Australian Lawn Wholesalers review by Shelley

Bad Customer Service

3 out of 5, reviewed on Jan 12, 2017, viewed 89 times

Our salesman was fantastic and proffessional, but that's where it stopped. The day our lawn was meant to be put down the contractor did nothing for 3 hours just sat in his car? Although the contractor was polite no work got done as he stated he was having a bad day? I contaced the Supervisor who was polite and he said he would find out whats going on. The contractor then told me he had to go and do anthor job as the customer was disgruntle. So he left with not even starting our lawn. I then contacted a Manager with my complaint and in return he yelled at me and offended me. I was very shocked and up set. So as stated my lawn did not go down in 5 hours as I was told but a day and a half later. Im happy with the product but if you are expecting proffessional and good customer service I would look elsewhere.

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