LG LD-1403W / LD-1403W1 review by cfitzs05

This product has been discontinued by LG.
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Better service agreement expected, like insurance seem happy to take money for extended warranty but fail to provide good after service.

+ good cultery basket eco programs

- I experienced a problem with unit, it turned out to a burnt out element of the motor. We were covered under extended warranty (unit was about 2 years +) phoned the the designated repairer. It took 5 weeks to get a finished repair. 2 visits and several phone calls. 3 days after the repair I have just opened up and now the top spray arm is lying in the bottom drainer. Zero useful info in the booklet, just says unscrew nut (no picture) WHAT NUT where. AAArgh. Did the repairer dislodge something I don't know

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