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My thermomix is stuck on a warning screen and won't let me press next! I'm wondering if some moisture got into the element bit? Is there a way to Reset it

Deano asked on Apr 12, 2017

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Hey Deano, have never had this issue with our Thermomix . I am sure you done this but just in case you hav'nt, why don't unplug it from the wall and hopefully it will reset and with any luck your back into it. Good luck Jono

many apologies - I am unable to assist - other than to advise that you contact your thermomix sales rep and get them to come and fix it - remember - the sales rep collects in excess of $500 for each sale - therefore - they are 'on call' to you for the life of your machine - however, once they have reaped their 'fortunes' the sales reps usually drop off the face of the thermomix - you probably get their thinly disguised as 'good food'[full of sugar, salt and all the best of bad products] emails...respond to one of them.....


to thicken up a sauce do you take the m/c off and sit the basket ontop instead? thankyou (tm5)

sophie s asked on Mar 24, 2017

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apologies - I don't waste my time using the thermomix for sauces - quicker, easier, less time consuming, less washing up with 1 x saucepan + spoon to stir sauce...alternatively, use 1 x microwave safe container + sauce mix + spoon - using microwave - check progress each 30 - 45 seconds...a much better and easier way to achieve your sauces - Just how you like them...:]]]


How do I use the reverse function on my tm21, if there is one?

Cookiecutter asked on Mar 17, 2017

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Many apologies - I am not at all familiar with this model - on my machine there is a button with an arrow turned back on itself - that is the reverse button - it is located on the lower right hand side of the machine...I hope this assists you....

Should I buy a Thermomix or a motorbike?

YenChii asked on Feb 09, 2017

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Is it possible to have the Thermomix as carry on luggage?

Alli asked on Jan 10, 2017

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The blades are not permitted on board. I'm sure there are size restrictions to carry on luggage. If you take the blades out & it fits the size then take it on board!

It's also quite heavy so I'm not sure it would be within the carry on luggage allowance on all carriers.

Hi, l took my thermo as a carry on to Perth. I was told that it fits perfect in overhead lockers. Wrong! ...l held the fight up as I sat waiting with my Thermomix sitting on my lap, while as they arranged for it to go on another flight was quite stressful!!
But l did get through with the blade :)

Hi, l took my thermo as a carry on to Perth. I was told that it fits perfect in overhead lockers. Wrong! ...l held the fight up as I sat waiting with my Thermomix sitting on my lap, while as they arranged for it to go on another flight was quite stressful!!
But l did get through with the blade :)

Oh Manda. That sounds like it wasn't a great experience. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I'm wanting to bring one overseas and don't like the idea of it going into the belly of a plane..... the luggage comes out looking like they don't care about them let alone what might happen to a fragile article...


Can the Tm5 overheat? Is 90mins cooking on the Varoma temp too long?

Kylee Jo Marere Smith asked on Dec 12, 2016


Does anyone know if the TM21 stainless steel basket will work in the TM31? I'm not looking for a perfect fit, I just want to know if the TM21 basket will work without falling onto the blades and causing damage. Thanks

Irene B asked on Nov 23, 2016


How much the price for Thermomix TM5? Thank you

Guliyar asked on Nov 11, 2016

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Has anybody noticed benefits to health ie: losing weight, general wellbeing from using the Thermomix?

Lishe asked on Oct 12, 2016

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Lost weight ? No. Improved general well-being ? No.
The thermo is no magic potion maker, it's still a case of what goes in = er, what goes in ! We make soups, sure, but we also make lemon curd and desserts. Even hommus or other dips aren't that healthy if you eat what the thermo makes (more than a whole tub) in one serve. Same goes for fruit smoothies. The shape of the jug/placement of the blades means you end up making a huge serve (compared to our old blender). I end up drinking over 600ml of smoothie - not great for weight loss !
Fyi had the thermo for over two years (?) now and it's gone from daily use early on, to maybe once or twice a week. If we're not eating soup or smoothies, it's once a fortnight, if that. So far has only completely failed once (ha ha). Had to send the whole thing back (to Perth ?) and it took a while to get the replacement, but must say they were pretty good to deal with.


Is Thermomix worth the money?? I'm about to purchase one but hearing all these stories about customers burning themselves, I'm kind of freaking out. Any advice???

Tamm asked on Aug 13, 2016

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If you follow directions you will be fine, the Burns from the Reports are from the last model. Go to the facebook group TM5 Hints recipes and you will find many people asking for reviews like yourself with hundreds replying

Nobody would want or expect to be burnt whilst cooking and I'd say from my experience that the blade being so sharp is more likely to be a hazard than burning, those who have been burnt mustn't have followed the instructions on how to use the machine and expect user error rather than the machine being at fault - It's not rocket science.
As for value everyone is a little different. If you love cooking or want to be a better cook it's great, if your new to cooking the chip makes life simple and you can make almost anything. Use it and you'll never stop.

Hello, I also delayed purchasing due to all the hype about burns in the media. I thought I'd wait and see what happened, before I purchased. However,
after having a demo, and talking to a few friends who own a thermomix, I decided anyone can misuse an appliance, and make a big song about it. Noone bothers going to the media or the supplier if they burn themselves on a boiling jug of water or a hot saucepan of soup, so why would they for any other appliance.

Thermomix have put a range of safety warnings on the TM5 now, so we should all be aware.

I took the plunge and purchased the TM5, I love it, its a great appliance, it is very quick at blending or mixing, or kneading etc...... I followed the book for the first few recipes. I found I needed to experiment for a few days before I got the hang of the speeds, and settings, and temperatures as I don't cook by the book or the recipe chip. I love it, it makes cooking super easy, it can stir and heat while I am doing something else. Definitely great for time saving and multitasking. I have made many batches of boiling hot soups, do be careful. I treat boiling and/or hot sugary foods with respect whether I'm using a thermomix or a slow cooker. No burns yet, I have no idea how they got the photos we saw in the media. There are fewer utensils to wash up, almost mess free! It is a different way of cooking, and a lot of fun, I've experimented with a range of recipes, which have made me more creative. I truly love it and wouldn't worry about the media, just get cooking!!! It is super easy for any recipe that normally needs constant stirring over a hot stove, like fudges, custards, sauces, gravy, choux pastry. In the long run it would cut costs, as its very simple to make pastry. I wish I'd bought this years ago now.


How hot does it cook?

AllyFitzy asked on Jun 19, 2016

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It can be set anywhere between 37 deg and 120 deg.

My daughter was using the thermomix and it started leaking. The cap won't come off and the thermomix says it can only continue to work when the temperature has dropped to less than 200'. Has this happened to anyone else? Help?

Gabriela asked on Jun 08, 2016

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Sorry to hear that your daughter has had a problem. She will need to contact her consultant or Thermomix direct. The temperature never goes to that amount, so sounds as if it is an error and needs a service. She may have the older model, in which case the seals do need replacing regularly.

Hi your daughter needs to contact thermomix about this problem I've never had any problems with my thermomix depending on which model she has if it is the older model she may need the seal replaced as it seems to be a problem with the older mode I hope all goes well.

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