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This product has been discontinued by Asko.
Asko D3630

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Brand: Asko - Price (RRP): 2749 - Max Noise Level: 43 -


reviewed on Sep 09, 2007 , viewed 7 times

Excellent, when I need/want to wash some dishers, no problems because the 'Swedish girl' just gets to it quietly. Not like the 'Simpson Niagra Falls' I previously owned where I had to put the TV on full volume to hear over the racket being made in the kitchen. The Simpson washed OK - just couldn't hear yourself think !

+ Quiet as a mouse - especally good because I live in a townhouse and have a small living area ...... very economical - water and power ...... very programmable, I can make it do what I want, when I want, including 24 hr timer start and includes a rinse and hold program 3mins

- Nothing ...... well, perhaps the price is a bit steep but you pay for what you get.

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