appt,

Hi Marc its Shamsher singh . I m reading really good reviews abt ur work and helping people to get the best mortgage. Plz can u help me as I m new to buy house and I have 5% savings as I m trying to do more . Me and my wife both working . Ur guidance required. Thanks

Shamsher asked on Dec 11, 2016

Hi Mark you seem to have a lot of good reviews. Would you be able to help me in buying my first home. I am self employed so on my tax return shows low income $40000 would you be able to add depreciation and expenses as income? I am living in Brisbane and it's very hard to find a reliable broker. Would be looking to buy a house around between $300000 and $340000. Cheers Anthony

Anthony asked on Dec 09, 2016

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your enquiry! I have responded to the email that you sent to me. Cheers! Marc

Hi I am looking to buy in Melbourne and we ave our house in Ballarat for sale which could sell anytime soon. We looking to put 60% deposit all up when sold but we already have cash for a 10% deposit for a house valued around 700K to put in now. I am looking at finance for the loan with a 60% deposit and the rest financed. Can you help me Marc? Tim

timmysone asked on Nov 03, 2016

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for your enquiry! Could you please email me so we can connect?

Was looking at buying an apartment in Travancore to live in. Looking at $300,000 -$350,000 . Wanted to try and get a good mortgage deal and also want to find out how quickly I could get it?

Bill Q asked on Nov 02, 2016

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Hi Bill, Thanks for your enquiry! I'd be happy to assist. I'm sure you appreciate the need for me to gather some information from you, could you email me directly so I can send our quick responsible lending questionnaire?

Hi there, I'm looking to buy an investment property which is only 48m2 . The price is expected around 320k . Can you help me get a loan at a good rate , with an offset account quick ? Cheers

Raf asked on Aug 07, 2016

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Hi Raf,

Thanks for your enquiry! I'd be happy to assist, could you email me at so we can get the ball rolling? Cheers! Marc

Gday I'm enquiring on two fronts..a contract to sell my property at 1494 Upper Esk Rd, Upper Esk .Tasmania,7214( ...the agreed price was $260,000.was signed..The purchaser,Elisha Bogey from Beaudesert in QLD,had her ANZ loan approved ,subject to valuation, The valuation came in at $210,000,so the bank agreed on principle, to lend her the $210000 if she stumped up the difference, which she did.The bank was willing to accept her parent's,1 million dollar property at Biddabbada.. as security. Elisha heard last week that the revised loan was not approved by the ANZ Melbourne Office.. I also have an existing ANZ mortgage on Upper Esk, with a balance of $88000..Ive had discussions with my local ANZ bank about a security swap,Upper Esk for the property I am committed to buy here in Penguin {28 Mission Hill Rd , Penguin,Tas.. 7316} for $250,000..I'm wanting to increase my mortgage to $113,000 OK question..Can you find a loan for Elisha and or me? Regards Peter Kaye..

Pedro asked on Jun 08, 2016

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Hi Peter, thanks for your enquiry but I am only able to assist clients in Melbourne. Have you tried to find someone local? Cheers! Marc

Hello, My name is Vanessa and I'm a first home buyer looking to occupy not invest. Currently looking to get a loan for a house I purchase back in April 2015 off the plan. Settlement due Oct-Dec 2016. Can you help? Thanks Vanessa.

Vanessa asked on Apr 15, 2016

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Hi Vanessa, I'd be happy to assist!

I wonder if you could email me at so we can tee up a time to have a chat?

Have a great weekend!


Hi! My partner and I currently reside in London but we're looking to move back to Melbourne next year. We are thinking we want to purchase our first investment, would you be able to help us with this request and walk us through the options? We are both very new to all of this and we are looking for someone to help us along the entire journey as we know it can be very daunting. Thanks, Rose

rose asked on Feb 18, 2016

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Thanks for your enquiry Rose! I'd be happy to assist. Can I ask you to send me an email, so I can forward our responsible lending fact find questionnaire to you please? My email is

We want to look at combining our credit cards car loans onto home mortgage. We want the best solution on offer. At moment home loan is $335000 other debt approx total $60000. We live in Williams landing owned home now 5 years approx value of home $550000. Is this possible? Home loan with Westpac. Bonnie 0417 511 359

Bonnie asked on Jan 22, 2016

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Hi Bonnie,

Thanks for your enquiry. I will call you on your mobile today.

Cheers! Marc Barlow, Mortgage Broker Melbourne

Hi there, I have an offset loan and have finished the interest only 5 year term and got quite a shock at the cost of my loan - I owe 170,000 and have 130,000 avalable - I'm not sure whether the repayments are based on the total available money or just the borrowed amount. My monthly repayments are around 1,677.00. this seems a lot considering I've only used 170,000. If it is based on the total available, then am I better off with a smaller loan?

Chris asked on Nov 13, 2015

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Hi Chris, Thanks for your question! Without having arranged the loan I can't be absolutely certain but it sounds to me like your loan repayments are based on the original loan amount rather than what is actually owing. To reduce your min repayment you would need pay the loan down with your offset funds and refinance a smaller loan balance. If you need to retain access to your offset funds you are stuck making higher repayments but you can take some solace in the fact more of your repayment is principal so you would be paying the loan off at an accelerated rate. Does that help? Best Regards, Marc Barlow, Principal, Mortgage Broker Melbourne.

Hi! I have a similar question to Harkeerat. I have a loan of $200,000 and wish to look for better rates to get out of the lender I am with and brokers costs and settlement with a new lender they have found is going to cost $2400.00 just to get better rates. Is there a better deal out there? Currently on slip loan variable at 5.03% and fixed on 5.29%. Mary

marooh asked on Oct 23, 2015

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Hi Mary, Thanks for your enquiry! Unfortunately fixed rate loans do often have hefty break costs, which are actually charged by the lender you would potentially be moving from. It is probably best to wait until your fixed term ends, then you're free to look elsewhere without penalty.

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