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Can I send some of foods include frozen one to Canberra and Sydney? If that so how long does it take?

Soo asked on Mar 27, 2017

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Hi Soo, Yes it is possible. I will need to put you in touch with your nearest Service Centre so they can assist with your enquiry. Are you able to email me at with your details
-Thank you, Nicky

Do you use TNT & DHL for international deliveries? I need to send a fragile item to the UK, but am reluctant especially it TNT is used.

GLPW asked on Mar 24, 2017

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Hi There, Thank you for your enquiry. We use a number of carriers to ship overseas. You can discuss your needs with your local Service Centre and they can talk you through the different options we have on offer. You do not have to use TNT if that makes you uncomfortable.
Would you like me to put you in touch with your nearest Service Centre? If so, what would be your postcode?

Thanks. I will consult with staff at Southport service centre.

do you send to northern ireland?

thomas asked on Feb 13, 2017

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Hi Thomas, We certainly do!! If you can send me your details to I can put you in touch with one of our Service Centres and they can supply you with costs, packaging and customs requirements.

-Thanks Nicky.

I would like to send about 200kgs of my belongings from Perth Australia to bad wildungen Germany or to Kassel Germany would be fine Can you do?

outback andy asked on Feb 10, 2017

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Hi Outback Andy, We certainly can!! Are you able to email me at your details and I can have a Service Centre contact you with quotes, services and transit times.

a bit late mate. I am in germany for 15 days now and packed and sent my stuff a nearly a month ago. you snooze you loose.

How much would it cost to send a parcel weighing 3.8 kts 80cmx40xcmx30cm from Adelaide5090 to WA Warnbro 6169? Also what is the delivery time?

Beryl asked on Feb 01, 2017

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Hi Beryl, Can you please email me at your details and I can have a Service Centre contact you with quotes, services and transit times.
-Thank you Nicky

Hi just wondering can 5 send a perfume from Sydney to Melbourne, and if so, can I know where is your address in Sydney near Merrylands suburb. Please let me know on my email:

Maysa asked on Jan 14, 2017

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Hi Maysa, thanks for your question. Your nearest PACK & SEND location to Merrylands is PACK & SEND Parramatta.
Address: 22B Horwood Place,Parramatta,NSW 2150
Phone: 02 9893 7611

I will arrange for someone from PACK & SEND Parramatta to email you.

Hi, I am moving from Australia to UAE soon for work. I need to send a few household things there including some electrical appliances and furniture. Can you help?

Nadia52 asked on Jan 02, 2017

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I found the North Sydney branch very helpful and would call the office manager, Uday, to discuss what you needed. I don't know how they handle international transfers.
I shipped a large framed painting under glass and it arrived without any damage. Good luck and welcome to Oz.

Click on to Pack and send, follow the prompts all is arranged on line. You need to know weight and size of parcel. Good luck.

Hi Nadia, yes we can certainly help you to move your belongings UAE. Please call 1300 668 000 to speak with your local PACK & SEND Service Centre for advice and quote.

Thank you very much

I contact my nearest pack & send service centre yesterday. Waiting for a quote now.

Hi! I need to know how much it will cost to bring some boxes from Melbourne to Sydney? do u have the pick from home service? I have 12 boxes and every box is below 20 kg with clothes nd household goods.pls let me know.

Ayrin asked on Dec 31, 2016

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Hi Ayrin, you can get a quote for your parcels here: We can pick up from your home. If you have any further questions, please call us on 1300 668 000

how long will it take to send four suitcases from Melbourne to Sydney? We plan to drop them off in Melbourne on the morning of Friday, Feb 10. Can they be delivered to our hotel in Sydney on the evening of Monday, Feb 13?

evan asked on Dec 21, 2016

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Hi Evan, if you book an overnight or next day service through one of our Service Centres on or before Friday Feb 10, we can make sure your suitcases arrive at your Hotel in Sydney by Monday evening Feb 13. Just make sure you specify the urgency/deadline when you make your booking with through the Service Centre.

Hi i would like to send a small box,.about 38 width, 61lenght and 20 cm in hieght...about 10 much to send and how long will it take to reach in caloocan philippines 1400? tnx.hope to hear from you asap

joyce asked on Dec 13, 2016

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Hi Joyce, we can certainly help with this. You can get a quote right away here for parcels less than 30 kgs: If you need more advice and assistance you can call us on 1300 668 000 and speak to one of our friendly logistics experts.

Hi I want to know if you deliver documents to argentina (rosario) and if so if you delivery to the home or it need to be picked up?

Alicia53 asked on Dec 05, 2016

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Hi Alicia, yes we deliver documents to Argentina, to the door. Full tracking is provided and a signature is required upon delivery. Call 1300 668 000 to get a quote or online at

Do you have a UK representative company? I need to get a time-sensitive document to Bundaberg ASAP! Best Don

dongee asked on Dec 01, 2016

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Hi Don, yes we have numerous locations across the UK. See their locations here: Or you can call 0845 465 0 564 (if you're in the UK).

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